Exiled Merchant – Chapter 56

Chapter 56 – Merchant and Paladin

I was originally hired here by Burgess for mana. The purpose is, to make living of course… this is a job. If I find an employer who will pay me more, it may be possible to switch sides.

Liora and Burgess, who are glancing at me, must think so.

That’s certainly true.

I am.

To that amount of money that Noppoy is offering…

My heart is…




“I refuse!”

I also promised Arcana.

That the great merchant I will become, is a great merchant who can make everyone happy with my business. I will get my costumer to be satisfied with the product I sell, and they pay mana for it.

We exchange what we both want and end up with a win-win situation.

In this way, I build a relationship of trust with my business partners. By increasing the number of such partners, I will be able to do bigger and bigger things.

That’s the kind of ordinary business I’m aiming for.

I can’t turn a blind to some of the shenanigans in individual case.

It’s a business sense too.


“I wouldn’t be on board for acquisition to bring down Liora and Ark.”

I actually said that, although I was feeling just a little bit regretful.

A man who makes decisions based solely on the amount of mana in front of him and betrays a business partner he has known for a long time… is not the kind of big businessman I am aiming for.

I don’t want to be that kind of person.

“Don’t you fucking offer me that fucking business! You fucking merchant!”

Burgess, Chris, and Loloi seemed to share the same opinion.

They nodded next to me.

Mana, if there is a need for it, 100,000 mana or a million mana later. I’ll make as much as I want in my own business.

That’s right.

Because I’m a merchant too!!


I don’t think Noppoi knows.

It would definitely be better to ingratiate myself with the princess of the imperial kingdom than with the son of some big merchant, no matter what happens later, right?

“G….nnnn you!!”

Noppoi’s face turned red and he began to get angry.

Liora and the Ark will not be willing to reveal themselves to Noppoi now.

So, without a doubt, the battle will go on.

In fact, this was a pretty bad bet.

No matter how much it was in line with my beliefs and no matter how much backing I could see ahead.

If we are wiped out here, we are nothing.

“It looks like I got it…”

Noppoi seems to be ready to kill.

He must be quite confident in his own escort unit.

Four mage legionaries, two martial artists, and eight rough-and-tumble adventurers.

All of them were poised for battle at once.

“Albus… well said.”

Saying so.

Burgess switched from two short blades to a large sword on his back.

“That’s the man. That’s the man I’ve been looking for!”

I don’t know when Burgess got the idea, but…

Burgess looked happiest than ever.

“I’ll…do it!”

Saying so.

Burgess stepped forward.


“Great Flaming Slash.”

He chanted this, and the great sword was covered with flames.

It is a magic sword.

Does he trying to compete with that many adventurers with a magic sword?

I appreciate his enthusiasm, but it goes without saying that it is reckless.

Magic swords are not that kind of technique.

Burgess held his greatsword in the opposite hand and raised it in a great swing.

“Extreme… Magic Sword…” (Noppoi’s men)

The name of the technique, which I would never hear in a real battle. The enemy was surprised.

The Extreme Magic Sword is….

It is the name of the ultimate technique of magic sword, which was developed by the Paladin of Capital about 10 years ago to stop the invasion of the Fish Scale Tribe in the southern continent.


There is currently only one user, the Paladin who invented the technique.

Wait, wait, wait…

That’s too ridiculous to be a threat, Burgess.

“Burgess-san! Please don’t do that. That move is dangerous.”

Liora stops him.

Even Liora got in on the Burgess act…?


“Cupid Burgess?

“Why would he…?”

The adventurers, who had apparently heard of Burgess, buzzed a bit.

But behind them, Noppoi’s private army was quiet.

Then they looked at each other, blue faces.


“Hero of the Fish-Man War. Burgess Torch?

“Burgess, the Paladin….”

“Are you sure he’a real?”

“A former Paladin of the royal capital can’t be in such a remote ruin!”

“But that magic sword…”

The panicked look on their face…


It seemed serious.

“I don’t know who you are, but I’m sure your magic sword is just a showpiece with lots of gaps. Let’s get on with it!”

Noppoi made a commotion, and the adventurers began to move forward.

In response.

Loloi, Chris, Ark, and Liora step forward.

It seemed as if they were standing there to protect Burgess.

“Magic Sword Escorts? It is said to fill the gaps before and after the activation of the magic sword…, is that the elite squad it mentioned!”

“It almost fits with the information that there are many young women around!”

It seems Chris, the beautiful boy, also looked as girl by them.

“He’s the real Paladin!!”

“If that’s true… then that stance!

One of the mages exclaimed in horror.

“There’s no doubt about it. An extremely large magic sword! The Flame Of Gods of Heaven and Earth!!”

The faces of Noppoi’s guards all twitched at once.

“If activated, this place will become a sea of fire with the magic circle of the Great Flaming Slash! If it is properly activated, everyone in the place will be extinguished!”

The magicians begin to run out of the room from the back doorway.

The martial artists, seeing this, left Noppoi’s basket and followed.

The guards ran away, and without knowing why, Noppoi also began to run away.

The adventurers, noticing this, also ran away in a panic.

Our party was all that remained.


Stopped the activation of the magic sword, Burgess sniffed and tucked the great sword behind his back.

“…… Paladin?”

“I’m an ‘ex’. You know, I used to be a little while ago…”

Burgess says with a distant look.

Liora and Ark both looked at Burgess with respect.





That’s all I could say.

What is a Paladin?

It is one of the honorary positions that the king allows to be named by the king, and it is the second position after that of a hero as a swordsman.

If it is a “Hero” who goes out to destroy his enemies, then if it’s “Paladin” who strikes down and destroys the attacking enemy.

What is the image of the perverse Burgess who loves younger girl?

Sorry, but I didn’t connect with it at all.

Aan even now, he was still thumbing his nose at Loloi for being so cool.

Seriously, what is this guy?

I didn’t ask him any more questions because I knew if I pursued him too deeply, I might step on a land mine…

Anyway, we were out of danger thanks to Burgess.

For some reason, the strongest cheat characters gather under the protagonist.

It’s supposed to be only in fantasy.

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  1. The hero is a worthless scumbag and and the ex paladin is a pervert chasing young girls. Power at a price, indeed..

  2. wait a minute, could it be possible the reason Burgess stopped being a Paladin and went to find a wife, is because of the Hero?

    Could it be the Hero fucked over Burgess in some way?

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