Exiled Merchant – Chapter 4

Chapter 4 – A Mundane Innate Skill

By the way. There is such a thing as skills in this world.


Skills can be divided into ‘innate skills’ and ‘acquired skills’.

Natural-born skills are innate.

Acquired skills are those that can be acquired.

While acquired skills are acquired through training and effort and can be chosen by oneself to a certain extent, innate skills are innate.

Therefore, when people in this world think about where they are going. The first thing to do is to identify these innate skills.

For example, the Hero Ryan had the innate skill ‘God’s Eye’ and had also acquired the acquired skill ‘God’s Speed’.

The ‘God’s Eye’ instantly detects the weaknesses of the opposing monster, and the ‘God’s Speed’ is a super-fast movement technique to attack it precisely.

With this power, Ryan displayed unrivalled fighting prowess against monsters, and was eventually allowed by the king to claim the title of ‘hero’.

As for others…

Those with the innate skill of ‘Strength’, which gives them twice the power of a normal person, are suited to warrior and martial professions. They are often employed as adventurers, defeating demons or escorting merchant’s caravan.

Others with the innate skill of ‘Consume Half Magic’, which halves the amount of magic consumed when activating magic, are suited to be sorcerers. They often become researchers of magic in magic cities.

Outside of the combat professions, those with the ‘Craft’ innate skill, which increases the performance of created equipment by one level, are considered to be good equipment smiths, and indeed often become so.

However, no matter how powerful the innate skills are, ultimately it is the individual’s own effort and talent that counts.

If you have power but no sense of fighting or swordsmanship, you are not a suitable adventurer. Strength alone is not enough to fight.

No matter how little magic you consume and how much innate skill you have to be able to fire magic in rapid succession… it means nothing if you can’t learn magic in the first place.

And most people do not have the innate skills to begin with.

And even if they are born with innate skills, some things are only ‘a little better than others’.

Therefore, it is not uncommon for a person to find himself or herself in a profession or job that has nothing to do with his or her innate skills.

In the midst of all this, here I am.

I was given a role in a party of heroes, a vocation in a sense.

My innate skill set is ‘Warehouse’.

It is the ability to store the material of this world in the inventory of the other dimensional realm.

I happened to run away from my parents’ house and happened to be hanging around the Adventurers’ Guild.

I happened to meet Ryan and his friends who had just formed a party…

I happened to join the party.

For the next 15 years.

In my travels with Ryan and his team, I tried different martial arts and various weapons, but none of them were any good.

No matter how much I tried I was still… weak.

I found myself constantly taking out support items during battle.

So the vanguard is left entirely to Ryan and his wives.

Therefore…, my role in the hero party…

I was a baggage handler.

Incidentally, this innate skill of mine, “Warehouse”, is not a particularly rare skill.

Moreover, they are often used in conjunction with other innate skills.

The new dancer Miriri, who joined the party of the brave Ryan, had acquired the ‘Charm Granting”, an acquired skill that increases the attractiveness level of herself and those around her.

This is why Ryan, who is about to make his triumphant return to the royal capital, has taken a shine to her.

Ryan is. With his achievements in defeating the Demon King and his status as the husband of the 13th Princess Fina, he was eventually going to be involved in the country’s monarchy.

Miriri’s ‘Charm Granting’ is an important skill for this, he said.

And since the Miriri had also the innate skill ‘Warehouse’ in first place…

My existence is no longer needed, he said…

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  1. So at the very least, there are reasons why Ryan would not understand if the mc has an above average warehouse skill, given how they met. The princess though? She should have sussed it out. I imagine she’s too busy lamenting being a tool to pay attention.

  2. Then why the hell was he following this far??? This should have ended way sooner…

    Honestly, so much of this feels like BS…

    Sorry for complaining… I knew what I was getting into…. but…. so much of this fallws short…

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