Exiled Merchant – Chapter 46

Chapter 46 – Exploring the Earth Ruins (1)

Departing from the west gate of the fortified city of Kilket.

After an hour’s walk through the Suzan Hills, the Earth Ruins will appear.

A chunk of stone wall as tall as Burgess is crumbling and lying in a heap.

The traces of a once flourishing civilization are now just ruins inhabited by monsters and night robbers.

“A big, big, big treasure hunt! Now, really, it’s a treasure hunt!”

Loloi can’t seem to contain her excitement any longer.

“Don’t get too excited, Loloi. We have a long way to go.”

As an elder, I gave her a word of advice.


We have a very long way to go.

The entrance to the third level of the Earth Ruins that Ryan and his party found is in a place that cannot be reached in a day from Kilket.

For the time being, should we spend the night above ground or go underground and continue as far as we can?

This was to be a flexible decision, depending on the progress of the next few days.

By the way.

I have already told Loloi and the others in detail at the meeting.


Since our progress was faster than expected, we decided to go straight into the basement of the ruins.

“Keep the sun in your eyes. If you act rashly, you’ll never see it again.”

“I’ve already burned it in my eyes, so I’m going now!”

From the side of the saying, Loloi quickly entered the basement of the ruins.

“Wait, wait, Loloi, don’t go ahead by yourself.”

Burgess followed her.

Chris stayed and stared at the sun tilting to the west for a while.

“It’s a little late for this, but …… we don’t have to risk our lives for a treasure hunt, do we?”

Loloi was doing a treasure hunt on her own initiative.

Burgess who said he would go.

And I’m hired by Burgess.

But Chris…

He just happened to be partying with Burgess.

There’s no need for him to go to a place where he has to leave bond stones to his relative.

“I need mana. I need a large amount of mana. If I can get more mana by following old man Burgess, I’ll go. If I can earn more and more mana from the treasure hunt, I’ll go, even if I have to risk my life.”

Saying this, Chris proceeded into the ruins.

Many adventurers make earning mana their purpose in life.

They use it to live in luxury and to get what they want.

Chris seemed to have a situation, though.

It’s probably not a problem I should get too involved in.

I want to earn mana as much as he does.

I followed the others into the basement of the dimly lit ruins.

My savings however.

Because of what I provided for the procurement of materials for the Treasure Hunt, I was again below my goal of 100,000 mana for the purchase of the wagon.

But, if this ruin treasure hunt is successful, there should be a small amount backed up.

And even if it fails.

If Burgess is alive, I will receive from Burgess the reward of 800 mana x number of days for baggage carrying.

Also, if there is extra food in the warehouse, I can live quite a few days with zero food expenses.

Besides, if Chris is alive.

Like Burgess, I might be able to rent a corner of an orphanage in the future and float the cost of an inn.

Also, if Loloi is still alive.

If I can talk her into it, I might be able to hire her as an escort at a very low cost. Then I might be able to peddle her goods between Kilket and the towns in the east, west, south, and west.

Even if I fall down, I’ll find any way to get up, you know?

Burgess in front.

Loloi and Chris in the back.

Form a formation around me.

While the party members are frantically defeating monsters.

I kept repeating such a simulation.

“Albus, look out!”

Such was the moment Chris shouted.

A stone thrown by a goblin snatched my cheek.

Then it hit the wall behind me and shattered.

“Don’t be dawdling! If you, our guide, die, we won’t know the way anymore!”

“Yes, he’s right! Albus! Careful!”

Oh well.

This was not Ryan’s party, where the strongest members of the team were here, both offensively and defensively.

Even if I thought we were in a safe zone, it was no surprise that the monsters could break through our formation at any moment.

There are no Hero or great magicians who can destroy all powerful enemies almost instantly.

There are no beastmen or warriors to protect the non-combatants.

There are no support sorcerers who can handle defensive magic, and no saints who can repair most wounds as long as they are alive.

I changed my mind a bit and decided to focus on the action at hand.

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