Exiled Merchant – Chapter 52

Chapter 52 – Deadly Place

After passing a group of goblins who went after Albus and others.

Burgess danced out of the shadows and rushed into the room, slaying several goblins.

So far, so planned.

There were five boss goblins and 30-40 goblins left in the room.

His weapons were two short blades for close combat, which hed had retrieved from Albus’s storage beforehand.

By the way, his favorite big sword is his back.

With both short blades, he slashes goblins one after the other, closing the gap between him and the boss goblin.

“Master Burgess! Why are you here?”

Liora shouts from inside the barrier protection.

However, Burgess cannot afford to be concerned about Liora right now.

“If the boss goblins of the higher species are eliminated, their leadership will wane and the size of the herd will shrink. If that happens, the pursuit will weaken and the goblins in the nest will disperse.”

Burgess said to Albus and the others before splitting the party.

Half true, half false.

Defeating the Boss Goblin…

The leadership of the herd is reduced, but once unleashed, the chase never slackens.

Without a next directive, they will just keep on chasing Albus and the others.

“I’m sorry…But if I tell the truth, you were going to stop me…”

As it was, Burgess ignored the boss goblin and slayed his cronies one after another.

And in no time at all, he buried more than 20 goblins.

The boss goblin, having lost his cronies, acted simply.

He tries again to increase the number of cronies.


And the five boss goblins shouted one after another in a high-pitched voice.

They began to call back the pursuers they had released toward Albus and others.

“Ah… this is just as planned.”

But for Albus and others, it was beyond their expectations.

Now all the pursuers that had been released against Albus and othy will come back to this room.

Burgess grinned as he stood in front of Liora’s magic barrier protection.

“Master Burgess! I’m releasing the barrier protection now! Come in!”

But Burgess ignored Liora.

He does not answer Liora’s words, but tells her what he wants to say.

“Ark, Liora. I’m going to use the extremely large magic sword now. Stay as close to me as possible to avoid getting caught in the middle. The goblins will be almost destroyed by the magic sword. But it probably won’t kill them all. That’s why Ark. If that happens, take Liora and run toward the entrance I came from. I have my people there.”

Ark’s hand twitched.

His eyes, which had been closed, snapped open.

“Little shit! You should at least protect what’s important to you!!”

Burgess spat out.

Ark stood up with his poisoned body.

“Thank you, Master Burgess.”

“Ark, you can’t do this! Master Burgess, you can’t just fire an extremely large magic sword without an escort. It’s too dangerous!”

Not only the goblins who had chased after Albus and the others appeared, but also goblins were crawling out of the side holes one after another.

The number of goblins already exceeded 100.

“If this is the only way to survive in this deadly place, it’s worth a try isn’t it?”

So he said…

Burgess threw down two short blades.

Then he drew the great sword at his back.

He raised it high to the ceiling.

“Now… let’s do it.”

He kicked and swatted away the goblins that were jumping on him.

Burgess began chanting.

“Spirit of light in the heavens and on earth, answer my call and gather yourselves to my sword. Show us the power of thy might to us, your children, who’s nothing but small.”

Burgess’ great sword began to glow, and the goblins were slightly frightened.

Burgess stayed put.

Burgess held his greatsword high in the air, then changed it to his opposite hand and thrust it deeply into the ground.

“Extremely large magic sword! Gods of Heaven and Earth!”

Cracks of light ran across the ground centered on the thrusting sword, instantly drawing a magic circle with Burgess at its center.

From that magic circle, which enveloped the entire room, dragons of light overflowed and began to climb upward, tearing apart the goblins’ bodies.


See the sign of a disturbing big move.

Some goblins screamed and jumped at Burgess, making strange noises.

They seized onto the defenseless Burgess’s clothes, biting and clubbing him.


Once the extremely large magic sword begins to activate, it will no longer stop.

“Master Burgess!”


With goblins clinging to his entire body.

Burgess thrusts his sword even deeper into the ground.

“Get lost… you filthy monsters! Don’t touch my disciple and Princess Liora with your filthy hands.”

A flood of light enveloped the goblins.

With a tremendous roar.

They burst into flames.

And then…

After the light went out, all that remained was…

A few goblins clinging to Burgess, Liora and Ark.

And then there were the messed up corpses of many goblins that had been ripped apart by the magic circle of light.

Liora’s barrier protection had been blown away by the impact of Burgess’ magic sword.


Ark gets up and runs to the doorway, pulling Liora by the hand.

Burgess staggers limply and falls to the ground.

He was then beaten to a pulp by the few surviving goblins.

All his strength drained, he could no longer resist.

“Ark! It’s Master Burgess!”

“You first Liora-sama!”

Ark does not listen to Liora’s words and tries to run through.


They were by more goblins who appeared from the doorway they were heading for and fell to the ground.


Liora tried to make the magic barrier protection appear again, but the goblin punched her away and interrupts her magic.


And then, the goblins assemble her as it were.

She was unable to move.

The goblin’s claws extend into Liora’s back.

The goblin’s claws reach down Liora’s back and tear at her clothing.


Ark also.

His poisoned body was struck down by the goblins.

Crawling on the ground, spitting blood.

At the time.

A sense of despair overtook Liora and Ark once again.


“Burgess-san! Are you alive?”

While kicking the goblins running into the hall.

Loloi and Chris burst into the room.

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