Exiled Merchant – Chapter 58

Chapter 58 – Exclusive escort of merchant Albus

Then we started exploring the underground city.

It seemed that goblins and other monsters had not entered this underground city.

The side hole with a huge climbing staircase, which was supposed to have been the original entrance to the underground city, was filled with huge bedrock, just as it was two years ago.

We are.

Liora set trap-sensing-magic in the doorway we came from. We patrolled the underground city with vigilance for a while, so that if someone entered from there, it would be immediately detected.


After two days of searching, there were no encounters with monsters or others.

Therefore, we decided to set up our base camp on the second floor of the building where the Omega Sun is located, and then we were free to explore the rest of the city on our own.

In other words, the one who collects the most relics is the winner!

I’m defintely very good at this kind of thing!



In the meantime, we are supposed to share the relics we find with the party and split them up later.

And it seems that I, who am hired to carry the party’s belongings, am entitled to a quarter.

I’m also going to be getting paid by Burgess to be a “baggage handler”…

Before departure.

“Are you sure you want to take it?” I asked him many times, but he said it was really OK after all.

What nice people they are.


The underground city was devoid of any sign of people or monsters.

However, Liora still could not give up and continued to search for traces of Fina around the city.

As for our treasure hunt…

Although Ryan and his party had already explored the interior of the building, but we still managed to find a variety of artifacts.

“I found something amazing!”

Saying this, Loloi picked up a rusty scrap of iron.

“What’s this?”

“Now I’m going to teach Albus my speciality! Now, put this in Albus’s warehouse!”

So I was told, so I put that scrap iron away in the warehouse.

“Warehouse storage ilompa.”

But what came to mind as an item for the warehouse inventory was ‘rusty scrap iron’.

No wonder.

It’s “rusty scrap iron” no matter how you look at it.

“It’s just rusty scrap iron, right? I’ll go put it back, this stuff.”

It’s the same junk that Loloi always collects with such care.

I took it out of storage again and tossed it back to Loloi.

Loloi has a “?” mark on her head.

“When I put this in Loloi’s warehouse, the name ‘Rusty Holy Fist Aluminous’ comes to mind for Loloi…”


“But if Albus says want to put it back…”

“Wait, wait, wait!”

I didn’t think it was possible.

Upon closer inspection…

Loloi seemed to have the innate skill of “appraisal”.

It was also activated by storing it in a warehouse, in a rather special form that was different from the original one…

Even in my warehouse, when I put an item in, its name comes to mind as an inventory item.

It only comes up with the name I recognize.

In short, it’s no different than if I wrote it down myself.

If I recognize it as “rusty scrap iron,” it will only be rusty scrap iron.

But in Loloi’s case, it seems that I am recognized there by a name based on my innate skill of “appraisal”.

Since she had not had the opportunity to be so closely associated with other warehouse skill holders, Loloi had thought that this was normal until now.

“I was wondering if those junks you left behind at the orphanage were…?”

“They are not junk, they are treasure! They are ‘treasures’ that Loloi collected on her treasure hunts!”

Oh my god….

Is it for real….

“[Strength], [Warehouse], and [Appraisal]”.

Loloi was not only a martial artist, but also a treasure hunter with superlative innate skills.

The heavens had given this girl Loloi two or three things.

On top of that, she even has the power beyond comprehension to understand the shards of artifacts.

There is absolutely no one else like her anywhere in the world.

It’s just too shocking to…


“What? Albus?”

“When we get out of these ruins, why don’t you and I officially form a party?”

I found myself impulsively saying this to Loloi.


“Not just (temporarily) during the exploration of the ruins like now, but long term. Long-term…”

Saying this, she was surprised.

“I know… I’m completely useless in battle. You have also your own ‘warehouse’ skill to rely on. So there may be no point for you to partying with me at all, but…..” (Albus)


I said something a bit excusatory.

“Of course! That’s what Loloi had been asking from the beginning! Together, we will do more and more treasure hunts!” (Loloi)


Loloi was.

Really a genuine treasure hunt enthusiast.

“But treasure hunts are…well, you know…. sort of a…” (Albus)

“Make preparations by earnings lots of money from Albus’s [business]. Then we’ll go another big treasure hunt together! Albus is Lolo’s [baggage handler], a [guide], and a [cook]. On the other hand, Loloi is Albus’s [bodyguard]!! This a win-win that Albus loves! We can also take Burgess and Chris if they are both free!!”

Then she stared at me with clear, expectant eyes. Good, I think she was understand now.

I would go around the country peddling and doing treasure hunts of the ruins.

Certainly it was good.

Ruins that may contain relics attract treasure hunters, merchants, and adventurers who are looking for them.

Not a bad place to do business.

Besides, if I can use Loloi’s skills in treasure hunts to find relics to sell.

That’s another piece of business.

“All right! Let’s do that.”

“Then it’s settled!”

I felt like I had been pushed over the edge by the momentum.

That is what was decided.

That night, Loloi was politely told Burgesses that when we left the ruins, she would leave the Burgesses’ party and form a party with me.

I felt like I was getting a very vindictive look from Burgess.

It was a bit…well, quite scary.

I thought I was going to be attacked in the dark like a normal person, but they seemed to manage to hold it together that night.

Rather than a Holy Knight, Paladin, he seemed more like a Black Knight.

No, no.

It’s my fault for trying to outsmart you, but…


And the day after that.

“Albus. I need to talk to you. Do you have a time?”

I was summoned by Chris, the boy swordsman.

Oh shit, that way!

I totally forgot about the Cupid-Burgess effect!

One of the things about the party with Loloi.

What if Chris gets pissed off now and says, ‘Don’t do whatever you want,’ or asks me to fight a duel or something?

I went to the building that Chris had designated for me, feeling nervous inside.


That’s where I…

Chris gave me a shocking confession that I had not expected.

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