Exiled Merchant – Chapter 44

Chapter 44 – Departure and inventory of materials

Day of departure.

We gathered at Chris’s orphanage.

In a reasonably large yard.

All the materials to be taken to the Ruins treasure hunt were taken out of storage and laid out.


We started checking the materials we were bringing into the basement.

First, drinking water.

In addition to the leather bag water bottle each person has on hand.

There are 15 barrels containing 200 liters of water. That is about 3,000 liters of water.

Assuming that the four of us drink about 4 liters of water a day, which is a good estimate, after sweating from moving around in battle… the four of us would have enough water for about half a year.

And then there is food.

In addition to various meats, vegetables, and fruits. Beans, grains, wild vegetables and mushrooms were also prepared.

Seasonings such as salt and sugar are also important.

I had learned from Ryan’s party that if you go into a dungeon for a long period of time and only eat one type of food, somehow your health will start to deteriorate.

Next, support items.

A medicine to recover physical strength. Pills to recover magic power. Arcana herb set.

In addition to various traps for combat, we also prepared combat support items such as flashlight balls.


Torches and flint. Oil, cloth, rope, a magic clock for half year, etc.

All the tools necessary for dungeon exploration. We also have plenty of spare parts.

Incidentally, the “magic clock” is a dimly glowing ball adjusted to disappear in one day after activation, and is a substitute for a clock in dungeons.

The other items include cooking utensils and bedding for four people.

I inspected these items, chanted “warehouse storage ilompa” and stored them one after another in the “warehouse”.

“The warehouse in Albus is . . is supersized!”

Loloi was like a little kid when she saw it.

Well, 17 years old.

From my point of view, she’s just a normal kid.

Besides. My daughter Puddin is 16.

Incidentally, some materials were also put into storage at Loloi’s, just in case.


“Ummm…Loloi’s Relics Romantic ……”

To “warehouse” supplies for the exploration of the ruins.

The relic junk that was originally in Loloi’s warehouse was to be left at the orphanage.

Rattles rattle rattles, and more rattles rattles later.

A collection of Loloi’s relics and junk was released, with a capacity of exactly one wagon load.

“Mrs. Mitra…. Please take care of Loloi’s relics.”

Loloi tearfully entrusted the relic to Chris’ sister, who remained at the orphanage.

In addition to Burgess, who had been sleeping here for three months. After a while of partying with Burgess and others, Loloi and I also rented a room in the orphanage and were taken care of.

Chris’ sister, Mitra. She is blind and rarely comes out of her room…

Loloi seemed to have become good friends with this Mitra before long.

“I don’t mind if you touch it! It’s okay to sell it! And it’s okay to break it a little! But don’t throw it away!”

The condition is.

Frankly, it didn’t make sense.

And by the way.

Loloi’s deep-slit, thigh-exposing martial wear was not suitable for dungeon exploration, so I asked her to change into a normal trouser type.

Burgess was very disappointed.


“Sis. I’m off.”

Chris said to Mitra and walked on.

With the blindfold wrapped around her eyes and forehead, he could not read Mitra’s expression, but…

Perhaps she was worried about her brother.

“Take care…”

Her fist was clenched tightly and shaking.


“Mitra. I’m going! Leave Chris to me!”

Saying this, Burgess tried to hold Mitra’s hand.

She staggered as he was holding her hand.

Oh, come on, seriously, you.

You’re dealing with a blind woman, okay?

Suddenly I was worried about the future.

Anyway, that day.

We set off for the Earth Ruins for a full-scale, long-term ruins exploration treasure hunt.

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