Exiled Merchant – Chapter 63

Chapter 63 – Inventory of all assets of Albus – (After Volume 3 “Treasure Hunters”)

There are a few more things that are not fully described in the text (laugh).

At the end of the previous chapter, the pelt of ulfes, which was used as a material, was processed into light leather armor.

The appraised relics section may be modified somewhat depending on how the story develops in the future.

All of Albus’ current assets



1,200 mana


Clothing of cloth

Ullefes leather light armor

Traveler’s Cloak


Ushama x 2 *Livestock monster for pulling wagons. Came with the wagons as a set.

Warehouse (Main Inventory)

Equipment for Albus

Rusty iron rod

Skinning knife *for dismantling monsters

Meat cleaver *for dismantling monsters

Hammer for breaking bones *for dismantling monsters

[Peddling equipment]

Street Stalls


[Support items]

Various medicinal herbs (beginner to intermediate level) x many

Various kinds of medicinal herbs (beginner to high level) x many

Medicine to restore magic power (beginner to intermediate level) x many

Various traps for battle x many

Flashlight balls x many


Earth Ruins, 5 levels below ground + Loloi collection from surface area *Numerous unauthenticated artifacts

(Appraised items. (A very small example)

Lid of the medicine chest of Emilettes” x 1

Emilette’s Compounding Journal” x 1

Seeds of Emulet x 10

Emulette’s hair ornament x 1

Grand merchant Grill’s letter” x 1

Rusty Ring of Sally” x 13

Rusty bracelet of Sally” x 10

Sally’s Breaking Bracelet” x 1

Sally’s Jewel” x 21

Sally’s Rusty Necklace” x 8

Sally’s Rusty Earring” x 8 sets

( Note: Sally is the address of the great merchant’s letter. She is thought to be the wife of the great merchant Grill.)

Stone engraved with the passage note of the Dordrecht Strait” x 1

Rusty Sir Garon’s breastplate” x 1

Rusty Sir Garon’s waistcoat” x 1

Sir Rusty Garon’s Small Hands” x2

Sir Rusty Garon’s shin guards” x 2

Sir Rusty Garon’s Helmet x1

Sir Garon the Rusty’s Long Sword x1

Rusty Aluminous” x 1

Rusty Iron Sword Guzrial x1

Rusty Iron Claw Cross x1

Rusty Ancient Gauntlets x2 (left and right)

Arcogilla’s Bracelet x 1

Alfred’s knife x 1

Dagger of Cyrel” x 1

Ancient knife (stone)” x 12

Clouded Ancient Crystal” x 3

Chipped Jade Stone Ore” x 8

Glass jar with gold sand” x 1

Ancient species mollusk shell” x 3

Ancient Wolfe’s fur×23

Ancient grimoire (Lost ice and snow magic)” x 5

Ancient grimoire (Lost thunder and lightning magic) x 3

[Monster Materials]

Low-grade monster meat (Kodris x super large amount, Moo-Moo x small amount, Mugby x small amount)

Low-grade monster bones (Ulfes x large quantity)

Low-grade monster pelts (Ulfes x large quantity)

Unique points of low class monsters (Ulfes’s horn x a lot) *Defeat many Ulfe’s in the vicinity of the first level from the ground to the basement when exploring the ruins.


Bedding set

A set of cooking utensils

Treasure hunt equipment (torch, flint, oil, cloth, rope, magic clock, toilet set, etc.)

Barrels of water (200L) x 12

Food for 4 people x 5 months (vegetables, fruits, beans, grains, wild vegetables, mushrooms)

[Shared Warehouse (Arcana Inventory)]

Arcana supplies

Set of medicinal herbs from Yak Village (beginner to intermediate level)

Various medicinal herb powders from Arcana (beginner – intermediate level)

Various Arcana herb pastes (beginner to intermediate level)

○ Ownership


Medicinal herb farm in Yak Village

Public bath inn in Yak Village

(The above two properties are co-owned with his wife, Arcana *Main owner is Arcana)

More wagons and a large amount of relics.

There is also enough food and other things to live on for a while.

The amount of support items has also increased and has become quite stable. With this, it seems that no matter where he open the looting-store, he will have a good assortment of goods there.

(TL: as explained in earlier chapters, loot-traveling-merchant is a term for trading to adventurers who are in trouble by offering high prices to them.)

Chapter 4 is still being written, but I plan to have protagonist stay in Kilket and continue his business.

It will be a bit of a hiatus again.

I plan to continue writing, so if you would like to stay with me again, I would be very happy to do so.

I would be very grateful if you could give me some comments, likes, rating points, and feedback.

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