Exiled Merchant – Chapter 3

Chapter 1 – A Dull Exile (III)

“Ryan. I thought we were friends!”

Ryan took one look at me, who was sitting in a chair, as I spat out words to that effect.

His eyes are as cold as ice.

I know those eyes.

It’s the eye of the Hero Ryan when lead us to defeat demons.

“Including you, this Band of Dawn Lion, which started with four members, now has seven. Each member is a fierce warrior who has made a name for themselves at home and abroad.”

Ryan looks at his wives on either side of him.

“Ruschfeld is the highest-ranked black magician, a Black-Iron Magician. Giorine is the highest rank of white magician, the holder of the title of saint. Together we have grown up together in this party we have created.”

Then .. Ryan breaks off the words…

He took one look at me.

I know what you’re going to say.

“But you… will always remain weak.”

The words…

It was a hard blow to the chest.

That’s right.

I’m weak.

I’m already so weak.

Very weak.

For example… even against the weakest demons, goblins…

They are weak enough to struggle one-on-one.

And from the time I became an adventurer at the age of 15… until this age of over 30…

Desperately, no matter how much training I have done, I remain weak.

So probably for the rest of my life, I will always be weak.

“The weak ones…. don’t belong in my party.”

It’s like the time has finally come.

I knew that I didn’t need to be told that now.


I looked up to the sky.

It’s not that I hadn’t considered that one day this might happen.

But… but what the hell, I’ve been with Ryan and the others up to this point…

I thought we were going to travel together until the end, no matter what.


Why of all places…

Timing of this?

After defeating the Demon King, we will now make our triumphant return to the royal capital.”

Ryan the Hero said so with a hearty heart.

“You know, with a weakling like you in our ranks, people in Capital are going to underestimate us, no?”

After coming this far… we’re almost…

This journey was supposed to be over.

Defeating the Demon Lord…

Kick out the demons chasing you…

I finally made it through the demon dungeon.

After we left…

After its master, the Demon King, was overthrown, the Demon Dungeon disappeared, as did other dungeons that had lost their masters.

And all that’s left to do is to cross the continent, cross the sea and return to the royal capital.

Everything was supposed to be over.

“I’m sorry Albus, but this is as far as I’ll go with you. Give it up.”

He said this and introduced me to my replacement member.

“This is my sixth wife, the dancer Miriri. From now on, she will take your place.”

This is how I…

Immediately after defeating the Demon King…

I was expelled from the hero party.

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10 thoughts on “Exiled Merchant – Chapter 3

  1. Well,

    As mushoku tensei and kicked out in the heroes party taught us, kicking your logistics officer who basically handles everything non combat just because he is useless in a fight is the dumbest way to destroy your party.

    This stupid hero just want his harem as party members and judging from their actions they are useless beyond their jobs.

    I can see a Trainwreck incoming.

    1. Well, from their perspective the mission is already over and to have a weak member in their party will be shameful. But yeah the real reason is the Hero just want harem.

  2. I had a feeling the MC is underestimating himself, but I had a feeling that this Novel would avert the hammerspace trope for the remaining members.

    It’s like charging at a castle without any supplies. How stupid that will be.

  3. You know, with a weakling like you in our ranks, people in Capital are going to lick you, no?” I am not sure this sentence is odd the lick certainly doesn’t fit

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