Exiled Merchant – Chapter 33

Chapter 33 – Cupid Burgess

“Thank you very much for your help. If we get a chance, I hope I can ask your help again.”

Arriving at the outer gate of Kilket.

A place off to the side to avoid human traffic.

There I paid the four escorts the balance of 6,100 mana each. All four of them, I was told, planned to be based in the city for a while. There may be another opportunity to ask them for a favor.

“Anyway, take this too.”

I handed each of them a vial of herbal paste made by Arcana.

It was a mixed paste of painkillers and blood curbing herbs.

All four of them seemed to understand my intentions right away.

The point is, “If you get the chance, advertise it.”

Chris, the Boy Swordsman.

He looked up with envy at the adventurers who had completed their high-level escort quests and received not inconsiderable rewards.

Then the warrior Ark and his wife Liora, a support sorceress, left.

Amaranthia the bard left.

We are not really in a party, so it is normal to part ways without any aftermath once the escort quest is over.

What was left on the spot was.

Me, Burgess, and Chris.

“Here you go. You’re going to help me dismantle it.”

Burgess was trying to get Chris to help him dismantle the ulfes corpse that I had taken out of the “warehouse”.

“Fuck off!! I ain’t taking no charity!”

Chris shouted as he glared at Burgess.

But Burgess yelled back at him loudly.

“Don’t be a spoiled brat! You’re a fucking shithead!”

At the sudden of Burgess’s loud voice. Not only me, but all the passersby passing through the outer gates of Kilket turned to Burgess at once.

“You know? Don’t think you can do everything by yourself! This is not a lukewarm world where a newbie like you can survive on your own!”

Burgess said.

He tells of the many adventurers he has known who ended up in the same place.

A beautiful female swordsman who had just become an adventurer and disappeared after being attacked by goblins.

A young female fighter who was attacked by goblins and rescued from the depths of a den a few days later, and then ended up her own life.

Attacked by goblins……

“They were all beautiful girls…”


Somehow, the conversation was going in a strange direction.

I stopped him immediately.

“New adventurers. Even if they had a party and stayed together, they would often get wiped out and go missing. And a spoiled brat like you, going on a quest by yourself, no different from seeking death.”

“What else I can do!? Party recruitment sells from people with achievements and abilities. I’m just starting out. I have no skills. I can’t do magic. I’m not big, I’m not muscular, and I don’t know how to use a sword. And I’m a self-taught swordsman. How does a guy like me do it? ……”

“If you know that, at least don’t be so stubborn. You should accept charity from your elders.”

With these words, he presented Chris with ten pieces of Ulfes’ pelt that had already been dismantled.

“I’m going to stay here for a while. I’m thinking it wouldn’t hurt to get comfortable and party with the little bastard so I can use him as an errand boy. If he bows to me properly, that is. And if I feel up to it, I’ll even train him a bit as an adventurer.”

Chris’s eyes.

Instantly moistened with tears.


With that, he bowed his head with a perkiness.

The two stayed put.

They went to the Adventurers’ Guild to deliver the requested goods.


After they left.


I was diligently removing the antlers from the flayed Ulfes that Burgess had discarded.

Incidentally, Burgess skinned exactly 10 of them.

One of the eleven bodies remained completely untouched.

The fact that they left it there must mean I can have it.

He really doesn’t care about materials, does he?

Well, it’s good for me because I make a lot of money.

There is such a thing as a good adventurer.

If you are strong and capable, you can make more money by taking on more guild requests than you can by dismantling monsters.

And working in such a place.

I heard a lot of stories.

“That was Burgess, wasn’t it, just now?”

“He’s back in Kilket…”

The gossip I heard was comprehensive.

‘Cupid Burgess’.

Burgess the Magic Swordsman. He had such a name when he used to stay in Kilket.


“A caring big brother.”

“A good-natured guy who calls on young adventurers and takes care of them as a big brother.”

“I never thought he’d be approached by that Burgess. That young man is very lucky to be in company with him.”

I thought he was just a perverted asshole who liked younger girls…

I had no idea there was such a side to him.

“I heard he said it would be easier to bring young female adventurers to his party if he brought a handsome young male adventure with him.”

“Oh, I know that too. It’s called Burgess’ Theory.”


I withdraw my previous statement.

Albus the merchant. What a blunder to be almost deceived by Burgess.

According to the story.

He brings in young male and female adventurers into his party like that. Sometimes gently, sometimes harshly, pretending to watch over them as older brother.

The truth is…

He wants to have a muh-duh relationship with the young female adventurer.

But, the result is.

Because he is too good at it, he is always unable to make a decisive move.

In the end, the young ones in the party end up sticking together.

And every time. The two who fall in love are said to leave Burgess in the end.

Just like that.

The number of couples at the Burgess Party who started out in love within the party and ended up getting married is said to be well over 5 couples.

And the title that have been given by them is:

Cupid Burgess.

He is 37 years old and still single.

And probably a virgin.

Too pathetic, and I’m just starting to tear up a little.

As I finished dismantling the Ulfes, I went into the Kilket too.

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