Exiled Merchant – Chapter 59

Chapter 59 – “I would like to apply for marriage.”

When I went to the building assigned by Chris, there was not only Chris but also Loroy.

Somehow, I thought I could tell what’s going on…

“So, Chris, what do you need from me?”

I asked him, act normal as usual.

If Chris wanted to join me and Loloi’s party, there was no reason or anything.

In that case, I will probably ask Burgess to join us, and eventually the current party of four will continue.

I was totally fine with that.

It just replaces the main purpose of the party from “quest/treasure hunt” to “peddle/treasure hunt”.

“Albus. I need to talk to you about something…”

“I’m fine if it’s regarding the party. I’m not going to let it ruin your relationship. I’m not going to let that ruin things between the two of you.”

“Uh… um…”

Chris looks kind of incredibly reluctant.

“I knew it. You really haven’t noticed.”


What haven’t I noticed?

If it’s mean that Chris and Loloi have a relationship, I’ve noticed that

“Albus, please look.”

Saying this, Chris took off his helmet. He also took off the hood under it.

Smoothly, a slightly longer hair hung down.

With her hair hanging down, which had grown quite long, Chris looked like a girl.

She was originally quite …… with a neutral face, almost looked like a girl.

“Umm… that…”

“You know… I’m…”

Chris stuttered a bit there, then.

“… actually a woman…”



He said so.

I didn’t understand what Chris was talking about.

I froze for a while.


“When you’re a woman and a swordsman, you’re treated like you don’t have strength to fight. When I was looking for a party, only strange people would come to me. So I pretended to be a man for a long time.”

As it turned out, Burgess, who was very representative of the “strange people,” had caught me.

Chris, the “boy” swordsman…. turned out to be Chris the “girl” swordsman..


“My name is actually Clarice, but if I kept it as it is, people would immediately know that I was a woman, so I took one letter out and called myself Chris.

Chris, the “boy” swordsman…. turned out to be Clarice the “girl” swordsman..

My head was in a state of confusion.

Chris, Clarice…

When I saw her undressed down to her partail, she was a normal girl, even down to her body.

Is this why she had been got equipped on even indoors until now..?

I thought so and looked at her face again.

I could only see her as a girl now.

I was wondering if I should do something like touching part of her body while saying “you’ve gotta kidding me”.

No! I couldn’t do it! Since my mind alone was completely convinced that Clarice was a girl just by her appearance.

I mean.

Burgess, who slept in the same room the whole time, didn’t even notice!


I’ve been with her all this time exploring these ruins and I didn’t even notice.

I guess it’s the same for me.

“Maybe. The first time I met Albus and Burgess, the bardess who was guarding Albus seemed to recognize me.”

That one where Amaranthia, the bardess, called Chris ‘chan’. ……


So that’s the mean!!

Not only that.

Clarice continued with a further shocking confession.

“I’m about to turn 16, and I’m coming of age.”


What’s with this flow?

“So…. ”


“I’d like to ask Burgess to marry me.”


Please stop already!

Don’t confuse me anymore!!

“Albus is good friends with him right? Loloi said [you can count on him], so I’d like you to help me if you can.”


I was stunned for a while because I couldn’t get my head around it.

Chris’s “consultation” was this!

“I’ve gotten in touch with Loloi for a long time! That’s when I consulted with her!”

That was apparently why the two of them would sneak out together from time to time.

“I’ve enough know you with this treasure hunt. Honestly, I never thought that we could come this far. I didn’t expect it at first at all..”

Keep pretending to be a man.

It seemed that so many days had passed while she was wondering how to say it out now.

“But above all. You have a wife…. and you know more about that stuff than me and Loloi. So, please! Please!”

No, I mean.

“So, how was it with you?” (Clarice)

“Eh…” (Albus)

“When you got married…” (Clarice)

“Ah….” (Albus)

I’ve been through a lot with Arcana…

I did what I had to do to keep that momentum going.

I am sorry.

“Anyway. How can you ask him to marry you if you don’t tell him you’re a woman first?”

But Clarice…

“I don’t know how I’m going to look to him now to confess in him!”

Said her with a red face.

She’s pretty cute, if you look at her now.

It seemed to her that she confessed in me rather easily.

I guess that’s mean how her feelings towards me and Burgess was different.


What a pisser.

“I’m just asking for your information. What’s so good about Burgess?”

I asked.

“Eh…. He’s kind, strong, good at teaching, has a nice voice, and a good face. He’s so cool! I can’t believe he doesn’t have a wife.”

She said

Love is blind. I wonder if it is called?

And that’s before we even formed a team to explore the ruins.

It is surprising that she had such a thought.

Because Burgess was obsessed with Loloi.

She made the first move by telling Loloi early on that she was a woman.

That’s quite a serious move.

I promised to cooperate for now, though.

I honestly had no idea what to do.

More than that…

“I’m sorry, Burgess!”

“I’m sorry, Chris!”

I thought.

…… really, I’m sorry.


Then every day.

Loloi and Clarice went around the ruins of the underground city, searching for relics.

Sometimes I joined them.

Since that day, Burgess never came up.

That Burgess.

He didn’t seem too interested in searching for relics, and spent his time lingering in a building near Omega Sun, the Inexhaustible Sun, picking at his food.

He seemed to refuse to share the relics, and my share increased to 1/3.

It’s just that… At first glance, he looks like he’s just getting sloppy…

That’s Burgess, a seasoned adventurer.

Perhaps he is saving his strength for the return journey.

It is often said that the way back is more dangerous than the way to.

There was a good chance that we would run into Noppoi and the others again.

Loloi would pick up her “warehouse” full of relics in the underground city, rattle them off at the base camp, and have them transferred to my warehouse.

I was already treated as a complete “baggage handler”.

The “junk” is piling up in my warehouse inventory.

Dishes, pottery, ironware, scrap iron, rags, and whatnot….

I could not tell what they were, but Loloi said they were “treasures,” so they must be so.

When I return to the ground.

I need to get detailed appraisal results from Loloi and figure out how to successfully sell these items that look like crap.

If it is “Rusty Holy Fist Aluminous.” If I order for the blacksmith to remove the rust, it will probably be a decently priced item.

Ancient relics often have unique skills attached to them, so if it is the same kind of relic, it could be sold for a very high price.

Other items that may appear to be nothing more than a block of stone can be restored to their original value in some way.

I couldn’t stop getting excited now.


By the way.

There were three more ruins on this western continent that I could introduce to Loloi.

And I had been to two of them.

I heard that Loloi had never been to all three of them.

Although she callsy herself a treasure hunter, but she had never been to any ruins other than the Earth Ruins.

“Anyway. After we reach surface and get settled, let’s go to the site of the Temple of Thothoi in the north first. It’s a tourist attraction, and there are no artifacts there, and I think most of the artifacts that could be for sale have been taken away, however… .”

“I’m going! Albus knows his stuff! He is Loloi’s trusty guide!”

And so we spent our days treasure hunting, discussing what to do after we returned to the surface.

And then.

We spent 10 days in the underground city, which we first discussed and decided was the deadline for exploration…

Storing a large amount of relics in a warehouse.

We were on our way back to the surface.

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