Exiled Merchant – Chapter 38

Chapter 38 – Martial Artist Treasure Hunter (4)

“Look, it’s burning!” (Passerby)

I took the cookware out of the “warehouse” right then and there. I took the chopped moo moo meat, stuck it into the ribs of the meat scraping Ulfes and roasted it over the fire.

Easy to do. A quick and easy meal.

That was about the only reason I chose that menu.

It was a reasonably busy street there, though.

I was getting tangled up with some thugs, and people were just pretending they didn’t know me.

No one would complain if I was grilling meat on the side of the road.

If they complain, I complain back.

The good smell of cooking meat wafts through the air.

Drool dripped from Loloi’s limp mouth.

“Loloi saved my life earlier. You don’t have to pay me or anything. Eat all you want.”

Then Loloi’s eyes light up with a cupid’s eye.

In case you’re wondering, my warehouse is stocked with quite a bit of meat.

Basically, it’s for my own consumption.

As long as I stock up on food and water. In worst case scenario, even after I run out of mana and lose my bed, I can live from there for days.

Loloi woke up and bit into a piece of meat.

“What is this? It’s not a kodris! A rich flavor that melts in my mouth! The smell! I’ve never had anything like this before!”

“It’s a moo-moo. It’s a monster in the western Garaado Mountains.”

“Moo-moo! Awesome! Great!”

Loloi eat meat at a great rate.

In no time at all, she was finished.

“No more?”

She appealed with his eyes.


I already told her to eat as much as she wanted. It would be uncool if I asked her to stop now.

For a while.

While struggling with Loloi’s appetite, I desperately continued to bake moo meat.


I noticed that adventurers and city residents, caught by the smell, were gathering around me.

“Moo moo? I’ve heard of it, but I’ve never taste it.”

“I heard it was popular once upon a time.”

“Is it better than Kodris?”

“At least she looks like she’s eating like a damn fish.”

“Smells though… pretty good.”

“Yeah, it smells good.”



Rustling crowds.

I’d found a new source of business as a result.


“A unique monster of the western Garaado Mountains. A moo moo barbequed. Three on a skewer for 10 mana.”

A price that would never sell in Mort Town.

That moo moo grilled meat sold like hotcakes.

In Kilket, they domesticate a flightless winged white monster called a kodris.

So the inhabitants of Kirket are.

They often eat kodris as meat.

Or, almost, they eat only kodris.

The monsters in the vicinity are ulfes, goblins, and slimes. They are all inedible monsters.

Such Moo-mo and Mugby.

The meat of edible medium-sized monsters is relatively rare in Kirket.

I may have mentioned this before.

Warehouse skill holders don’t like to carry much meat.

It is because it tends to be hard to get a good price for the bulk of the product.

So moo moo and bubby meat, which was common in the town of Mort, a three-day walk from Kilket, was a rarity here, with relatively low circulation.

Also, unlike the meat of the paler kodriss. Moo and Mugby meat has a unique aroma that drips with fat and becomes addictive when grilled.

I heard that once upon a time, that was a boom in Kilket.

Now it had already been eradicated by inexpensive kodris meat.

It seems that this has come full circle and is now booming again.

Veteran adventurers are nostalgic.

Young adventurers look interested.

They all bought moo moo barbecued meat from my store.

“Momo’s chopped grilled meat please!”

“Me! Three skewers of Mugby!!”

“Yes, sir.”

I was selling Mugby as well as Moo-moo.

“Over here! I want ten three-piece skewers of moo moo, mugby, and kodris!”

“Okay, okay. It’s underway.”

The three-piece comparison set also sold like hotcakes.

Thanks to Loloi.

I got my business stuff from an unexpected source.

To Loloi for giving me the opportunity.

As a thank, I decided to give Momo’s bone-in meat once in a while.

Loloi was so happy that she gobbled it up.

“Moo-moo is delicious!”

I hear people say that with a big smile on their face.

Somehow I always end up serving larger chunks of meat.

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