Exiled Merchant – Chapter 35

Chapter 35 – Martial Artist Treasure Hunter (1)

A month has passed since I arrived in the fortified city of Kilket.

The treasure hunter girl who called herself Loloi. I heard that she was selling the junk she collected at the Earth Ruins.

“For some reason, they don’t sell at all.” (Loloi)

After meeting several times. Loloi said something like that.

“I don’t know what they’re for, mysterious chunks of stone or pieces of metal,……, in other words, junk. Not many people would go out of their way to pay mana for them.” (Albus)

I said that. Loloi’s face turned red and she started to get angry.

“This is not junk, but treasure! And relics are romantic! They are filled with dreams! Loloi is happy just to look at them!”

Saying so.

In a fit of rage, she hit me hard.

I, who have zero fighting ability, took a decent hit and fell down as a matter of course.

“I thought Albus was a good man. Turns out you’re just like the others who don’t understand romance!”

Saying that. Loloi folded up her stall and went away.

“Warehouse storage ilompa.”

Incidentally, Loloi had the “warehouse” skill, so the stall was cleared in an instant.

Loloi is gone, in the street square.

I was alone in my thoughts.

Selling something of value to others. A merchant receives mana in return for their services.

Relic crap that you don’t know what it is used for. Of course, no one will buy it.

But now.

And my herbs.

Like Loloi’s relic crap, they are not selling at all.

It was also an undeniable fact.

My wife Arcana in Village of Yak.

After arriving in Kilket, we exchanged letters several times through the shared warehouse.

It seems that things are going well over there.

I managed to get my business going in Kilket. I was supposed to be doing pretty well. I can’t say I’m leaving now.

I’m going to push myself as hard as I can.

Maybe it’s time to start looking for a business other than selling medicinal herbs again.

Something different, not the warehouse skills-based business I’ve been doing. ……

Then, until I can find a business that can get me back on track. How long I can stick with it from here is the difference between success and failure.

I moved out of the standard 150 mana per night inn in Kilket and into a cheaper 50 mana per night inn.

The mana I have on hand.

When I arrived in Kilket and paid the Burgess for escorting me, I had about 60,000 mana left.

Although they had been cutting back accordingly over the past month, they were already down to 55,000 mana on hand.

As long as the products are not sold.

It’s a game from here until the mana on hand runs out.

The lower the cost, the better.

I have a large inventory of medicinal herbs, but if I can’t sell them, I have nothing.


The 50 mana cheap lodging was just a simple straw floor in a dugout hut that could just barely shelter from the wind and rain.

In addition, 10 strangers were sleeping together in a hut.

They were all dressed in dirty clothes and looked as if they could be mistaken for thieves if they were encountered on the street.

If this is the case, it would be safer to stay in the wild.

I was trying not to let them know about the 55,000 mana I had in my pocket.

I settled down near the entrance and fell asleep with my back against the wall.

Fortunately, my sleep was shallow.

If there is a sign of something disturbing, I probably wake up.

But I have zero combat skills.

I have no choice but to run away when I wake up, which is a pain.

But. Regardless of that.

A few days later, I found myself in a critical situation.

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