Exiled Merchant – Chapter 49

Chapter 49 – Exploring the Earth Ruins (4)

A deafening scream could be heard coming from a slanted hole leading to the third underground level of the Earth Ruins.

At the same time, something loud…

And then it got quiet.

“Hey, what the ……”

The adventurers hired by Noppoi are getting jaded.

“You, go check it out.”

“No, you go.”

“Fuck you. You go.”

They’re kind of pushing each other.

I was about to run out of there with Loloi’s hand in mine…

I stopped.

“Alright. We’ll go and take a look. Hire me as a subcontractor. By the way, let’s do it for 500 mana.”

“Then that’s deal.”

The conversation came together surprisingly easily.


I called Burgess and Chris over and we started down the diagonal hole to the third level below the ruins.

We had to stoop down to get through.

“Watch your head…”

Unlike the man-made ruins made of sandstone up to two levels underground, this is a rock fissure with rugged rock surfaces and exposed clods of earth.

“The scream I heard earlier. The reverberation of the sound indicates that it is very far away. From the sound of the voice and the way it sounded, I’d say it was probably a falling trap and it crashed.”

I whispered my guess.

“I see. That means there is no danger as long as we are careful about that trap.”

We were talking like that, and soon we were down the slanting hole.

There, a narrow passageway made of clods of earth led to the back.

From there, a large labyrinth of intricate narrow passages and halls of various sizes combined to form a large labyrinth.

Of course, this is not the official entrance.

It is likely that a crack in the rock created by some cause led here by chance.

Now, the labyrinthine conquering is about to begin.


At that moment, I felt something warm and fresh wind from the side.

I held the torch toward it.


There was. There was a monster with the face of a giant moo-moo.

It walked on two legs like a human, but was twice the size of a normal human.


The monster raises its huge club.

It was about to swing it at me right now.


Burgess interrupts in between.

He took the blow of the cudgel.

“Damn you, Albus! It was very close to!”

However, he is unable to catch it and is shot away.

In the narrow cave, he was completely outmatched by the force of the sword, which he was using instead of his usual greatsword.

Burgess bumped into me.

Burgess hit me and blew me up.

“Albus! Burgess!”

Loloi braced herself.

“No, Loloi! You’re no match for him! Avoid him!”

Burgess shouted.

Loloi switched tactics from annihilation to evasion.

Loloi dodged and dodged the Minotaur’s club attack.

Loloi has the advantage in speed.

But with Loloi’s smaller body.

If she received even one blow, it would probably be the end.

“Can you stand up Burgess ……?”


“We will retreat to the hall on the second level, can you do it?”

My intentions seemed to get through to Burgess right away.

Burgess nodded broadly.

He ran toward the minotaur.

“Loloi! Go with Chris and take Albus back to the hall we just left!”

Loloi and Burgess switched places.

This time, Burgess takes on the minotaur.

I climbed up the slanting hole, with Chris and Loloi on my shoulders.

At the end of the climb.

“How was it?”

“Hmm, where is that big Nii-chan?”

“Get away! You’ll see too!!”

And right after that.

Burgess pops out of the slant hole…

From behind, Minotaur crawled out, saying “Mumumu”.


The screams of the adventurers echoed.

“What the hell is this monster!”

The Minotaur, the demon of the labyrinth.

It is an artificially created monster often used as a trap for ancient civilizations.

Ryan and his party treated it as if it were a mid-level monster…but it is definitely a high-class monster.

They should only be quite a threat to ordinary adventurers.

The adventurers are being blown away one after another, mortally wounded by the club wielded by the minotaur.

“Warehouse retrieval delos!”

I ran up to Burgess and cast a spell to activate that skill.

And there it appeared…

Burgess’ favorite great sword.


Burgess instantly grabs his greatsword, holds it at his side, and takes an all-out attack position.

This beloved great sword can be used in a large hall, not in a narrow corridor.

Flames erupted from the blade of Burgess’ great sword, enveloping the entire sword.

“Great Flaming Slash!!”

It is a great skill of fire attribute magic sword, which can be found in books on magic.

The flaming slash that swung from the side…

With a single blow, the minotaur’s body was cut in half.

And then…

The Minotaur fell down and disappeared, shattered into pieces.

“Burgess! It’s cool!”

Loloi applauded.

Burgess began to delirious with all his might.

The adventurers around him watched the scene with dismay.

Frankly, so was I.

The demons of the labyrinth are the gatekeepers.

They are set to be vulnerable to each of the four major magical attributes and prevent those who are not qualified from entering.

The weakness of the gatekeeper “Minotaur” is fire.

I was glad that Burgess remembered this fact, which I had told him several times in our prior meetings, but…

I had not expected Burgess to be able to handle a magic sword of advanced magic.

The demons of the labyrinth are.

Basically, if we were the only ones going through the labyrinth, we wouldn’t encounter them.

When I dived with Ryan and the others before, I knew where the traps were that caused the labyrinth’s demons and the routes to avoid them.

However, this is not the case if there is someone ahead of us.

Perhaps the current minotaur was made to appear by someone from Noppoi’s quest party, who triggered a trap.

“So it’s indeed better if we get ahead of the Noppoi’s party even if the preparations are lacking.” (Burgess)

“No! I told you that lack of preparation is a recipe for hell, didn’t I? In fact, if we had left in a hurry, I wouldn’t have been able to tell you how to deal with the Minotaur.” (Albus)

“So, if we went out early, we wouldn’t encounter such monster in the first place, right?” (Burgess)

“No, I told you!” (Albus)

“Whatever! Loloi wants to get there first!”

Saying so.

Ignoring me and Burgess fighting, Loloi started walking toward the diagonal hole.

“Well, yeah. Let’s go.”

We left the still slightly freaked out adventurers alone and headed back down to the third floor level.

“Noppoi-sama told me not to let anyone through.”

And no one ever said that to me again.

In the meantime, I had received the 500 mana for my reconnaissance work.

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