Exiled Merchant – Chapter 65

Chapter 65 – Selling Unsold Relics

Let’s conclude!

“Relics don’t sell after all…”

A few days after we made our debut at the wagon square.

So far, not a single relic has been sold.

Loloi is used to such situations, so she was smiling and peddling all the time.

Clarice, however, looks terribly bored.

“It’s not sold at all…”

“It depends on the product. Unless you’re a merchant who had made a name, people usually spend more time like this.”

When I was selling the moo-moo barbecue, I felt like I needed four more hands.

Now the stock of moo-moo is dwindling and I dared not to sell moo-moo barbecue anymore.

With the two mainstays of our unpopular merchandise, “relics” and “medicinal herbs,” we have quite a few customers who come to look in our wagon store in the first place at this point in time.

Incidentally, the only thing we sold since that morning was two bottles of Arcana herb paste.

In terms of sales, that is 400 mana.

Since the source is free, I make a good profit.

However, considering the labor of Arcana and the price of the medicinal herbs used as raw materials, it was not a situation in which I could rejoice at all.

“Loloi is a lot of fun! Compared to when we were selling near the west gate, we have so many more customers coming to see Loloi’s relics, yaay!”

“That’s also true.”

That’s true if you compare it when she opened her stall near outer gate of Western Kilket

All the adventurers and townspeople passing by had a purpose to get somewhere, so there seemed to be little room to look at anything extra.

In contrast, many people visit this peddler’s square for the purpose of shopping in the first place.

That is why there are a few customers who come to the square out of curiosity, wondering, “What kind of goods does this merchant deal in?”

“And at that time I was all alone, but now I have Albus and Clarice next to me. That alone is enough to make Loloi happy.”

It’s certainly less lonely than being alone.

You can kill a little time with this kind of conversation.

However, relics are still hard to sell.

In the first place, relics are basically not practical.

Most likely, some researchers and collectors collect them for research and home decoration, including the collection element.

Basically, it is a commodity for those who have mana to spare and are fond of things.

Therefore, it is usually difficult to earn enough money to make a living just by selling them.

I knew this from the beginning, so it was to be expected that it would be this difficult.

By the way.

Relics like the “Blue Crested Sword Samiras” unearthed by Ryan the hero are the exception of the exception.

A relic like “Blue Crested Sword Samiras,” which is protected by special magic and remains in a usable state even after 2000 years, is an extremely precious object.

Such relics are usually equipped with rare and powerful skills. Most of them are still fully capable of playing an active role in actual battles.

And such skilled relics are priced at over 100,000 mana per piece.

It is mainly these relics that the treasure hunters of the world search for in their quest for wealth and fame.

For “Blue Crested Sword Samiras”, the skill of ranged attack by water attribute “water/slash” was attached to it.

The range attack skills are tremendously valuable.

If Samiras, which even had an attribute attack attached to it, had been auctioned at Kilket, it would have sold for more than 2 million mana.

Among the relics we brought back from the 5th basement floor of the Earth Ruins this time. There must be relics with such special skills, may not be as good as the “Blue Crested Sword Samiras,” but there must be relics with such a special skill attached.

No, there definitely are!

I risked my life to dive into the ruins.

It has to be there.

I need to find an appraiser and do a skills appraisal for more information.

In any case, that is not something that should be sold here and now.

In the right place.

In the right place, with the right procedures.

Sell to the right person.

I need to do so.

By doing so, it can be sold at maximum value.

So that’s what we’re doing now.

It’s a boring relic selling.

But this is just a small check.

We’ll make the public aware that we are “relic dealers”.

That’s what I’m trying to do right now.

But still…

The eyes of the surrounding merchants were cold.

“Medicinal herbs’ and ‘relic junk’? Sell those things elsewhere.”

A peddler selling weapons on the opposite side of the street took the trouble to peek into my store and spat this out as he left.

“The relics of Loloi are not ‘junk’ but ‘treasure’! And the medicinal herbs of Albus are amziy medicinal herbs!”

“Are you serious? Don’t you think you’re too confident?

Loloi’s face turned red and she became angry.

Clarice put her hand on her sword and started to say something noisy.

“Guys, don’t do this.”

But, well. It’s to be expected, including the reactions of those around me.

Even me.

When we first met, I had a similar impression of Loloi.

I remember Loloi snapping at me in the same way.

But still, it was good to know that the public’s reaction to a relic dealer with no track record was exactly what I expected.

The real work is yet to come.

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