Exiled Merchant – Chapter 41

Chapter 41 – Loloi’s way of live and the growth of Chris

Loloi selling relics that don’t sell at all.

Little by little, it became clear how this Loloi lived.

First, though, the food.

Loloi’s staple diet consisted of Ulfes meat and the plants and trees that grew wild in the area.

She ran around the ruins on solo treasure hunts.

Fighting back monsters that attacked her.

Collect mana from the monster’s body.

She then dismantled the corpse of the Ulfes and used it as food. She had to cook it over a fire.

“If I got a lot of mana. Sometimes I would splurge and buy kodris. But the moo moo from Albus is way better!”

Water, by the way, was just like mine. She drank mainly from the city’s shared well.

Sometimes she drank water from the river, too…

“Ulfes’s meat, you know. They don’t usually use it for food. And if you drink the river water around here, you’ll get a stomach ache.”

“But there was nothing else to eat, so I had no choice. It tasted better than goblins. Also, I’ve never had a stomach ache, so I’m fine.”


She ate goblins too!

And she was fine after drink from river.

I’m not making fuss about her wild life but..

“I mean, Loloi. Haven’t you ever taken a quest before!?”

“I kind of didn’t want to, because it’s not like a treasure hunt. And I didn’t really know how to do it.”


In the first place, Loloi had not even registered with the Adventurers’ Guild.

“By the way. After you’ve taken down the Ulfes… what about the antlers and pelts?”

I asked fearfully…

“I couldn’t eat them and had no use for them, so I threw them away. They were usually gone after a little while.”


It’s too wasteful!

You can usually sell it to a material store.

You can make a lot more money than selling relics.

I mean, someone was surely picking them up.

Loloi is too much of an adventurer with too little common sense.

I and Burgess were often stunned.

How could she have lived to this age?

I guess I was just making bland small talk in the street square.

“If that was the case, I’m going to train you and make you as an adventure.”

Burgess was getting all worked up.

“Loloi is a treasure hunter! I’m not an adventurer!”

But he was easily turned down.

“However. To prepare for the big treasure hunt, I’m going to have to work harder and harder on my adventurer’s quest!”

And so, the four of us decided to form a party.

We had to do some quests to collect funds to dive into the ruins.


The boy swordsman Chris is.

Compared to when we met him two months ago, he had become an adventurer of such skill that it was hard to believe he was the same person.

First of all, his equipment was different.

Two months ago, he was equipped with a “longsword,” which emphasized appearance, and a stiff “full mail,” which also emphasized appearance and covered his entire body.


He is now equipped with a narrow “saber sword” that fits his physique, and a “part-mail” that protects only the vital parts of his body, from chest to belly and thighs.

His helmet was also changed from a full-face to a half-face.

Looking at his face again, he is quite beautiful.

He has a neutral face that would look good if he were dressed as a woman or something.

I guess he is following the Burgess Theory, which says, “When you have a good-looking boy with you, it is easy to catch a beautiful girl.”

I was a little …… creeped out.


Chris’s equipment became lighter. His movements became agile as if he was different.

He moves swiftly against the swarms of ulfes. The dexterity with which he hunted them one by one in a hit-and-away fashion was already quite impressive.

Maybe already.

Just by himself he would be able to hunt down 10 ulfes with no problem.

If this is what Burgess has been preparing in the last two months, then Burgess is quite good as an instructor.

Even if he has an ulterior motive 90% of the time.

For Chris, the boy swordsman, Burgess would be nothing more than a mentor.


“Ugh… khhh..”

Against the ulfes, Chris is driven to the point of no escape against the trees.

Well, he may be lack in some aspect.

But he was still 100 times stronger than me!


And Chris was rescued by Loloi just in time.

“Chris! Are you okay!”

Loloi rushes to Chris after fighting off a swarm of ulfes.


Chris was helped up by Loloi.

Then, after looking at each other for a while…

Chris looked away, embarrassed.

Burgess gazes at them with a satisfied big-brother mask.



You’re the one who really wants to get close to Loloi….

That’s why you invited Loloi to the party….

But those two, are you okay with it?

If you leave them alone, they’re probably going to fall in love just like that, you know?

Cupid Burgess.

I was beginning to cry a little as I pictured that title in my head again.



We spent a few days doing multiple quests and earning a good amount of mana.

As for combat, Burgess and Loloi handle it with little danger. These two are usually strong.

Chris, who supports them, is also getting good at his job.

By the way, I was just collecting the remains of the dead.

With a party of four, we were making around 5,000 to 8,000 mana from our daily quests.

With this amount of earning. It was enough for the whole party to make a living just by doing a quest once every few days.

It is no longer a problem to say that this is an intermediate to advanced class party.

By the way, if I were to leave, it would definitely be able to call itself an advanced party.

Normally, this is a party that is so good that they don’t have to work so hard to complete their quests.

However, our objective was to collect funds for exploring the ruins, so we continued to accumulate funds through repeated quests.

I also wanted to make as much money as possible before my competitors entered the market. I opened a barbecue stall every morning and evening as much as possible.

I was making good money from that business as well.

“The store is closed today.”

If I use too much moo meat, there will not be enough for Loloi to eat during the ruins treasure hunt.

Therefore, the opening hours were set a little shorter.

When the occasional customer complained, it was time to advertise.

“You can get another moo-moo meat if you go to the western of Mort Town.”


“And if you’re in the area, please stay at the Arcana inn in the nearby village of Yak!”

Party-shared mana accumulates rapidly.

With that mana, we steadily prepared to explore the ruins.

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