Exiled Merchant – Chapter 61

Chapter 61 – Treasure appraisal and the wagon of my dreams

After finishing breakfast prepared by Clarice’s sister, Mitra.

I grinned at the pile of loot.

“Is this all treasure?”

“Yes, this is! All of them are treasures!”

Said Loloi proudly while puffing out her chest.

I feel like drooling.

No, please don’t misunderstanding. It’s for treasure, not for Loloi’s.

…just in case.

Anyway, I couldn’t take it anymore, so I decided to have her start the appraisal as soon as possible.

“This is a “fragment of a mural painting of Kirke,” this is a “lid of a medicine chest of Emillet,” this is a “fragment of the blade of the iron sword Yggdras,” this is a “hilt of the iron sword Yggdras,” this is a “letter of the great merchant Grill,” this is a “fragment of a mural painting of the hunting of Ulfes,” this is “a stone with a passage note of the Dordreid Strait,” this is “a rusty gallon. Sir’s breastplate,” and this one: ……”

Loloi’s “appraisal” reveals the original names of the junk one after another.

One by one, I pasted a piece of paper with the name Loloi had given me on it.

“The Grand Merchant Grill…I’ve heard it mentioned a few times in the Bard’s tales. To several wives in different parts of the world, as I recall. He kept sending letters to them until he died. …… Fucking envious bastard.”

Burgess said resentfully.

“If there are likely to be many others just like it. Then these aren’t very valuable.”

Saying this, Loloi was about to take the “Great Merchant Grill’s Letter” to the elementary relics sorting place.

…Wait a minute!

“This is awesome! The peddling of the great merchant Grill is almost a legend. It is even questioned whether he ever existed. If a genuine letter written by such a man were to turn up, it would fetch a tremendous price.”

I looked at the faded ancient script written on the scrap of cloth. I could not hide my excitement.

After all, for the value appraisal of ancient relics. It seems that some knowledge is also important.

Now the question is how to prove it.

Even if we say so and try to sell it for a high price, no one will believe it is genuine.

But if we take it to a bad item appraiser, they may try to buy it for a bundle of money by lying and saying it is cheap, or if they are not good, it may be replaced or even stolen.

First, we needed to find an appraiser whose name was well known and yet trustworthy.

And then, vecause we are the second party to have successfully completed a treasure hunt for ruins in the underground city of Earth Ruins, following the Hero party.

I can also make it public that I used to be a member of the hero party.

This will increase the credibility of our story, and the relics we produce will naturally fetch a higher price.

But only after we have done the proper groundwork.

If we come forward out of the blue, we will end up being called a mere scammer.

Also, swords and other antique weapons need to be polished and restored.

There is also the option of selling the value of antique weapons as they are. But that would require a trusted appraiser, as I mentioned earlier.

Even if it was just a rusty armor, the price will be as different as heaven and earth if it’s recognized as breastplate used by the ancient “Sir Duje Gallon”, who has been excavated from the bottom of the Earth ruins and has a long history.

For a while, let’s use the orphanage here as a base.

It was necessary to make preparations to sell this loot at a high price.

Noppoy’s approach was infuriating but reasonable.

If you recruit the adventures for mana in flashy way, of course there would be big rumors.

If he succeeds in his treasure hunt for the ruins and sells the relics, claiming that they were excavated from the fifth underground level of the Earth Ruins, that alone will create an story, and the relics he offers will be recognized as “real” along with the credibility of the story.

Besides, he was well known in the first place.

it was truly clever move.

…I don’t know if Noppoi thought it through that well.

Neither did I when I was in the hero party.

The party of the hero Ryan, who has explored numerous ruins in various places and defeated numerous magical beasts. It was because of the relics and monster materials that “I, a member of that party,” brought with me. It was instantly judged to be “real”.

But that only happened in the past.

No one know who I am.

I’m still nobody

That is why I needed to build up trust and achievements as a merchant from the ground up.

As part of that.

The 24,800 mana in rewards that came in from Burgess, combined with what we originally had, came to roughly 120,000 mana, so…

I bought the “wagon” and the “peddler’s permit” that I had longed for.

The total was 115,000 mana.

The rest of the team has 1,200 mana.

Oh, man…

It was too close to the edge and it made me laugh.

I have food, water, and a place to sleep, so it’s not that much of a problem. But we are now pretty much out of food and water.


If I really want to sell valuable relics, it is definitely better to set up a wagon and sell them in the wagon peddling square.

It would be a good way to build up trust and a track record.

If that is what the investment is for.

This is a necessary expense.

From here…

Still from here.

The destination is far, far away.

A great merchant with a global reach.

But steadily.

I’m taking it one step at a time.

I was sure of that now.

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