Exiled Merchant – Chapter 62

Chapter 62 – Side Story (Noppoi’s pov)

Frightened by the magical sword of Burgess the Magic Swordsman, Noppoi fled to the depths of the labyrinth…

Naturally, he was in tremendous trouble.

“You’ve got to be kidding me! You all are still Poi’s escorts!!”

They rushed off, leaving their master behind.

In the end, the enemy pulling back their attack.

He went back to the hall where he had seen Liora, hoping to make her his own this time, but of course, she and her friends had already retreated.

“You’ve conspired against Poi!!! What’s paladin?? They’re just scammers!!”

Noppoi is extremely upset.

When he kicked off the wall while stomping on the ground, a trap was triggered and a labyrinthine demon appeared.

“Upiii!!! Protect Poi!!”

Noppoi cried out, cowering on the spot.

That’s right… he himself was incredibly weak.

Essentially, there’s no skill, no magic, no technique, no strength that keep him walking around at the bottom of the labyrinth…

And not even the courage.

The only thing he can count is mana (money).

“Noppoi-smaa! I’m coming!!”

“Noppoi-sama! Come this way quickly!”

“Noppoi-sama! We will protect you!!”

And dependable escorts.

“Well done! It looks like you did well, my escorts!”

And then, at the six guards and eight hired adventurers who stare at Noppoi in silence.

“Uhhemm…. Alright. Special reward. I’ll give you 5,000 mana to each of you for killing the current monster!!”

On the spot, he took out a sealing stone from his pocket.

Noppoi distributed mana to the escorts.

“””Thank you Noppoi-sama!!”””

They were connected by a solid bond mana.

But Noppoi was impatient.

Because he did not have much mana left in his hand.

Originally, he brought 10 million mana in his pocket.

He was able to buy food and support items in large quantities without worry about mana.

However, the fact tha he had to give special bonuses to his escorts every time had drained his savings.

It was especially bad after entering the labyrinth.

The labyrinthine demons appeared at every turn. Each time, his escorts demanded special bonuses.

At first it was 20,000 mana per person.

After a while, her reduced it to 10,000 mana. Now he had reduced it to 5,000 mana.

Still, it’s already hard.

He had less than a million mana on hand.

He had tried to acting cool and bribe guys around Liora for 100,000 mana.

It was actually left on hand.

And with the current defeat, he had paid another 5,000 x 14 = 70,000 mana to the escorts.

In fact, Noppoi could no longer afford to bribe Albus and the others.

If they actually accept the offer, it would be really bad.

“Poi wants some moo-moo meat. Does anyone have any? If no one has it, we’ll go back to the surface and….

“Noppoi-sama! Over here!”

One of the adventures pulled out a hot moo-moo roasted meat skewer from warehouse and offered it to Noppoi.

Actually, it was bought from Albus.

“Hmmm… good job.”

“It will be 5,000 mana.”


“I mean, I bought this moo-moo meat for my own personal consumption… I can’t give it to you for free, no matter how much you employ me. Or do you have no more mana?”

“Shut up! How dare a lowly adventure like you underestimate me!!”

With that, he paid the adventure 5,000 mana.

That’s too much for a moo-moo meat.

And so on fort, the escorts squeezed as much as they can get away with it.

Fearfully, he declared, “It looks like I’ve run out of money.”

It was a short time before he thought he would finally be able to return to the ground.

He replaced the cash with the signing of loan this time.

“Noppoi-sama! We have defeated the demons of the labyrinth!”

“Umm, looks like you did it well!”

“Noppoi-sama! I have small medicine to restore your strength, it’s 10,000 mana, sir!”

“Um..umm. I think I’ll buy it.”

“Noppoi-sama! It’s moo-moo meat! The lump is bigger than before, so iy costs 6,000 mana.”

“I’m feeling a little full right now…”


“I’ll buy it!”

They were no longer interested in conquering the labyrinth. Because there was no end to the amount of walking they do.

I mean, the entrance-like area was completely blocked by bedrock, making it impossible to proceed.

Maybe this means that the fifth basement level has already collapsed and is buried?

He had that feeling ever since

Everyone purpose had changed.

Sticked with it until the last minute.

Squeezed as much as they could out of Noppoi.

Send him back to his residence in the royal capital without letting him live.

And with this loan, they will get more money from Noppoi’s father, Chippoi, a real great merchant.

Now that was the goal.


It’s was still on Noppoi side.

Actually, he was the man with great ambition and purpose.

It was a rumor that he heard in the capital.

It is said that the Tenth Princess, Lady Liora, desires the “Sun of the West.”

The Sun of the West.

It disappeared on the western continent. She was referring to her sister, Fina, who was irreplaceable to Liora.

She’s like the sun to her.

But Nopoi interpreted this as “Omega Sun, the inexhaustible sun of the western continent”.


“The Tenth Princess, Lady Liora, has no intention of marrying until she gets her hands on it.”

He also heard such rumor.

As candidates for the princess who would become the wife of the hero and accompany him on his doomed journey. The sixth queen presented Fina and Liora to the hero forcefully.

The hero once chose Liora, who was an excellent support sorceress, but the kind-hearted Fina chose to take the place of her.

She presented him the innate skill “Blessing of Latius the Light Spirit”, which she had not even revealed to her mother, have a deal with the hero, having relations with him that night and exchanging marriage vows.

That’s how Fina ended up replace her.

Even for the Hero, it was impossible to conquer the bottomless dungeon in the demon world.

It was an act tantamount to going to die.


When she received the news that the disappearance of the dungeon in the demon world had been confirmed and that the heroic party had all conquered it safely. Liora shed tears of joy for her sister’s safety.

But that Fina is now missing.

So, until Fina returns safely…

Liora had no intention of being the only one to have a peaceful marriage.
So…that’s what the word meant.

But Noppoi.

“So, it seems that she intends to take as her husband the man who obtained the inexhaustible Omega Sun at the Earth Ruins on the Western Continent!”

That’s what he interpreted.

And with the entire savings in hand.

With the members of his father’s escorts, which he bribed with money.

They set out for the western continent in high spirits.

There, he met with a woman with the same name as Tenth Princess.

When the beautiful married woman offered to join his party, he even felt as if God was guaranteeing the success of this journey.

But the woman didn’t quite do what Noppoi wanted. From that point on, he felt that woman began to act playing hard to get.

And that Liora.

Finally, she said she would leave Noppoi’s party in the middle of the labyrinth.

He was furious and his blood was boiling in his head, but…

You know the rest.

In the end, it didn’t help.


The end of Noppoi’s journey…

“Ugh…, I’m going to die ……, I’m so screwed…”

“It’s fine, Noppoi-sama! A graze from the club won’t kill you.”

But it seems to hurt like hell. The place where it grazed him is swollen and it seems to be hurting.

“It’s fine! Noppoi-sama! We will do everything in our power to get you to your residence in the capital.”

“Ugh… no. The Inexhaustible Omega Sun…. Poi must get it, I don’t want to go home.”

“In first place, an artifact is an artifact because it hardly be obtained. It is said that they draw their power from a world different from this world using ancient super technology. Therefore, they cannot be obtained by any means.”

“S-so…so…is it…like…?”

“What? You didn’t know?”

“I feel like I’m going to go home now…”

After that, the promissory notes continued to increase at every turn.

By the time Noppoi returned to capital, his guards, who were in high spirits, were holding promissory notes as large as the entire wealth of the Poi family.

What will happen to Noppoi?

And Chippoy?

What is the fate of the Poi family, a wealthy merchant family, being devoured by his own son?

Well, that’s story not really important actually. See you in the next volume.

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