Exiled Merchant – Chapter 53

Chapter 53 – Resting place in the labyrinth

The surviving dozen or so goblins were wiped out by Loloi and Chris, who rushed to the scene.

A little later, I ran into the hall.

“The wall there is a trap! Don’t touch it!…eh, it’s already been triggered?”

It will reactivate after some time if it stores energy again, though. The kind of traps that cause demons to appear in the labyrinth will stop for several days after they are triggered.

“What is this?”

The room was a sea of blood.

The number of dead goblins was enormous.

There were more than a hundred of them.

This… Did Burgess do it all in this short period of time?

“The goblins may still be out here… If you’re going to retreat, do it quickly…. ”

While being carried by me and Chris.

Burgess said that much and passed out again.

“Damnit!! Don’t die Burgess!”

Chris snapped and yelled at him, but Burgess was already out cold.

“Shit! You’ve got to be kidding me!”

As it was, we carried the dying Ark and Burgess and managed to retreat to the trap-free small room where we had rested last night.

On the way. We encountered some goblins, but Chris and Loloi managed to fight them off.

It seemed that this labyrinth had become a sleeping place for goblins while we were away.


“We’re safe for the time being.”

Completely block the entrance with rubbles, we were in that small room, treating Ark and Burgess.

Ark, a swordsman, was dying from severe wounds and poison.

With the help of Arcana’s herbs, a mixed antidote, and a medicine that restored his strength, he managed to get better.

Burgess, on the other hand.

Perhaps he unleashed a magic sword on a scale that exceeded the limit.

Although his physical wounds were not serious, he was in a temporary coma, having been severely drained of his physical, magical, and mental strength.

However, as long as he rested, he would soon awaken.

The magic sword, which combines magical power and fighting spirit, is a super special move that unites mind, technique, and body.

However, it places a heavy burden on the body, which is why there are so few users.

Furthermore, monsters that require attribute attacks are basically super-advanced classes. Therefore, the magic sword is not a technique that one would use in a battle with such monsters.

In fact, I had never seen Burgess use a magic sword properly.

He used to get drunk and fling his flaming sword around in the taverns of Mort Town, though. In battle, I didn’t see how that would be a more meaningful attack than a normal attack against a monster such as Ulfes.

Just an old frontier adventurer.

A kind of street art that he learned just for the sake of making a name for himself.

That’s about all I thought it was…

When Burgess defeated the Minotaur, he unleashed a magic sword based on advanced fire magic, the Great Flaming Slash.

It is not a skill that a half-baking person can master.

The fact that he can handle the Great Flaming Slash already makes him an advanced level black magician.

Furthermore, it is said to be a great technique that emits the powerful light that seems to have annihilated a horde of goblins in an instant.

Burgess’s combat power was utterly unfathomable.

“That’s crazy! It’s not something a human can do!”

Loloi, who had been listening to Liora’s story, is getting angry in some way.

“Such a bad merchant. I’m going to beat the hell out of all of them, along with their cronies!”

Apparently, she was angry with great merchant Noppoi for leaving Ark and Liora in goblin’s nest.

But my opinion was a bit chilly.

Loloi’s anger has a point, though. But it was Ark and Liora who caused it in the first place.

“The party leader is the one who is entrusted with the responsibility of finding the right member for the job, and it is the hired party member who has to judge the leader’s character. The reason you joined such a party was because you were not careful enough to take on a job of the highest difficulty, such as the labyrinth quest.” (Albus)

That’s right.

The two of them simply lacked those qualities.

I’ve been in that situation many times since I was expelled from Ryan’s party.

I have never had the strength to fight myself.

The party I was going to follow and what kind of leader it would be was the most important thing to find out.

At my words, Liora’s eyes went down.

“Albus. Don’t bother that girl too much. There are certain circumstances.”

Burgess, who had awakened before I knew it, chided me for saying that.


I looked over at Liora, but she made not the slightest move.

“I can’t easily reveal that to you. I need to know whether you can be trusted.”

With that, she went back to nursing Ark.


I got a nice resistance.

Liora seems to be surprisingly quite strong-willed, unlike the soft-spoken atmosphere she appears to have at first glance.


Medicinal herbs, magic restoratives, food and water.

When Liora received supplies from us, she paid for them with mana.

Originally we were separate parties.

And we still are.

Here in the labyrinthine floor, I was opening a fireplace store for Liora and Ark.

However, I used to accompany them on their quests, gather materials, and accept their escort quests.

With that said, I intend to keep the added amount to a minimum.

In other words, I am not making such an outrageous offer.

So this is a normal win-win deal.

They can buy food, water, medicinal herbs, and restoratives deep in the labyrinth. There should be no problem at least with a business trip fee.

We stayed at that place like that for three days, waiting for Ark to recover.

Burgess, by the way.

The day after the battle at the goblin’s nest, he was back to normal.

He is a tough old man.


Three days after the rescue of Ark and Liora.

Judging by the amount of time left on the magic clock, it is now evening.

We had been underground for a week, though, so our sense of morning, noon, and night had become numb. In a manner of speaking, we were on a cycle of acting during the daytime hours and resting at night.

“Now that Ark is back on its feet, we’re leaving here tomorrow morning.”

Burgess said this in front of Ark and Liora.

Our party leader is Burgess.

“So, well, if Burgess wanted to take these two with us, I was going to accept that with no problem.” (Loloi)

“You two… if you can tell my people, including this Albus, about your situation. I will let you go with my party and we can go to the deepest part of the ruins.” (Burgess)

But Burgess began to make some strange conditions.

“I don’t give a damn about other people’s business. You’re the leader of this party, so it’s your decision whether or not you want to take them with you.” (Albus)

That’s what I said.

Burgess would not budge on this condition.

“I understand. To be honest, I don’t know if they’re trusted…. I want to find my sister at all costs.” (Liora)

Saying this, Liora clenched her fists tightly.

“I will find my sister…. I will find Fina…I will find her. If it is for that reason I will tell you everything.”

And the ‘circumstances’ that Liora began to talk about.

It was quite an unexpected story.

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