Exiled Merchant – Chapter 32

Chapter 32 – Chris, the Boy Swordsman

Next day.

We had passed through the earth ruins and were approaching the fortress city of Kilket and the adjacent Suzan Hills.

The Suzan Hills are dotted with small hills and forests, and are the habitat of small monsters such as ulfes and slimes.

And once here, the fortified city of Kilket was already just a stone’s throw away.


“Get away from me! You son of a bitch! Don’t touch me!”

With a voice shouting.

A figure leapt out of the woods ahead.

The figure was wrapped in silver armor. It was a small figure.

In his hand, he holds a sword that is too large for his stature.

And from then on, a herd of about 20 ulfes was following him.

The boy in armor swung his sword frantically, though.

The sword is too big and is mostly avoided by Wolfes.

“His body muscles were adequate, but his weapon selection was bad. He’s just a beginner. We don’t usually hunt ulfes in packs, but that kid pecked the ulfes’ roost.”

Burgess said.

“If we leave him alone, he might be turned into lunch for ulfes’s.” Amaranthia added.

If you are in the middle of a quest, intercepting is considered a violation of the law of adventurers.

But leaving it alone is not good for the aftertaste.

Amaranthia is right.

I didn’t think that boy swordsman could get through that situation alone.

I looked at Burgess and the others.

They are here as my hired escorts.

It is an ironclad rule to avoid unnecessary danger when escorting.

“That’s our way.”

All four of them seemed to understand what I was trying to say.

Liora sighed with relief.

Then Burgess pounced on the crowd of ulfes.



Ulfes’ corpse, 23 bodies.

I put them all in the “warehouse” and muttered to myself.

Burgess, Ark, and Amaranthia, who directly subdued ulfes, had relinquished their ownership, so I got them all.

If I skinned the pelts and bristled the antlers later and sold them to a material store, I would get a good amount of money for them.

The boy swordsman who was rescued by Burgess and others called himself “Chris the Swordsman”.

He seemed to be a brat still around the age of 16, but he seemed to be pretending to be an adventurer of some sort.

“I wonder why Chris-chan was being chased by Ulfes?”

Amaranthia asked gently.

“Don’t call me ‘chan’ or anything like that!”

Chris was really pissed off.

“You, this little shit!”

Then, this time, Burgess snapped.

“Apologize to Amaranthia!”

Chris is so scared of Burgess that he hides behind Amaranthia.

Burgess looked at Amaranthia and Chris alternately dejected and angry.

No longer chaotic.


“[Elementary level] Request for Ulfes’ pelts x 10 pieces.”

I said to Chris who was in middle of quest.

“If you want these guys, I can sell them to you for 100 mana each, are you alright?”

The situation became even more chaotic.

In terms of the value of the materials. I sold the pelts for 20 mana a piece and the antlers for about 30 mana a piece. The other parts of the Ulfes are not so useful.

With those two material values, 50 mana per head.

So the amount I was offering was double the material market value.

“Screw you!”

Naturally, Chris got angry.

But Burgesses stood in my side.

“We’re hired to protect him. If he says he wants it… he’ll get it.”

“Besides. You can’t have that kind of attitude after having us save you from a dangerous situation, even if we just passing by.”

Liora, who was relatively firm, also admonished him.

Chris was shaken.

But. He didn’t accept the offer to buy Ulfes’ corpse from me.

Apparently, he didn’t have enough gold mana.

If you don’t have money, you’re not a customer.


We took a fully wounded Chris and headed straight for Kilket.

Chris was silent the whole way.

He seemed to have been running away from Ulfes and the others for quite some time. He seemed to be reaching his physical limits.

He would not have the strength left to kill 10 ulfes and go back to Suzan Hills.

The hunting quest he received would be considered a ‘failure’.

Probably he a rookie who has just become an adventurer.

To begin with, he is probably not capable of defeating 10 Ulfes by himself.

Me neither.

I’m a veteran only in age, but…

Me alone can’t make 10 Ulfes, that’s for sure.

To be honest, even one is a long shot.


The outer gates of the fortified city of Kilket came into view.

It is a massive stone gate with numerous people coming and going inside and outside of it.

“Albus. I just gave you the Ulfes that I killed a while ago. Can I have it back?”

Burgess said to me there.

“Hmm? That’s 50 mana a head.”

“Oh, shit…”

Burgess said so and tried to get mana out of the small bag at his waist.

“I’m just kidding. Of course I’ll give it back to you. You’ve been giving me a lot of material, eleven of them, right?”

“When you say it, it doesn’t sound like a joke.”

Burgess put away the mana he was about to put out with a bitter look on his face.

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