Exiled Merchant – Chapter 40

Chapter 40 – Formation of Treasure Hunt Party

After closing today’s barbeque stall.

I somewhat complained to Loloi while heading to the inn town.

“I need to find my next business as soon as possible. Frankly, the barbecue business isn’t a business I can keep going forever….”

Yes, it is. I need to find the next piece of business as soon as possible.

Preferably one that I can keep going with a proper procurement route!

By the way, but I stopped staying at the 50 mana per night mingling inn.

It is dangerous to sleep in such a place when many people are watching your business and earning a good amount of money.

“Then it’s a treasure hunt! Loloi came to Kirkett to make a fortune as a treasure hunter!”

Loloi said as she bit into a moo moo bone that served as both an “idea fee” from her and somewhat of a “venting friend”.

“Loloi is a solo hunter, isn’t? Don’t you party with other treasure hunters?”

Aside from the fuel efficiency of her skills, Loloi’s fighting skills would make her a great draw.

“Even if I put a party together. People soon get tired of treasure hunts and go on quests to kill monsters or deliver goods. Loloi doesn’t want to do that, I want to be doing treasure hunts all the time.”


Get bored. I mean, simply treasure hunting is not enough to make a living. So you take quests at the guild and make money.

Even after I explained this, Loloi was not quite convinced.

For Loloi, selling relics at stalls is one of the most enjoyable parts of being a treasure hunter.

In other words, he wants to do nothing else but “explore ruins” and “sell relics”.

I mean, this girl. I wonder how she has been making a living with all these relics that she can’t sell.

I have frankly never seen Loloi’s relic junk for sale.

“Why does everyone stop treasure hunting so soon…”

*I guess… Probably, everyone. Earning mana from quests. And with that mana, they’re probably getting ready for the next big treasure hunt.”

I said.

Apparently, the word stung nicely.

“So that how it is!!”

Loloi seemed quite shocked and remained frozen for a while.

“So everyone is now doing treasure hunts bigger than Loloi with the mana they earned from their quests? No way!!!”

Loloi collapses in a heap.

“No, well. That’s not always the case. If you think quests are usually more profitable. I think there are many people who quit treasure hunting and choose to live as adventurers.”

Or rather. There is not such a clear difference between the two to begin with.

It is quite normal to receive quests from guilds as an adventurer while also exploring ruins as a treasure hunter.

In fact, it is rare to find a person who does only one of the two.

After Loloi slumped down as it was for a while.

Then she jumped up as if she had an idea.

“Well then, Albus. You and Loloi will form a party and go on a treasure hunt together!”

She suddenly shouted.

No, no.

I don’t know why that would be.

I’m a liability with zero fighting ability.

I’m nothing more than a baggage carrier.

I really shouldn’t do this.

At least. Exploring ruins in a paired party is just too dangerous.

Maybe me. I’ll die soon.

That’s what I said.

“I know Albus is weak! But Albus knows things and we can count on you. Loloi will do the fighting! That’s why you’re going on a big treasure hunt with Loloi!”

And Loloi did not give in easily.

At that time.

“I’ve heard the story, Loloi! Then why don’t you come party with us!”

I heard a voice from somewhere.


That swarthy old adventurer…

Burgess the magic swordsman.

A perverted old fucker (37 years old) who likes younger girls.

He had locked on to Loloi (17 years old) and started recruiting her to his party.


“Loloi joins our party. And I’ll hire Albus as a baggage handler. And the four of us will go on a treasure hunt! How about that?”

“That’s great! Burgess, it’s the best!”

The pure and innocent Loloi, who had already fallen for Burgess’s witticisms, was jumping up and down with joy.

“If he’s a friend of Albus. Burgess must be a good man too!”

Upon hearing that, Burgess stretched out his nose and was delighted.

You perverted son of a bitch.

But I am.

I was like, “Well, that’s okay.

Burgess is a pervert, but he’s good.

His judgment is also precise, so he will not take any great risks.

I, too, could make a reasonable income from it if Burgess would hire me as a baggage handler.

Or a treasure hunt. It could certainly be lucrative if done well.

Lately, I have come to think that being a “baggage handler” is also a respectable business.

I sell my skills as a “baggage handler” and receive mana in return, although I do not have the actual goods. It is a noble business.

I guess “baggage handler” suits me no matter how far I go, right?

“Chris says hello too!”

Loloi smiled at him, and Chris, the boy swordsman, kept his eyes down.

This one is probably shy.

‘Cupid Burgess’.

I thought of the name Burgess, which I had heard when I first arrived in the fortress city of Kilket.

And so it was.

We formed a party of four to explore the ruins.

[Burgess Ruins Exploration Treasure Hunt Party]

Burgess the Magical Swordsman (Leader/Advance Guard)

Chris the Swordsman (vanguard)

Loloi, martial artist (vanguard)

Albus, merchant (luggage handler for hire/guide for hire)

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