Exiled Merchant – Chapter 6

Chapter 6 – Severance Pay

In the meantime, I took the entire collection of Hero’s party out of my warehouse.

After that, everything from medicinal herbs and other medicine-related items to grimoires and other battle support supplies, and finally food and water. Everything that had been stored in the ‘warehouse’ was thrown out.

“Is that all? If you dare to trick me, you know what will happen right?”

Of course… that is.

I said this and presented him with an inventory of all the items I had been methodically keeping.

Ryan took one look at the item ledger, which was filled to the brim with entries, and handed it back to me.

“I can’t read this stuff.”

At the number of possessions of Hero’s party who completely blocked the city roads, I put an ‘X’ on every single item on my inventory.

All that remained were a few,, water bottles and such necessities of life.

Come to think of it. I guess there were hardly any of my own belongings in my ‘warehouse’.

“‘Oops, this was yours…”

Ryan then offered me a rusty iron rod.

“What a nostalgic.”

I couldn’t help but mumble.

It was my first weapon when I was still new in the party.

It was my weapon, back when I didn’t have the money to buy a proper one.

After that, Ryan kept accumulating more and more military exploits, earning more and more money and acquiring new weapons one after another, but…

I ended up selling them all off halfway through, as I remained weak no matter what weapon I used them.

However, I somehow kept this first weapon as a memory.

As I was about to be alone, I felt a little better than if I had been unarmed.

With this…, I can at least take down a goblin.

“Here, this is your severance package.”

Ryan then offered me 50,000 mana in a sealing stone. With this amount of money, you could hire an escort to at least two towns away.

What an unbeatable cheap…


I sighed and walked away.

Ryan and his friends were already taking pleasure in showing off their collections, not caring about me.

Somehow, I stumbled into Ryan’s party and spent 15 years of my life.

My dedication to working for this party is only worth 50,000 mana if I must say.

What unfortunate am I.

In those 15 years, Ryan had become known as ‘The Hero’, and his friends had each come to have two great names.

The only thing that hasn’t changed is me.

Even now, I can hardly do anything other than carry my luggage.

Seeing 50,000 mana in the sealing stone in my hand, I sighed again.

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    1. Btw sorry man, The story is so good that I already reading the raws =/

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  1. Well, at least the hero gave him back the rod and some money, out of all “kicked from the hero’s party” stories I’ve read this one is the nicest, in all the others the hero didn’t give anything to the exiled

  2. I hope this worthless hero party gets gang banged by orcs. Good for nothing quick shot hero.

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