Exiled Merchant – Chapter 34

Chapter 34 – Baptism of Kilket

Kilket is a fortified city protected by a double wall with an outer gate and an inner gate.

Both, though, are stone walls and iron gates.

The inner gate is taller and sturdier.

And inside that inner gate. It is mainly inhabited by rich aristocrats.

In the area between the inner and outer gates, near the inner gate, live the commoners of Kilket.

As one moves closer to the outer gate, the houses of farmers, engineers, and other laborers and the facilities for adventurers, miners, and other temporary residents increase.

Tens of thousands of people come and go every day. It is the center of trade on the western continent.

In such a fortified city of Kilket.

My business was having difficulties.


If I do the same as in Mort town and try to sell medicinal herbs in the guild.

“No business is allowed here.”

I was kicked out by a guild official.

Apparently. It seems that the guild’s rules really don’t allow it.

In Mort town, it seems to have been somewhat tolerated.

“What the hell. ……”


I tried to make money in the luggage carrying business and pretended to be a party seeker. But there was no demand at all.

Most of the people who heard that I was a “merchant,” the weapons that can be handled are “none”, and that I had “no combat skills,” were immediately turned me down.

But I don’t have the ability to do a solo quest.

I can’t even do beginner level quests.

And if I can’t go on a quest with a party. I couldn’t do the begging or the looting-traveling-merchant.

“Shit. ……”

By the way, there are four guilds in the fortified city of Kilket, located in the east, west, south, and north.

In other words, the number of quests and adventurers is too large for a single guild to handle.

Even if they didn’t want to recruite me.

There were plenty of other adventurers with “warehouse” skills and knowledge of the area who could take my place.

Me. I thought I could manage to do business in Kilky as an extension of my business in the town of Malt.

Apparently, I was completely naive.

“Let’s go back to the basics here. We’re selling a steady stream of business on the street.

And even that idea was shattered in the blink of an eye.


Highly trafficked.

The west side plaza of Kilket, crowded with numerous stores.

I was about to start peddling there…

“This peddler’s square is reserved for peddlers with wagons.”

Like that, I was stopped by a man who looked like a watchman.

I looked. In that peddler’s square all the merchants were doing business in front of their wagons.

A number of wagons lined up in a row.

They display their products in front of, behind, and to the left and right of the wagons. They are doing business by creating a kind of impromptu store.

And a wooden tag with “Merchant’s License” written on it. The wooden tag on the front of the shop was decisively displayed.

“A poor merchant without a wagon is not allowed to open a stall here! Look elsewhere!”

And just like that, I was turned away.


I had no choice.

I went near the outer gate and opened my stall in one of the corners where similar poor merchants were opening their street stalls.

There was a fair amount of traffic, though, with people coming and going.

The number of people passing by is much smaller than that of the peddler’s plaza.

However, everyone seems to be in a hurry, basically.

More often than not, they didn’t even look at me when I called out to them.

Furthermore, my product was medicinal herbs.

And they were commonplace. Basically, they are a commodity that is being replaced by inexpensive strength restoring drugs.

Even if I opened a stall, it was hard for people to come. It didn’t sell well.

For two or three days. It was not uncommon to have zero customers who would buy anything.

“Arcana. Sorry.”

For about 10 days. I continued to eat away at my savings.

What the heck.

I’m already feeling broken and want to go back to Yak Village.

Should I just give up and go home while I still have enough mana left to hire an escort from Kilket to Mort town?

Around me, there are merchants who open street stores just like mine.

Some are selling well, some not at all.

And the one next to me today.

A girl selling “crap” that I don’t know what it is.

She looked like me, and it seemed like she hadn’t sold any merchandise at all since the morning.

We both leaked a sigh at the same time.

We looked at each other and laughed.

Then, after seeing each other several times in the street plaza.

We naturally introduced ourselves to each other.

The girl introduced herself as “Loloi, the martial arts treasure hunter.”

By all appearances, she was a young fledgling adventurer, around 16 years old.

In addition to hee large, round eyes, her short stature makes her look even younger.

Her chestnut-colored hair was tied back in a bun.

Loloi’s stalls are lined with relics that have probably been dug at the Earth Ruins.

Seriously, I’m not even sure what they are used for, pieces of something or other.

In other words, it was all junk that was unlikely to sell.

Still, she made a grand entrance with her name. She called herself a martial arts treasure hunter.

It was the same kind of “Chris the Swordsman,” whom I met on the way to Kilket.


In terms of lack of product sales. I’m about the same.

I let out another sigh and Loloi laughed at me.

I wasn’t particularly pissed off, though, as there was no malice in it at all.

But it was still a bit of a blow.

I’m a merchant.

I was more or less baptized in the big city of Kilket.

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