Exiled Merchant – Chapter 28

Chapter 28 – Inventory of All Albus’ Properties

I set the value of mana to be equal to 10 yen (100 yen equal to 0,77 dollars)

★ Albus’s total assets as of now ★


[Possession] 96,000 mana

[Equipment] Cloth clothing


[Equipment] Rusty iron rod, skinning knife, butcher knife, bone hammer (for dismantling monsters)

Support items

Various medicinal herbs (cost about 100,000 mana)

Various powders and pastes

(Blood stopper, pain reliever, numbing reliever, poison reliever, burn reliever. All are Arcana blends)

(*We all harvested and stocked a lot. Albus bought a whole mess of them at the end)

[Low-grade materials]

Low-grade monster meat (Ussa, Moo moo, Mugby. Large amount of each)

Low-grade monster bones (Wolfes)

(*Pelt is usually cashed immediately)

[Intermediate materials)

Intermediate monster pelts (Ulfs)

Intermediate Monster Bone (Ulfs) (*He has been saving them because they are hard to find)

[Others] Water bottle, a set of bedding, a set of cooking utensils

Shared Warehouse

[Arcana Inventory]

– Yak Village Medicinal Herb Set (Beginner level)


– Medicinal herb farm in Yak Village

– Inn in Yak Village (Property shared with wife Archana *Main owner is Archana)

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