Exiled Merchant – Chapter 39

Chapter 39 – Prosperous business and a bit of anxiety

About a week has passed since then.

My barbecue stall was doing quite well.

I didn’t change my location.

I continued my business in the street store square near the outer gate on the west side of Kilket, where I had originally sold medicinal herbs.

Moo Moo’s barbequed meat sold like hotcakes. Unlike when my products were only medicinal herbs, there were lines of people waiting in front of my store.

Before leaving for a quest or after returning home. It seems that many of them buy them just for a snack.


“Are you Albus the herbs seller?”

“Hmm? Did I meet you somewhere?”

“A bardess sang a song about a merchant named Albus, who sold a salve that was good for wounds.”

“Oh, that’s me!!”


Amaranthia! Thank you!

Thanks to the sign of “Albus Moo-moo Barbecue” I put up. It seems that it somewhat sold my name and connected it with the name of Amaranthia’s promotion.

More than just a medicinal herb.

Naturally, the salve that is more labor intensive is more expensive.

While saying the man is “That’s surprisingly expensive” he also said, “It worked pretty well” when he actually received one spread from Amaranthia and used it.

Then, for 200 mana, he bought a small bottle of “bloodstop & painkiller herbal paste (medium effect)”.

Thanks to the exchange of it in front of the customers lined up at the barbecue stall…

“This store also sells medicinal herbs?”

“The bards sing about it, so it must be a reasonably effective medicine.”

And so on and so forth.

From that day on, I began to sell herbs and medicines in small quantities.

But so far, the barbecue restaurant is definitely more prosperous.

I was no longer the ‘Albus the barbecue seller’.

Burgess came with Chris, the boy swordsman.

He sometimes bought barbecue skewers for two.

“You’re doing a good job. You are a great merchant after all.”

Burgess said so. He left on his quest with Chris.

In my barbecue stall.

There were days when more than 300 skewers of 10 mana were sold in a day, and sales of more than 3,000 mana in a single day.

The moo meat I sell now. The original source of the meat is almost nothing, since most of it was obtained by begging for it in the town of Mort.

“Ha-ha…. I’m making good money!”

And after a month of doing that business…

Together with the mana I originally had on hand, I had over 100,000 mana, the target amount to buy a wagon.

At least, the first step of the goal was achieved.


I was anxious to turn this mana into a wagon. If I could find some other material that would be good for business, I wanted to use it as a source of funds for that.

Because this business of selling barbequed meat, which is on track now, will end when I run out of moo moo and mugby meat in my warehouse. I was hoping to use it as a source of funds for any other business that I might have.

Even though I have a good amount of reserves. To begin with, these meats were stored for me to eat myself.

I just poured almost all I had into buying a wagon here.

I can’t keep selling moo meat forever in the peddler’s square for wagons.

If I ran out of stock, it would be the end. It was thought that other peddlers would enter the market as soon as they realized how lucrative it would be.


Some merchants have been asking adventurers coming from the Mort Town area, “Do you have any moo moo or mugby meat? I’ll buy them at a good price.”

It seems that some merchants are traveling to Mort Town by themselves to buy moo-moo meat too.

If competition increases, the price of moo meat in Kilket will fall. I will not be able to expect to make the same kind of money as before.

If things continue as they are. I’ll be back to playing mainly with medicinal herbs.

Will that be enough business to make a living in Kilket?

Even as I look at my ever-increasing mana on hand.

I had a little bit of anxiety in the corner of my mind.

So I was desperately looking for the next piece of business.

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