Exiled Merchant – Chapter 5

Chapter 5 – The collection of the Hero

“Ah… It’s certainly thing but, you can’t keep keeping all our stuff in your ‘Werehouse’.”

“Should I drop them here?”

“Of course.”

So began the unloading of collection of Hero’s party at a small town’s plaza.

“First, line up my swords.”

Holy sword Clarius
Holy sword Silvis
Magic Black Sword Crossbird
Magic sword Adamas
Black sword Balamoras
Iron sword Ryou.
Blue crested sword Samiras
Adamant Sword
Cross Killer
Dragon Killer
Lilith Killer
Demon Killer
Guts fighters
Fighting sword Gamilas.
Rusty Iron Rod

The collection of weapons of the hero Ryan, with a smattering of sacred and magical swords from legends.

Adventurers present roll their eyes.

“Next up, my dagger collection.”

“Next up, my magic bracelet collection.”

“Next, the Small Hands Collection.”

“Next up, my Treasure Ball Collection.”

“Next up, my collection of antique items.”

One after the other, the corner of the plaza was filled up with the collections of items of Ryan the Hero.

Eventually, the chairs, desks and even the guests who were present were put out of the room.

The face of the dancer, Miriri, who was watching this…, gradually clouded over.

“Okay, now get my clothes out.”

“No, my cane collection comes first.”

The third wife, Saint Giorine, and the second wife, the Magician Ruschfeld, began quarrelling.

I took them both out of the warehouse with a bang, at the same time, because it was too much trouble.

“Hey! Can you not be so rough with me!”

“You… you want me to burn you?”

The anger of the two people who were fighting turns on me at the same time.

Well… this happens all the time.

In a nutshell, it was my way of interceding.

“Then bring out my cage collection next.”

Almira the Beastmaster says.

Normally, the demonic beasts used by Almira are kept on standby outside the city.

And no creatures were allowed in the “Warehouse”.

So this cage collection is really just a collection.

“The cage is too big, can we take it outside?”

“Whatever, just get on with it!”

I got scolded.


I took the cages out for the street outside.

Boom, boom, cages appear from the end of my hand.

Some are made of steel, some are made of bamboo, some are made of “how the hell do you think if they escape?” Some of the structures are like that.

It soon completely filled the road to the point where three wagons could pass each other.

Beastmaster Almira looks with satisfaction at her cage collection.

“Well, next up is my armour collection.”

The fifth wife’s warrior Goran, who in a manner of speaking is Mrs’s turn, said.

The dancer Miriri, who was shadowing the scene,…

She tried to quietly leave the scene…

She was stopped by Princess Fina.

“Oh… where are you going?”

“Oh, no, I’ve got some errands to run…”

“It’s not safe for you to go alone, so I’ll go with you.”

“No… fine. I’ll go alone…”

“What are you saying? We are the wives of the same hero, aren’t we? When you’re in trouble, we help each other.”


Collections taken out one after another.

When she was brought back, Miriri’s face became increasingly clouded.

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