Exiled Merchant – Chapter 30

Chapter 30 – Albus Caravan

I arrived at the Guild and was greeted by Burgess, the magic swordsman.

He was quite heay armed.

And he was carrying a very big baggage.

“Burgess. You can’t be…”

“Oh! I’m looking forward to working with you, client! Hahaha!!”

My request for escort to fortress city of Kilket.

The first adventurer to accept the request was, to my surprise, Burgess.

This guy was an idiot in general.

But he was got some skill.

As an escort, he was very dependable.

“Yes, I’ll be couting on you!!”

I gripped Burgess’s proffered hand gingerly.

“Uh .. Uh… nuh-uh ..”

And Burgess, looking a bit frustrated.

I didn’t let go my hand easily.

By the was.

He didn’t know that Arcana and I got married.

Burgess found out a few days later.

And Burgess, in a fit of vigor, asked her to marry him, but she shoot him down with resounding no.

A heartbroken Burgess then decided to leave Mort town afterwards.

“Well, that was just the way things turned out. Don’t be sad.”

“Hiks…! Hika… hu!!”

Burgess cried a little.

“These tears are not tears of sadness! They are tears of farewell to this town, my second home, filled with memories!!”

After saying this, we finally going.

The fact that he accepted my request for a fee that was a little of the three-day one-way escort rate suggests that he has no intention of returning to the town of Mort.

Considering the amount of time he would held up until the return of trip, it would be a loss for this amount of money.

My request form set such an amount.

“Are the rest of the members here already?”

This is basically where we’re supposed to meet for the first time.

However, it was small guild in a small town. Rumors naturally circulate about who took on such a large request.

“It’s those three guys over there.”


I know two of them.

I had accompanied them several times as a guide and baggage handler

They were Ark, a warrior, and his wife Liora, a support magician.

“They told me that they preferred a vanguard posion, so I sent confirmation messengers through the guild several times, but…”

Liora, the wife, said to me with trepidation.

“I can be relieved if it’s the two of you…”

Her husband, Ark, 32, is a warrior.

He is good enough to fight off a couple of little bandits, even while protecting me and Liora.

He stands around protecting the two of us with his back to us, and has lightly annihilated more than 10 Wolfes on more than one occasion.

And also his wife, Liora, a 25-year-old support sorceress.

She has a number of techniques specialized for defense, including magic barrier protection.

Even though she can’t participate in the attack directly. She was completely different from a useless person like me with zero fighting ability.

It was a jackpot.

I would have hired them even if I had to pay 1.2 times as much.

“Then the other one is…”

“Oh, my name is Amaranthia, the bard ”

She looked a little doubtful.

The woman renamed herself the “Fighting Bard”.

She was dressed in a fluttering costume that made her look more like a dancer than a bard.

A brown-skinned young woman with a glimpse of her navel and one thigh.

She appears to be around 20 years old.

In addition to her job as a bard, her youth made me a little uneasy.

But according to the guild official in charge.

They told me that she had been staying in this area for a while now and was a skilled hunter who had soloed several times in defeating intermediate level monsters.

“It’s about a three-day journey to Kilket. By all means… let’s talk about the adventurer’s way in the meantime!”

Burgess spoke to Amaranthia with an clearing throat beforehand .

Then, she smiled at him silently.

It seemed to me that she was only being treated lightly.

“That girl, she’s got a thing for me, doesn’t she? Let’s split up for the night, just in case something happens.” Said Burgess to me in whisper.

Burgess was completely on her side.

“20 is okay for me too.” (Burgess)

“No. You’re out of your mind…” (Albus)

After that, we finished our brief introductions.

We departed for the fortified city of Kilket.

This caravan:

Albus, merchant (client)

Burgess the Mage Swordsman (escort)

Arc the Warrior (escort)

Liora, support magician (escort)

Amaranthia the Bard (escort)

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