Exiled Merchant – Chapter 29

Chapter 29 – Request for Escort (Volume – 3 Kilket Treasure Hunter)

After leaving Arcana’s house. I decided to go to the largest town in the western continent, the fortified city of Kilket.

I intend to do some big business in Kilket and make a fortune as a merchant.

As my day job, I plan to travel the world as a peddler, but setting up my own store in a large town is also a merchant’s dream.

Even if he is peddling, it must be convenient to have his own store as a base in a large town.

The first step, however, is to reach Kilket.

And the way to Kilket is not the same as going back and forth between the village of Yak and the town of Mort.

Once in Kilket, it will not be so easy to come back to Yak Village.

Yak Village and Mort Town are connected by a “stone road with no name,” with farms and ranches in between. In other words, it is entirely human territory.

I alone can come and go without any problem.

But the road from Mort to the fortress city of Kilket is not so easy.

Basically, it is a three-day journey along the “Earth Road,” a highway built by the ancients.

And it’s not just long.

In the middle of the Earth Road, there are vast ruins of ancient people’s towns called “Earth Ruins.”

And there are many wild thieves and subhuman-type monsters that have made it their stronghold.

In other words, it is an extremely dangerous area.

Such a place.

If a merchant with zero fighting ability like me was walking alone.

In an instant, I would be stripped of my clothes, my life would be taken, and I would say, “Yes. It’s over.”

That’s why.

I spent a good amount of money and put up a request for an “escort quest” on the guild’s quest board.

The departure date specified as the deadline is exactly today.

“[Advanced] Escort one merchant from the town of Mort to Kilket.”

Client, Albus.

Requirements, skilled adventurers. 4 people, both party and solo. *Adventurers in vanguard positions are preferred.

Reward, 8,100 mana per person (2,000 mana in advance, full amount remaining upon arrival)

This is the “escort” quest you adventurers often see.

For the Heroes who are cheat warriors and say “I can defeat even a huge boss monster with a single blow!” This is a request that is not looked up to because it is tedious and simple.

If you are a cute princess or a noble’s daughter’s escort, there might be a demand for such case

Or an uncle merchant like me.

It’s a common thing without even being mentioned.

However, a merchant like me with zero fighting ability can’t even move around town unless someone accepts this request.

By the way.

On several occasions, guilds have asked, “We’ve got someone coming in who wants to order quests, do you want to interview them?” I received inquiries from them.

But I turned them all away, saying, “I’ll leave it entirely up to the guild,” because I didn’t want to leave the village of Yak where Arcana was located.

By the way, that was a big mistake. Now that I think about it, it was a huge mistake.

After all, for a man like me with zero combat power, the escort on the road was a lifeline.

If I get a bad one, I would really die.

I’ve been in the area for six months, and I trust the guild officials to be reasonably discerning.

Worst case scenario, if I thought quest taker looked seriously dangerous, I would consider turning them down on the spot.

It’s a rule that a cancellation for the client’s convenience will result in a charge of half to full amount, though, so it hurts my pocketbook super bad.

Of course, it is many times better than dying.

Also, I just came out after a tearful goodbye to Arcana and the others. It would be quite awkward to go back now.

“I hope I find the right ones…”

Cursing my indecision, I hurried on my way to the Mort Town Guild.

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  1. lol, if he can set up more shared inventories, he could basically no/little cost import.
    Aka, become a caravanner w/o moving.

    Btw, wonder what he means by no combat ability, when he could summon cages and stuff easy. Could trap the people, or maybe even kill them with weights. Depending on if the summoned objects have momentum, could use that too.

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