Exiled Merchant – Chapter 43

Chapter 43 – Rival merchant appear!

Burgess used the mana he earned from his quest to buy food, leather bags for water, and support items.

Perhaps he is dipping into his own reserves as well.

“Why are you so into it?”

I asked Burgess.

Well, I guess that means he’s obsessed with Loloi anyway…

“Treasure hunts are romantic, right?”

Burgess replied with a nice face.

It looked like he was being influenced by Loloi.

“Well. When I see young people pursuing their dreams, I feel like I want to help in any way I can. Not only Loloi, but Chris is also interested in treasure hunts.”

And then he started saying something nice and normal.

So Chris is also obsessed with Loloi…

“You’re only 37, you know. If you wanted to hit one, you could still do it.”

I, too, was kicked out of my old party when I was over 30, and now I’m starting to aspire to be a big merchant.

“I’m fine with that.”


Well, if he says okay, that’s fine.

“Burgess. If you’re buying for water storage, I suggest you buy barrels instead of bunch leather bottles. You can keep the water in the warehouse with a full of barrel. When you need it, you can take it out and put it in a leather bottle.”

Then, for now, let’s think about making this ruins exploration treasure hunt a success.

“And food. As long as we have enough mana, it’s cheaper to negotiate for bulk purchases directly from the ranch.”

I told Burgess and the others to ‘secure enough food and water to keep the four of us alive for six months’.

If we put it in storage, it won’t spoil and we won’t have too much.

Plus, spare armaments.

You never know when a weapon might break.

There is also the possibility of losing it while fighting monsters.

It was my opinion that it was better to have at least two or three sets of spare weapons if possible.

Burgesses followed the straightforward instructions and proceeded with his preparations.

Maybe the monsters will prevent us from getting there and we’ll run back home in three days.

In some cases, a bad accident may occur, and you may have to hole up deep underground for a month or two, as long as your food supply lasts.

There is no such thing as too much preparation for dungeon exploration.

After spending 15 years in Ryan the Hero’s party, I had learned as much as anyone in that area.

While Burgess was making such preparations, he frequently took Chris and Loloi on intermediate to advanced quests.

And they had earned not a small amount of reward money.

Burgess was a crazy good adventurer.

Incidentally, when the Hero Ryan’s party dived into the dungeon of the demon world, the preparation was ‘enough food and water for seven people to live for two years’.

As a result of Ryan and his party conquered the Demon World Dungeon in about a year, so most of the food was left over and returned to Ryan and his party at Yak Village.

It was originally bought with the mana Ryan and his team had earned, so, well, it was only natural.

Just. In other words, having enough stockpiles makes all the difference in the comfort of your mind when attacking a dungeon.

It’s better to be overly prepare than lack of preparation..

Incidentally, though, we spent nine months on the way there and three months on the way back to the demon world dungeon.


Loloi was very excited as she continued shopping.

“Treasure hunt! Romance! Artifacts! Omega Sun”

She repeats it as if it were a habit…

“Meat, veggies, fruit! Smells so good!”

When have she moved on to talking about food?

Each time, Burgess would buy food for Loloi, in addition to the food for stocking the ruins exploration.

Typical feeding.

It was obvious that they were trying to grab the stomach and cage it.

But despite Burgess’s efforts, Loloi and Chris became close instead, and they sometimes went out alone together.

Ah. Cupid Burgess, poor thing.


One day, as we were steadily preparing for a long-term quest, we heard a slightly disturbing rumor.

A large merchant from Capital, Noppoi, was gathering adventurers with the “Warehouse” skill to conquer the Earth Ruins.

This is the rumor.

When I was opening a barbeque stall as part of a fundraiser, I heard such a story.

The name “Noppoi” sounded familiar.

The other day, I was in a business talk with Burgess with a rancher of kodris for a bulk purchase discount

There was a rich emissary who said, “I’ll give you 1.5 times what these guys are willing to give you”. The rancher, even though he was in the middle of negotiating with us, made a quick decision that way.

And the master of the messenger was a merchant, Noppoi, I believe.


“He’s a disgusting son of a bitch. He’s using his manpower to gather materials and human resources. If he ends up getting ahead of us, I’m sure I’ll be even more pissed off!”

At night, when we gathered at Chris’s orphanage for a meeting, Burgess said something unusually straightforward.

“That’s right. Loloi and us first!”

Loloi agrees with me, but if we’re talking about later or earlier, earth ruins, there must have been explorers a long time ago.

“But don’t be in a hurry. If you rush into a dive unprepared, you’ll really get yourself into hell.”

I mean, if you are a member of this group, you will probably die normally except for Burgess.

“This is advice based on my experience.”

I said this and the three of them listened to me with mysterious looks on their faces.

What a nice group of people.

Ryan and his team were pretty lax on preparation related matters.

There were many situations where they only managed to get through because of their tremendous combat power.

So, every time I stopped by a town, I would desperately try to buy food, support items, and so on.

It seemed as if it was natural for me to do so. Well, it’s no wonder I didn’t contribute at all in the battle.

I was a baggage handler, after all!

While the members were happily shopping around for jewelry, trendy clothes, and bargain antiques, I was frantically running around town preparing for the next adventure or quest.

That’s when I would dismantle monsters and sell unwanted materials to raise funds.

Thanks to this, my speed and skill in monster dismantling are on par with those of the most experienced adventurers in the area.

Anyone who sees me handle a monster would mistake me for a skilled adventurer.

I didn’t kill any of them myself!

By the way, when diving into ruins or dungeons, if you find yourself in a situation where it is too hard to go any further due to lack of preparation, you need to make a decision to give up and turn back.

If you die in a hurry, there is no point.

Ryan had the worst of luck in that area, and I almost died many times because of it.

Ryan never listened to me.

I want the current members who are willing to listen to me, even a little bit, to do everything right and survive properly.

It was seven days later that we left for the ruins after tactical meetings and preparation of materials.

Noppoi’s unit left four days before ours.

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  1. Yeah, and it was precisely because that trash hero party didn’t listen to Albus that they lost their treasure to petty thieves, couldn’t navigate a mountain, got exhausted and beat up by basic monsters, continue to waste their supplies stupidly, yada yada. I could go on. I won’t. But I could. I feel a bit better when I remember how hard they’re sucking.

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