Exiled Merchant – Chapter 47

Chapter 47 – Exploring of Earth Ruins (2)

We went down to the second floor level of the earth ruins.

There was no sign of the monsters we had encountered in the first underground level.

There is a small room there, I think. If we block the entrance with debris, we should be able to use it as a place to sleep for the night.

According to the magic clock, the time was just after 22:00.

It must have been long dark outside.

For the first day, I may have pushed myself a little too hard to get going.

We continued onward, relying on the light of the torch.

We entered the small room.


Loloi gasped and braced herself.

There was someone ahead of her.

“Oh, that’s it. It has been here since two years ago, so don’t worry about it.”

The body was skeletonized. It was the body of an adventurer or a burglar.

Three of them.

It’s not so much that they wandered in and died. It was more like they had made this place their home and ran out of strength one by one due to some other cause.

All three bodies are lying side by side.

When I came before. Fina moved the third body, which was lying alone apart from the firs, to the side of the other two.

And they were still lying there, in the same outfit as they had been at that time.

I knew there was no danger.

Loloi bowed with her hands to the bodies.

Chris felt a little sick.

Burgess. Well, I guess he’s used to seeing that kind of thing.

He was preparing for encampment without paying any attention at all.

“Warehouse Takeout Delos”.

I chanted and activated my skill.

After storing the rubble that had fallen in that area in the warehouse, I rattled it out toward the front entrance of the small room.

Then I built a simple protective fence.

“Whoa, that’s handy. Warehouse skills.”

“Loloi warehouses don’t hold that much rubble. It’s more convenient to have Albus’ warehouse.”

“Well, it still has its drawbacks too. If you can’t move something manually, you can’t put it in my warehouse either.”

I’ve tried all kinds of things, but that seems to be the way it’s done.

With rubble, the limit is about the size of what two or three ordinary men can lift.

Anything more than that probably falls outside the definition of an “item”.

At any rate.

Now, for the time being, we are safe here.

Later, Loloi started to mope around in the small room, so I made a simple toilet space in the corner of the room with a rock panels.

By the way.

It’s a cloth-filled, lidded jar.

It also has a scaffold that rises a little higher.

“Albus is very convenient!”

“Yes yes yes ……”

Burgess wrinkled his brow and made a seriously weird face while he stood there listening or something like that.

…Let’s leave the pervert alone.

Then I took out my cooking utensils. Decided to make a pot for dinner.

“Whoa! What is this! It’s a new, evolved form of moo moo meat!”

The hot pot was a huge hit with Loloi.

“Yes, it’s very tasty.”

Chris also complimented me.


And for some reason, Burgess was also praise me.

“I hired him, as a baggage handler, as aguide, and a cook!”

Well, if that’s the way it’s going to be.

I’ll charge you for the cook’s portion, plus expenses.

We were tired on that first day.

After dinner, everyone went to sleep immediately.


In my bedding, I was pondering.

The first day of the ruins treasure hunt went fairly well.

At this rate, we will probably reach the entrance to the third floor level by tomorrow.

Levels 3 and 4 are labyrinths that block intruders.

It will probably take at least four days to conquer the third and fourth levels.

And beyond the labyrinth.

Five levels below the labyrinth is the ancient underground city of our destination.

There you will find the artifact “Omega Sun”.

If you want to search for relics, the fifth level would be the best place to do so.

There were also many things to be found on levels 3 and 4, though, if you looked for them. I remember that there were various troublesome traps only in the labyrinth.

In my mind, I thought back to the path I had taken with Ryan and the others.

I drifted off to sleep, feeling a little nostalgic.


The second day of the Earth Ruins dive went well.

The number of monsters was not as many as I expected.

And the directions were exactly as I remembered them.

Well, there was no way that a 2,000-year-old ruin could have changed so much in just two years.

“After crossing the narrow path there, we will come to a large room. There are two paths leading to the back of the room…left is the correct one.”

I called out to Burgess, who is ahead of me, and gives him directions.

And we’ll be there the rest of the day…

We arrived at the hall at the far end of the second level of the earth ruins, where the entrance to the third underground level is located.


There were prior explorers there.

“The units of the great merchant Noppoi……?”

I muttered to myself as I hid in the shadows.

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