Exiled Merchant – Chapter 48

Chapter 48 – Exploring of Earth Ruins (3)

At the bottom of the second floor level of the Earth Ruins. In the hall where a slanting hole leading to the third level of the floor gapes open, adventurers were hanging out.

“They’re probably the treasure hunt party exploring the ruins of the merchant Noppoi.”

Our party was watching them from a short distance away.

The hall was lit by torchlight, and there appeared to be about 10 adventurers hanging out there.

Perhaps they have set up here as a base camp, and the advance party is in the midst of a labyrinthine assault.

Securing a safe zone and using it as a base from which to attack the labyrinth is a move often used in large-scale quests.


Too far in back, if you ask me.

Perhaps it is inevitable, though, since they have no idea of the vastness of the labyrinth ahead, which would take four days to pass even if they knew the way.

“By the looks of it, it will be enough for them to conquer in one month…”

Sometimes it is necessary to make a decision to enter the labyrinth with all the supplies.

This is how the hero party has conquered many ruins.

That’s quite a large contingent.

Burgess’ words made me check the situation of the other party again, and I saw about five small, wheeled, human-powered carts.

“They must have gone to a lot of trouble to gather all those warehouse-skilled people. Why are they bringing that stuff in?”

I was genuinely wondering that.

“It’s for transporting the supplies they can’t fit in, right?”

That’s how it works, I guess.

“Isn’t it? Otherwise, I don’t understand why the carts are waiting here, away from the main group.”

To be honest, I had never been that deeply involved with other warehouse skill holders, so I didn’t quite get a sense of how much stuff could fit in a regular warehouse.


If, as Burgess says, they are bringing in carts because they can’t fit all the supplies in their warehouse skills.

No wonder they are waiting here, instead of going deeper into the narrow diagonal hole to the third basement level.

Perhaps the narrow length of the fissure is too narrow for the carts to pass through.

My warehouse would.

I can fit a whole cart like that in there.

Even if it is large, if it can still be moved by human power, it can be stored.

I asked Loloi if she could do it.

“Absolutely not! I can’t do it!”

Loloi’s warehouse seems rather small, but I still wonder if my “warehouse” is larger than the typical size.

“So what are we going to do about it?”

Chris has already drawn his sword.

“Wait, wait, wait. Wait, wait, wait. We’re human beings. Don’t start to fight them so easily.”

And Burgess is to blame.

At times like this, Burgess is usually sensible.

“But in …… bard’s tales and such, the bad merchants are bound to get in the way of other treasure hunters. You have to do it before they do it. ……”

Chris has a very disturbing thought process.

Well, Ryan and the others were similar.

“I’ll go over there and negotiate.”

And with that, I walked off by myself.


“Our client Noppoi told us not to let anyone through.”

“I’m sorry, but if you come any closer, I’ll kill you.”

He looked almost the same as a ruffian. The adventurer with a bad physiognomy threatened me like that.

No good. ……

“I’ll pay 500 mana per person. How’s that sound?”

“I said no!”

“Do you have ears?”

I tried increase the price, but it didn’t work.

From the looks of it, they all seem to be skilled adventurers.

Although there is Burgess and Loloi who aslo have skills. I don’t think three of our fighters can compete with ten of them.

The main character’s friends are a super strong cheat group. However, it’s only in fantasy that they can somehow beat up other adventurers who are outnumbered.

“So, how is going?”

“Well, it’s quite bad I think, eh?”

Somehow Loloi had interrupted the difficult negotiations.

Just a little bit.

No, quite a bit…

I feel like the look in the eyes of the adventurers has changed.

“Loloi. What are you doing out here? Back off a little.”

“Loloi wants to go on a treasure hunt! Albus is here to ask for it, isn’t he? Loloi is here to ask with Albus!!”

With that, she began to ‘ask’ the adventurers.

For the rough-muscular adventurers. Even if a cute young female explorer like Loloi asking for them, I have doubts they will fall for it.

I mean, how could they did?

This is not like the laid-back, shy adventurers of Mort Town.

Adventurers in Kilket range from the pickiest to the most determined, but they are all very sharp.

From the virtuous, purely fame-seeking kind.

On the other hand, there are those who will do anything, including killing, for the sake of mana and their own desires.

“Well, if you’re willing to let us go on a treasure hunt with your body, I’ll consider it.”

These guys are totally the latter in terms of their physiognomy.

The subtle jokes they make about them give the impression that they are a little less evil than they are…

“Treasure hunt with Loloi’s body? Can I do that? How do I do it?”

“Ghehehe, first you have to take off your clothes little by little…”


With that, Loloi honestly begins to undress.

Perhaps hearing the word “treasure hunt” slows down hed thinking process considerably.


“Next time, you’ll have to take off that thin thing, too.”


The perverted adventurers are in a super good mood.

“Stop it!”

I didn’t think.

I had crossed the line where I had been told not to come any closer and had thrown an empty sealing stone at the adventurers.

Then the next moment.

All the adventurers drew their weapons at once.

“Ah ……”

The slightly goofy atmosphere that had prevailed earlier had changed.

“I had warned you, brother. Don’t hold grudges against us.”

“It’s part of the job.”

“I’ll send you to hell right away, brother. But as for the young lady, I’ll take her to heaven once, gu-he-he.”

What a bunch of dirty adventures.

“As Chris said. A bad merchant’s friends are bad adventurers!”

Understanding the quintessential situation, Loloi took out her Kaiser knucles and from her warehouse and brace herself.

However, even with Loloi my situation was still not good.

I heard the sound of Burgess and the others running toward me, but still, the odds were still against me.

How do we get through this?

And if we do, what do we do afterwards?

That’s what was running through my mind at the time.


I heard a scream from the diagonal hole in the back of the hall.

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