Exiled Merchant – Chapter 54

Chapter 54 – Knight and Princess

Let’s talk about the ‘circumstances’ that Liora started talking about.

First of all, it seems that she lied when she said, “We are traveling as a couple”.

The truth is that they are a noblewoman and her knight….

“My name is Liora Ui Nostalucia, 10th Princess of the Kingdom of Aur Nostalucia. Liora is a common name, so I have taken the name as it is. In fact, until now, no one has recognized me.”

In this world, not many people know the faces of royalty.

Besides, there are nearly 50 princesses and princes in this country at present.

In a city where so many people come and go every day, it is unlikely that anyone would pay that much attention to a common adventurer with a common name.

“I am Ark Alexandros, second-in-command of the Ui Family Guard Knights. We are a married couple, which is just a temporary arrangement to make it easier for the people around us to cooperate. I have told the princess many times that I didn’t agree with this…”

Honestly, I couldn’t keep my mouth shut.

The Kingdom of Aur Nostalucia is, in other words, the country where we are now.

It rules over three continents: the Central Continent, the Western Continent, and the Southern Continent. A large empire with a vast territory.

Liora is said to be the princess of that empire.

“I can vouch for both of them. I used to be a knight in the Royal Guard. I knew their faces then.”

I had never heard that Burgess had been in the Knight’s Order.

On the one hand, I have a feeling that it is no wonder he is so good at what he does.

On the other hand, I was a little concerned that Burgess would vouch for me.

Anyway, the two of them.

They had escaped from the royal capital and crossed to this western continent to look for Liora’s sister, Fina.

Fina is the 13th Princess of the Aul Nostalucia Imperial Kingdom.

Her full name is “Fina Ui Nostalucia”.

She is a sad princess who was forced into a political marriage with the hero by the sixth queen in order to establish a relationship with the hero Ryan, and was forced to accompany him on his desperate journey even though she is a princess.

She was my companion when I was in the heroic party.

She was the only one who would talk to me properly in a party full of crooks.

Fina was seen about six months ago in the fortress city of Kilket with other members of the party, and her footprints have been lost ever since.

Liora and Ark.

For the past six months or so, they have been following in the footsteps of hero’s party.

The village of Yak, where Ryan and his friends were said to have been seen before Kilket. The Garaado Mountains beyond that. The Great Cliffs of Biriola. Furthermore, the site of the dungeon in the demon world.

They visited many difficult places to investigate, but they have yet to find any clues, that’s what they said

“We also canvassed in the eastern port town of St. Bart’s, and found no ship that claimed to have carried a party of hero’s party.”

This would mean that they are still on the western continent. However, since the last sighting more than half a year ago, their footprints can no longer be traced.

“Considering that there have been no sightings at all, perhaps they had to go lying low for some reason, and now they are hiding in a place where only the hero’s party can reach. We think so.”

It seems that this is the reason why they set out for the lowest level of the earth ruins, a place where only Hero party have been able to reach.

The two, who had no experience in exploring ruins, were gathering information on exploring ruins when they heard that the merchant Noppoi was preparing to conquy the earth ruins.

They were then hired as his escort and infiltrated the party.

“We must, at all costs, get through this labyrinth and reach the underground city beyond. If you are also aiming there, please allow us to accompany you.”

With that, Liora and Ark bow their heads.

If the princess and the commander of Knight Guards even bowed to us, it seems this is not a simple problem.

Chris didn’t seem to understand the gravity of the situation, and Loloi seemed to understand it even less.


Burgess said lightly and began the rest of the preparations for departure.

That was the plan from the beginning anyway.

If Burgess decided so, I have no objection to it.

Liora and Ark are now in perfect condition after buying a lot of recovery items from me.

If these two people.

Even if I think about it in terms of force, I would like to ask for an accompaniment from here.

That being said, I wondered what position Burgess, who for some reason was taking care to the princess and the commander of Knight Guards, intended to take.

Sure he is the leader of this party now.

Certainly, there was no way he was doing this just to make him look great in front of the royal family.

That was the only thing I was super skeptical about.


“I received your commitment to reveal your identities to us. It may not be much of a story to repay it, but…”

With that, I told them that I had originally joined the party of Ryan the Hero.

Liora and Ark’s eyes widened in surprise.

“I think it was rather well-known in the guild in the town of Mort that ‘the one who was kicked out of the heroic party because he was weak…” (Albus)

“No, perhaps it was the timing. We didn’t hear that story. If we did, we would have gone to talk you first.”

“At any rate, Fina is still alive.”

Saying this, I showed Liora one bond stone.

When I was in Ryan’s party.

Because sometimes the party members were separated, members would give each other bond stones that contained each other’s mana.

I was not recognized as a party member in some respects, so I was only getting them from some of the others…

I have 3 bond stones for my hero’s party members.

They belong to the initial members Ryan, Ruschfeld, and Fina.

Yes. I showed Liora Fina’s kizuna stone.

And that stone is still shining with a dim light.

“Oh…thank goodness. The truth is, there were times when I thought that I might not make it.. But now I can still go out there and look for Fina with all my might!”

Liora thanked me with tears in her eyes.

She must have been a very precious sister.

“I’ve been down this road with Ryan and the others in the past. The map of the labyrinth up to the fifth floor level is still in my head.”

Liora nodded broadly.

“Please take care of me. Mr. Albus.”

She bowed deeply to me again.

If the princess bowed to me, the problem is not simple.

But still, Ryan and the others are missing?

It was hard to believe that a group of those guys, who were like the chosen ones for that powerful fighting force, would be lagging behind the monsters in the area.

What in the world had happened to them?

I thought they were back in Capital, having fun on their own.

For the past six months or more, I had not cared about them at all.

But when I heard they were missing.

I was beginning to wonder what happened to them.

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  1. Huh. Looks like I was wrong about Fina. She didn’t want to be in a relationship with that punk Ryan, she was forced into the relationship cause her crappy dad wanted to get in good with the hero. So, she was the only one nice to Albus, yet Fina still continues to suffer because of Ryan’s incompetence….I hate that guy even more now!

    1. No, that’s not necessarily the truth. Fina was the first person who agreed with Albus exile, yet she was the one who talk to him normally. In other words, two faces

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