Exiled Merchant – Chapter 66

Chapter 66 – “it’s my first sale!”

We are the relic sellers who can’t sell. We’re like almost scarecrows.

The medicinal herbs sell well, thanks to the regular visits of customers from the time I sold at the west gate, but the relics don’t sell at all.

I don’t know…

I was getting the irresistible urge to bake moo-moo meat.

One day, it was almost mid-afternoon.

A man who looked like a merchant in traveling clothes approached our wagon trader.

He was accompanied by two strong-looking guards and seemed to be a merchant who was making a good living.

“I’m going back to Capital now. I am looking for something to take back with me as a souvenir of my visit to Kilket.

The merchant said this and began to rummage through our store.

He seemed to be staggering around for a while, so I decided to talk to him.

“How about this?”

I offered him a “fragment of a mural”.

Incidentally, it is a relic that Loloi had originally collected on the surface of the ruins.

“It’s part of a mural of an ancient man found at the Earth Ruins. The lines here are the three Ulfes, and this is the Ancient One.”

One of them has a spear-like object stuck in it.

“Yeah, it’s probably a mural depicting hunting by the ancients.”

Yes. According to Loloi’s “appraisal”…

This artifact was a “fragment of a mural painting of the hunting of Ulfes”.

By the way. As you probably know, the Ulfes is a monster unique to the western continent.

“I see. I see. It is a part of the ancient mural painting of the earth ruins that depicts a scene of hunting the unique monsters of the western continent. It might not be a bad souvenir from the Western Continent. How much is it?”

“Two hundred mana.”

Okay, I’ll buy it.

And so the relic was sold.

“The relics don’t sell very well. This is a service from me.”

I wrapped the fragment of the mural in the pelt of Ulfes. The merchant was delighted.

I explained to him that if he folded it up and put it underneath, he could use it as a decoration.

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”


After the costumer leave.

“You did it, Albus! Loloi!”

Clarice said a little excitedly.

Loloi turned over and shivered for a while.

Then suddenly…

“Whooooooooooo!!!! Loloi’s relic, yaay! Was sold for the first time! And 200 mana! With this I can buy 20 moo-moo barbey from Albus!”

She couldn’t stand it any longer and started shouting loudly.

“What? This is your first time?”

Certainly, I had never seen Loloi’s relics for sale at the West Gate…

The merchants and customers around us were staring at us, but we no longer cared.

Loloi was already very excited.

At any rate, it was good that she was patient while some of the customers bought them.

“It’s all thanks to Loloi’s ‘appraisal.'”

“Albus’ business skills is amazing! It’s nothing compared to Loloi’s!”

All I did was draw conclusions from the outline.

“Fragment of a mural from Ulfes Hunting.”

If it said so, it must be so.

Or rather, since the result of the “appraisal” is so, it must actually be so.

That’s the case if you know it well.

However, if you don’t know, the artifact will end up being just a “stone with patterned lines,” but it will have value as “part of an ancient mural painting” that will be a souvenir of Kilket.

“Awesome! Loloi’s appraisal!”

“If you use it right, you could make some serious money!”

To begin with, it usually costs a certain amount of mana just to request an appraisal.

“We must sell more and more! Spread the romance of Loloi’s relics all over the world!”

Loloi was pleased.

I was happy too.

But, well, such miracles don’t last for many times.

The only relic sold that day was that one.

Still, Loloi was happy that night, and told the story over and over again to Burgess and Mitra.

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