Exiled Merchant – Chapter 57

Chapter 57 – Omega Sun

We’ll fall back and keep our distance, just in case…

We decided to wait another full day in a small room that looked safe before leaving.

“I wanted to avoid killing each other if at all possible.”

This is also in accordance with Burgess’ words.

Then we began to move through the labyrinth of ruins again.

Because of the time allowed, we did not encounter the fleeing Noppoi and hia group again.

The labyrinth is vast.

After a whole day of moving, we won’t encounter the same party so easily anymore.

So far we had taken time to recover every so often.

But still, the fact that we caught up with Noppoi and his group, who were supposed to be ahead of us, means…

We were definitely faster than Noppoi and his group in the labyrinth.

Well, it is only natural since we know the route to the goal and the location of the traps along the route.

And after three days, including rest, after the encounter with Noppoi and his group.

We had finally arrived at the place.


“Are we going down this vertical hole?”

Burgess’ face is drawn.

“Any way you look at it, this is. It’s a fall trap, right?”

A collapsed foothold and a big hole with a gaping hole in it.

Indeed, it looks like a falling trap after being triggered.

“There’s no doubt this is the place. It may have originally been a fall trap…but right now this is the only entrance to the fifth level underground. Let’s drive a steel stake into the rock there and lower a rope down from there.”


There is no doubt here.

Fina’s innate skill is that she can see the dangers around her as a black haze.

The blessing of Latius the Light Spirit.

Having determined by her innate skills that this location was a path rather than a dangerous trap, Ryan and his team investigated beneath this fall trap.

After descending 30 meters down the vertical hole, they arrived at the ground.

Then, we proceed for about 30 minutes through a small horizontal hole that someone has dug extending from there.


“This is…”

“This is… amazing!”

“Of course, it shouldn’t be an official route…”

This is the fifth underground level of the Earth Ruins from here.

You can reach the earth ruins and the underground cities from here.

Crawling out of a dimly lit side hole was a huge underground cavern, the site of an ancient metropolis.

Despite being the deepest part of the labyrinth.

It is surrounded by as much light as daylight outside.

“Whoaa!! It’s big! So big! So romantic!!”

Loloi looked up at the artifact “Omega Sun”.

It was shining white on the roof of the tallest tower-like building in the underground city.

By its light.

The underground city cluster is illuminated as brightly as the outside.

“Oh my God…”

Looking up at its sun-like glow, Burgess is speechless.

“That is the Omega Sun of Inexhaustibility,” I said. “Ryan’s blue-printed sword, Samiras, and the other priceless relics were mainly buried in the building below.”

“We’re going to find them! Treasure hunt! There must be great treasures still lying around! But first… we must get our hands on the Omega Sun!”

Loloi began to talk recklessly.

The relics of the gods, called artifacts, including the “Omega Sun of Inexhaustibility,” are just there for the taking.

Ryan and his team once tried to get their hands on them by any means necessary.

In the end, no matter how they tried, they could not do it.

It was a huge sphere of light emitting such a dazzling light, yet we could not even touch it.

Nor can we feel its heat when we approach it or even enter it.

Perhaps it exists in some other dimension of this world.

Ryan and his party came to this conclusion and had long since given up on acquiring the artifact itself.

Loloi was running toward the tower where the Inexhaustible Omega Sun was located, not listening to me at all.

“Wait, wait! Don’t move alone, because there might be monsters up there!”

We chased after Loloi.

The underground city has long since been abandoned.

It had not crumbled like the above-ground portion, and there were neat rows of stone buildings that could still be used.

Nothing had changed since I visited with Ryan and the others two years ago.

It was as if time had stopped 2000 years ago.

Liora and Ark also followed us, often calling out Fina’s name in a loud voice.


Loloi…was standing pat in front of the Inexhaustible Omega Sun.

Strangely enough, even at such a close distance, the Inexhaustible Omega Sun still radiated the same intensity of light as it did at a distance.

It does not become stronger as it gets closer or weaker as it gets further away, as is the case with torchlight.

Instead, when a certain distance is exceeded, for example, to the edge of an underground city, the light suddenly ceases to shine.

It was indeed a strange illumination.

We could see the Inexhaustible Omega Sun, which illuminated the entire underground city, right in front of us.

“Loloi. As I said before, this Inexhaustible Omega Sun is not something you can get your hands on.”

“No! Loloi came all the way here to get the Omega Sun! My grandfather told me to do so!”

“No, I understand how you feel, but…”

“Warehouse takeout delos.”

Saying this, Loloi put out a ball-like sphere, large enough to fit in the palm of her hand.

She then held the crystal ball toward Omega Sun, the inexhaustible sun.

“So, Loloi, there’s nothing you can do…”

When I was admonishing her for that.

The Inexhaustible Omega Sun began to crackle.


“Come on! Omega Sun, the Inexhaustible Sun! Come to Loloi!”

Then, two particles of light burst from the Omega Sun and were sucked into Loloi’s crystal ball and into Loloi herse.


While everyone rolls their eyes…

Loloi’s body and crystal ball glowed.

Eventually, the light subsided.

And then…

“Albus, Burgess and Chris. Thanks to all of you, Loloi has the Inexhaustible Omega Sun! It’s the best treasure hunt ever!”

So said Loloi.

She held up a crystal ball with a piece of the Inexhaustible Omega Sun inside and smiled with a big smile on her face.

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