Exiled Merchant – Chapter 37

Chapter 37 – Martial artist treasure hunter (3)

“Herb seller. What are you doing in such place? Why these guys grabbing your chest? Do you know these people?”

I was trying to push Loloi away with my body language, telling her not to get involved. She did the opposite and approached me in a heap.

“About the other day. If you apologize and retract your words, I will help you.”

For once, Loloi seemed to understand the situation properly.

What was ‘the other day’?

I guess I said that Loloi’s products are crap.

“I’m sorry. I apologize and I take it back. You’re going to get yourself in trouble too!”

By the time I said that, it was too late.

The thugs surrounding me had turned their attention to a young girl… Loloi.

They were moving away from me, and moving closer to Loloi.

“Ah? Do you mean you will pay mana instead?”

“I’d like that. Since you’re here, I’d rather you pay the amount of mana, sweetie. Hahaha.”

Loloi was sleeveless from the shoulders up.

She was clad in a long but deeply slit martial suit that showed a glimpse of his thighs when she moved.

She may have been aware of her job as a “martial artist,” which is what she calls herself.

Depending on how you look at it, it is quite erotic.

No, it’s not that I was looking at it that way, it’s just that ‘people around me might see it that way.


I swear to God, really I wasn’t.

As I feared, the scoundrels’ attention turned completely to Loloi.

They even licked their tongues with their vulgar faces.

Frankly, it was the perfect time for me to escape.

But as expected, I couldn’t use a girl as bait to escape.

It’s not really good as a man.

If this happens…

Because 10,000 mana is hard. Let’s negotiate and get them to settle for about 1,000 mana.

Yeah, let’s do that.

That’s what I’m thinking.

“Warehouse retrieval delos.”

Loloi cast its, warehouse skill activation spell.

The next moment. A well-worn Kaiser knuckle appeared in both of Loloi’s fists.

“You all come at once!!”

Loloi lowers her posture and takes a stance.

She looks pretty good.

Maybe this girl is quite strong?

In addition…

“Strength muscle activation, and, Iron Wall activation.”

It was the activation spell of the innate skill “Strength” and the activation spell of the acquired skill “Iron Wall”.

The entire body is infused with a fighting aura. After activation, the user can display more than twice the power of the original with innate skill “Strength”.

And “Iron Wall,” which, after activation, envelops a part of the body in a fighting aura and transforms it into a hardness like steel.

It is a combination that can be said to be the pinnacle of martial artists’ skills for combat.

This is a level that would normally be welcome in an advanced party if you can use that ability.

“Come on, fight me!!”

The men’s faces all scrunched up at once.

The game was won in an instant.

The three men were beaten to a pulp by a series of attacks launched by Loloi, and were instantly reduced to rags.

Then, one after another, they were thrown away screaming.

“Shit! What the hell is this girl?”

“She’s fucking strong!”

And then they ran away, screaming and crying.

“Uh… you save me.”

“Are okay, herbs seller? Are you hurt anywhere?”

In a critical situation. The ally of justice who appears dashingly and beats the villains with his cheat-skill.


Isn’t it reversed?

Shouldn’t it be man who save woman?

Isn’t it usually the Hero who saves the heroine?

Well, let’s leave that for now .

Anyway, in normal story, the position is reversed.

It’s essential for the main character to do that job, isn’t?

Loloi, who was in the middle of activating her strength, helped me up. But I was almost thrown off.

And actually, I was quite sad.

I’ve known for a long time that I’m extremely weak.


I never thought I’d be rescued by a girl as old as my daughter.

To me…Loloi suddenly leaned on me.

“Hey, hey, hey…”

What are you doing?

“Uh ……”


“I’m … hungry!!”

The backlash of skill activation significantly not only increase in physical and spirit, but also satiety values.

It’s hard to tell, since there is variation from person to person. But usually, combat skills are very fuel-unefficient powers.

“Ugh…ugh………. I can’t take it anymore…”

Loloi slumped to the spot, crying that she had hardly eaten anything since yesterday.

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