Exiled Merchant – Chapter 50

Chapter 50 – Ark and Liora’s Despair

Ark the Swordsman was in despair.

The location of the site is the Earth Ruins. In the middle of a three-level underground labyrinth. In a room that has been turned into a goblin den.

He was left behind with Liora.

Liora, a support magician.

His, who is dearer to him than life itself.

For two days.

They were waiting for help here without drinking and eating.

They joined the exploration party of the great merchant Noppoi to dive into these ruins. The quest party hit a goblin den and had to fight.

Since they had a large number of men, the goblins alone were a harmless opponent.

It was supposed to be that way, but…

During the battle, a trap accidentally triggered by Noppoi’s entourage caused four labyrinthine demons to appear.

Then, seeing that the situation was unfavorable, Noppoi and his men ordered Ark and Liora to stop the demons and went ahead.

Left behind among the monsters and unable to escape, Ark was deeply wounded and poisoned in the battle, and was already in a state of immobility.

With his last ounce of strength, he fought off all the monsters in the labyrinth.

There were still goblins left.

At that time.

With the bloodshed and the poison that had spread throughout his body, he was no longer able to fight.

If Ark ran out of strength, Liora, a support magician, would not have the strength to fight off the goblins.

Then, for two days.

They were holed up inside Liora’s magical barrier wall protection.

“I’m sorry… honey.”

“Don’t talk, Ark. Your wound ……”

The recovery potion on hand. The process up to this point and the battle with the demons in the labyrinth two days earlier had exhausted them.

“Combatants should stay light like combatants!”

Most of the materials they had on hand were considered to be under Noppoi’s control.

As a result, they were not able to carry all of their materials.

On the outside of Liora’s barrier protection, the goblins were waiting for the moment to arrive with lowly expressions on their faces.

Liora is.

She gulped down the last vial of the magic recovery.

If they finish exploring the labyrinth or need to replenish…

Noppoi and his group may pass through here again.

They put our hope in such a low possibility.

Liora and Ark were holed up here.

The period of time that siege is possible is until Liora’s magical power runs out and the barrier wall protection disappears.

“I’ve taken a potion to restore my magical power,…… so I should last about two more hours.”

“Is that …… the last bottle of ……?”

“Yes, it is.”

If Liora’s magical power runs out and the barrier wall protection disappears.

At that time, the goblins, who had been kept at bay for two days, would jump on them all at once.

At that time, Liora…

“Ark… do you have..last power..left?”

“…… yeah.”

“If so. If the time comes when my magic power runs out. Before that happens, please kill me.”


“I would rather die in chasity than survive for a few moments as the consolation prize for these lowly monsters.”

“Ugh,…… I can’t …… do that.”

“Please. It’s something only you can do it. Or are you asking me to be the goblin’s comforter?”



He gripped his familiar longsword.

Every second, silently, the time was getting closer.

It was time.

“Aaahh!! Goblin den!! Scary!!!”

Not unlike a labyrinth of death.

An unusually energetic voice rang out.

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