Exiled Merchant – Chapter 42

Chapter 42 – Exploring the Site

I knew it. There are hardly any relics for sale in the first level of the earth ruins.

In the dining room of the orphanage where Chris grew up.

We were having a meeting for a full-scale exploration of the ruins.

Burgess is staying in Chris’s room at the orphanage.

Also apparently.

He seems to be obsessed with Chris’ sister, who is in the back room of the orphanage.

Burgess, a man in love.

Do what you want now.

Back to the story.

We were on a quest to defeat monsters and materials request. We went down to the first underground level of the earth ruins several times.

However, as expected, there were no relics within easy reach.


She often carefully stored relic junk in her “warehouse” that the other treasure hunters had never touched, and which she didn’t know what it was.

Occasionally, after putting it in, she would take it out again and throw it away…

I’m not sure about the standard.

But either way, they probably wouldn’t be for sale.

“So, if you want to look for relics in earnest, you need to go below the third basement level, huh?”

I nodded to Burgess’ words.

“Albus. How prepared do you think you’d be?”

“It depends on how much exploration you want to do. It also depends on the number and type of monsters. Let’s say there are only goblins, ulfes, and their intermediate and higher species underground, just like above ground. If we simply go to the deepest level and come back, I think two weeks should be enough.” (Albus)

Still, it takes two weeks.

Furthermore, the purpose of this trip is not just sightseeing.

It is not just a matter of going there and coming back.

“But this is a relic treasure hunt, right? Then I think there’s a chance we could be underground for a month or two, depending on the case.” (Albus)

“That long? Even above ground, it was common to wander in the forest for a week in search of advanced monsters. I wonder if underground exploration takes that long. I have little experience in exploring ruins. I really don’t know what it feels like.” (Burgess)

Burgess held his head as if to say, “I’m out of ideas.”

“Wait a minute. You just said something about ‘if we just go to the deepest part and come back…'” (Chris)

Then Chris interrupted the conversation.

“You know, since Ryan the Hero’s party reached the deepest point two years ago, no party has ever made it there yet, right?” (Chris)

“That’s right. The most important thing to remember is that the deepest part of the earth ruins is still there, even though numerous treasure hunters have tried. The artifact “Omega Sun,” which is said to be in the deepest part of the Earth Ruins, has only been confirmed by one party, Ryan’s party. Therefore, there must be many relics lying around that the hero party has not fully explored! It’s a treasure hunter’s romance! It’s a treasure hunter’s romance!” (Loloi)

What are artifacts?

They are special relic, also known as a “relic of God.”

They cannot be moved, nor can they be stored in a warehouse skill.

Several have been found in various locations.

3 at ancient sites on the central continent.

And two were found on this western continent, including the inexhaustible Omega Sun at the Earth Ruins.

And to discover it is considered one of the greatest honors as a treasure hunter.

“Well, in other words. What the you two are saying is absurd from the beginning. Only a party of hero or someone who has heard directly from them can know what is inside the ruins and how long it will take to explore them.” (Chris)

Chris sighed and said this to us as if admonishing us.

Me and Burgess looked at each other.

Then I scratched my head.

“Ah, I know it’s hard for you to say this, so I’ll say it for you. Albus was in that heroic party before. By the looks of it, he must have dived with them in the Earth Ruins and was present at the discovery of the “Omega Sun” or something like that.”

Chris and Loloi.

For a while, they seemed unable to make sense of Burgess’ words.

The dull, middle-aged merchant in front of them = me.

I guess they can’t make the connection between the persona of the party member who did such a big deal and the persona of me.

“What? You! You were in that hero’s party!!”

Chris let out a loud scream.

“When you’re so weak and utterly useless in battle?’

“Shut up!”

That’s right.

That’s why they kicked me out.

Loloi says.

“Ro…man… ce…”

It seemed to have exceeded some tolerance and turned white and hardened.

Perhaps, as a treasure hunter, she might actually be able to get her hands on something she has always wanted.

She seemed to be lost in a jumble of such anticipation and various other emotions.

I’m in this party, hired by Burgess as a “baggage handler” and “guide”. It is supposed to be.

So if he asks me to guide him to the deepest part of the earth ruins, I will do so.

At least.

I still have a map of the interior of the Earth Ruins site when Ryan’s party conquered it two years ago.

I even have the locations of the traps that the party members found with their skills.

I mean…

After Ryan and his team went underground, no one was able to conquere it after all?

Certainly, the success of that ruins exploration treasure hunt seemed to be due to Princess Fina’s skills….

By the way, when I dived with Ryan and his group.

We pried my way through a crack in the rock that led to the third level underground, which was closed by rubble, so there was not a single monster beyond that level.

Now if I were to be vigilant when diving into the ruins again…

The most important point is the difference between the two.

I wanted at least one or two more members who could fight, if possible, for unforeseen circumstances.

But Burgess.

It seems that he wanted the four of us to proceed exploring into the ruins

The more people there are, the more difficult it will be to prepare and transport food and other supplies.

Also, the more luggage you carry, the more difficult it will be to maneuver.

That what he said.

“If you put it all in the warehouse. It’s not that much of a problem….”

Well, if that’s the leader’s policy, it can’t be helped.

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