Exiled Merchant – Chapter 45

Chapter 45 – Sealing and Bond Stones

Tangentially, there is a stone called “Sealing Stone”.

It is a small, translucent, disk-shaped stone.

It is a stone that can contain life energy called “mana”.

Mana is. It resides in both monsters and humans.

When they die, it leaks out of their bodies.

In our country, the mana that escaped from dead creatures was sealed in sealing stones, which were used as currency.

The value of the sealing stone was determined according to the capacity of the mana it contained.

A sealing stone that contains the equivalent of five mana.

A sealing stone containing 100 mana.

A sealing stone that contains 1,000 mana.

Something like that.

And each sealing stone has a maximum capacity.

Therefore, to pay 100 mana. You can pay for one stone with 30 mana at full capacity, one stone with 20 mana, and one stone with 50 mana.

Other methods are.

To pay 200 mana from a 250/500 sealing stone. In some cases, only the necessary 200 mana is transferred to the other party’s sealing stone.

It is like that.

If that’s the case.

Can’t you extract mana from your body and use it as currency?

Some people have been plotting something like that…

Basically, it’s impossible.

If the mana of a living person is enclosed in a sealing stone.

As long as that person is alive, it becomes a different stone with the unique radiance of a living person, different from a normal sealing stone.

A sealing stone in this state is called a “Bond Stone”. Its connection with the main body will not disappear as long as the main body is alive.

The “mana of a living person in the Bond Stone” cannot be used as currency.


There is another use for that bond stone.

When going to the danger zone, leave a bond stone filled with your mana with someone in the safe zone.

By doing so.

During long dungeon explorations, etc., those on the outside can know if those who are diving are still up to the challenge or if they are already dead.

The glow of the bond stone fades.

When it becomes a mere mana-filled sealing stone, that is when the person who put mana into the stone dies.

We are.

Each of us left the Bond Stone, which contained our mana, with Mitra at the orphanage.

Loloi was apparently the first to do so.

She was looking at the Bond Stone with her mana in it with great interest.

Burgess tried to hand it to Mitra, whispering words of love to her, but Chris took it from him and handed it to her.

“What’s the point of giving it to you when you can’t see?”

I asked Mitra that question because it was impolite but important.

“Yes. Yes, because I am blind, but I have the ability to sense the mana around me…. I know exactly which Bond stone belongs to whom.”

Is this a skill that some white magicians and others possess to sense life?

I was not sure of the details. If she can understand it, there is no problem.

Burgess, Loloi, and me.

To Mitra, we are almost completely unrelated strangers.

If Mitra can sense the brilliance of Chris’s bond stone, that’s fine.

By the way.

When leaving Yak Village.

I exchanged Arcana for a bond stone that contained my mana.

So if something happens to me, Arcana would certainly know.


I’m sorry to say that this after this far…

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