Exiled Merchant – Chapter 64

Chapter 64 – Debut at the wagon square

It’s been a week since we returned from the Earth Ruins.

Loloi’s appraisal of the relics had been completed, and I was beginning to look for a way to sell the relics in earnest.

By the way.

Most of the junk relics that Loloi originally had were fragments of murals, and other types of shards of armaments and household items.

At first glance, they may appear to be mere junk, but if you know the names, such as “a piece of a mural painting,” “a piece of an ancient wooden pot,” or “a piece of a rusty ancient iron axe,” they are indeed treasures.


When I admit that Loloi’s relic junk is a treasure.

Loloi was already insanely happy.

“Loloi is a treasure hunter! Loloi is a great treasure hunter! Now I can show my pride to my grandfather!”


Along with gathering information on reliable appraisers.

I decided to open a relic store in the wagon square.

This time, in addition to Loloi, Clarice wanted to help me sell relics, so the three of us headed for the square.

Incidentally, Burgess said that he had been called by another acquaintance in Kilket and that he would be helping out there for a while.

The wagon square is open from 9:00 to 18:00.

And merchants on the selling side can enter the square from 8:00 to begin taking their places and preparing for the opening of their stores.

When we arrived at the street in front of the square at around 7:50 a.m., a little earlier than the merchants’ entrance time, a large number of merchants were already standing in line.

“Achaa ……”

The three of us looked at each other.

People probably lined up like this early in the morning in order to open a store in a better location in the square.

Since I was new to the business in the wagon square, I guess I didn’t have any sense of what it was like.

“Somehow, everyone except us bring a large baggage with them.”

Said Loloi wondered.

All the merchants except us were waiting with their wagons.

The wagons were pulled by a domesticated monster called Ushama.

Ushama is a quadruped with a long tail and neck, a domesticated and friendly monster.

All the other vendors lined up in the wagon square had their wagons pulled by Ushama.

We were the only empty-handed ones.

The wagons were also recognized as an item, though probably because they were human-powered and mobile.

In other words, it could be stored in my warehouse.

The whole wagon is in my warehouse after the three of us finished displaying the merchandise yesterday.

I was able to get the wagons in and out of the “warehouse” without any problems, but Loloi’s “warehouse” could not store the wagons.

“I’m not sure because I don’t have warehouse skills. But there seems to be a difference in capacity for each individual.”

Clarice tilted her head in agreement.

“After all, Albus’s warehouse is special!!”

Considering that the merchants around me leave their wagons out, is it still rare to find a “warehouse” like mine that is large enough to hold an entire wagon?

While I was thinking about that, it was time to go.

I entered the wagon peddling square with other merchants.


“Hey, you there!”

Someone called me as I was mending a place to take the wagons out of storage.

I was approached by a pair of guards, who appeared to be the watchmen of the plaza.

“What you need?”

“This peddler’s square is reserved for peddlers with wagons.”

“I know.”

“A poor merchant who doesn’t even have a wagon is not allowed to open a stall here! You’ll have to look elsewhere.”

I remember being turned away by the same person who said the same thing to me the other day. Loloi and the others are fine peddlers with their own wagons!

Beside me, Loloi puffed out her chest.

I was still in the process of assessing the location.

Well, the way things are going, it can’t be helped.

“Warehouse Takeout Delos.”

So chanted.

I made a wagon appear in its place.

“I said, Don’t ……”

My wagon, with a huge “peddler’s permit” hanging from it, appeared in front of the two guards.

“Now it’s not a problem right?”

“Uh… uh…”

The two guards returned to their posts, tilting their heads.

“Albus. It’s cool!”

“The show is just getting started. Loloi as girl-attractor1… and Chris….”


Should I make her as girl-attractor too?”

Clarice is now the Chris version, usually dressed as a man.

But to me she already looks like a girl.

“Oh…my bad.”

“No, it’s okay.”

And thus…

We made our debut at the wagon square.

We started selling relics.

What I’m looking forward was the annual Kilket Central Auction, to be held in four months.

There, we will sell the precious relics we risked our lives to bring back from the lowest level of the earth ruins.

To do this, we must now build up a track record of relics sales and raise our name recognition.

1. 看板娘 = kanbanmusume; pretty girl who attracts customers to come inside a shop

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  1. ………..Hmm…….I wonder what had happened to the third princess…….let’s hope she is okay.
    I mean for her sister peace of mind. Last time, the hero party(harem) got scammed(LOL) and then got lost while trying to return triumphally(LOL). I really want to know their status right now.
    Nice detail of the author to portrait the hero party to be the strongest but can still get themselves screwed if they don’t take the necessary precautions, really Albus was truly the one keeping the party intact.

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