Exiled Merchant – Chapter 68

Chapter 68 – Appraiser (1)

After the first relic was sold, things were looking a little better for us.

We started selling relics at a rate of about one or two a day.


It is Loloi that sells more.

“These are ancient stone knives,’ she said. “They had metal in ancient times, but it was very precious, so they used a lot of tools carved out of stone. They can still cut vegetables and fruits though!”

With that kind of lecture she blurted out, a few ancient knives were sold.

But the merchants who bought them did so not because they were moved by Loloi’s lecture…

“Whoaaa!! I’ve sold another one!! Loloi’s relic romance!!”

The attractor-girl, who exclaimed with twinkling eyes every time a relic was sold, makes people feel amused.

However, it is still selling.

There’s a various of girl-attractors.


And as we were selling relics at the wagon square. We were gathering information on appraisers who could officially appraise items.

It is important to interact with your peers.

Loloi’s shouts were also a good opportunity for interaction.

Of the several pieces of information I’d heard from my peers in the wagon square like that, I decided to take action on one that looked particularly good.

“Near the inner gate of the western district of Kilket. There is a store with a stubborn, but therefore trustworthy item appraiser.”

That was the story.

The appraiser was said to be an antique dealer and arms dealer, and a past president of the Kilket’s business association.

He seemed to have a strong personality, but I felt that he was a trustworthy appraiser.

And the fact that it was near the inner gate of the Kilket West neighborhood…

In short, it’s the section where Mitra’s mansion is located, where we are sleeping.

This is what I mean when I say it’s dark under the light.

“Let’s go see this guy.”



And that day.

We were visiting a store where the appraiser was.

“Loloi, don’t put store’s items in your warehouse!”

Loloi’s “appraisal” skills are.

It is activated by putting items away in Loloi’s “warehouse”.

But of course, it is prohibited to store items displayed in the store in the “warehouse”.

If you do, you are already a thief.

You can’t complain even if you are turned in to the vigilante.

It is common sense.

I was worried that I had to pay attention to it, given Loloi’s lack of common sense.

I was afraid of the rather stern stare from the owner, a stout, elderly man who seemed to be the owner of the store.

Is he the stubborn man that was talked about?

At any rate, he looked pretty damn good.

Incidentally, the original formal “appraisal” is quite different from Loloi’s.

The original “appraisal” was…

Prepare a piece of paper with a special magic spell on it, used for grimoires and the like. This is done by placing the item to be appraised on it and invoking a skill.

The name of the item is then burned into the paper.

This branding is done in ancient script and is a special kind of branding that cannot be imitated in any other way.

Finally, the appraiser must write a modern translation of the contents on the paper and sign it to make it an official certificate of authenticity.

This is the original “item appraisal”.

By adding a “certificate of authenticity” with the name of the item and the signature of the appraiser, an unnamed item can be made known for its true value.

In some cases, the results of “skill appraisal” may be added to the certificate.

The procedure is the same as for “item appraisal”.

These are.

These are the essential elements to sell relics that would be of high value for a solid price.


“There’s a lot various things…”

Loloi looked at the relics in the antique shop with great interest.

“Fragments of a hunting mural.”

“Fragment of a Mural of a Merchant”

“Ironware Blade.”

“Minor Treasure Jade.”

This store sold regular “armor” as well as “relics” excavated at the Earth Ruins.

In addition, “item processing” and “armor polishing” were also available.

He also seemed to make a living by undertaking “item appraisal” and “item skill appraisal.

We have all the elements we need now.

“I would like to request an item appraisal.”

I asked the owner after looking around the store.

Then, the elderly man turned his sharp eyes on me.

“The thing is…which one?”

“Warehouse retrieval delos”

I chanted and retrieved from the “warehouse” the “Great Merchant Grill’s Letter.

It is a little strong for a first presentation, but the owner’s nature can be guessed to some extent by his response to this letter.

“I have a few other items. First of all, I would like you to appraise this one.”

“Oh ……”

The owner took one look at the scrap of cloth and then.

“You. Where did you get this?”

He asked.

He seems to be trying to find out something from me.

“Why should I tell you that? If you’re going to identify an item by skill, you don’t need to know where it came from, do you?”

I heard he was a stubborn man.

Come one, get all that you have.

For a moment, our gazes intertwined in silence.

The owner giggled.

He stared me…and a little further away, he looked around Loloi, who was looking around the store..

It’s a bit of a nasty look.

Then the owner opened his mouth.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t handle this.”

He said.

He shooed his hand away to retrieve the relics he had put out.

Appraisal.. apa ada beberapa yang tidak bisa ditilai juga?

Appraisals… are there some that can’t be appraised too?

I stored the “Great Merchant Grill’s Letter” in the warehouse.

“What’s the matter?”

I asked.

The owner suddenly climbed over the counter and grabbed me.


It’s not that I wasn’t wary at all.

I was grabbed without any warning, and I was thrown out of the store.


If I’m not careful, I’ll probably die.

I’m so weak.

I hope I didn’t break my arm or anything…

“Albus! Are you alright!”

Loloi ran out of the store and ran over.

Loloi then blocked the way between me and the owner, who had also come out of the store.

Loloi was already equipped with her usual Kaiser knuckles.

She also seems to have instinctively realized that she would be at a disadvantage with her bare hands against an opponent who is more than three times his size.

“Strength activation muscle, and iron-clad activation guard.”

Loloi activated those two skills simultaneously, which he never used in the labyrinth because they were too fuel-unefficient.

Either she was very angry or she saw that her opponent was very strong. Or both.

“What are you going to do to Albus, Loloi’s ‘baggage handler’!! Albus is weak, what would you do if he died!”

The reason for her anger gnaws at her heart.

She was so angry, but anyway, Loloi was already ready to do it.

“You have a good combination of fighting skills… Good, it just makes me even more no hesitant to beat up criminals like you.”

The owner of the antique store also said.

He is wearing a gauntlet on his right hand and is fully prepared for battle.

“Watch out!”

I shouted reflexively.

If I had been hit with that gauntlet earlier, it would have been normal lethal damage.

“Wait both of you…. I don’t understand why we’re suddenly in a battle.”

It’s a fairly busy street.

Passersby were looking at us from a distance to see what was going on.

“This man attacked Albus. Loloi is Albus’ ‘bodyguard’…that’s enough reason for Loloi to fight. If there is something going on, ask him after I beat him up for now.”

Saying this, Loloi dashed forward.

Who taught Loloi to deal with such a thing….

Clarice was the only one I could think of, I’ll complain robustly later.


Loloi closed the gap at once and slammed her fist into the shopkeeper over the guard of the gauntlet.


The shopkeeper was blown several meters away by Loloi’s blow.

Considering the difference in size between her and the owner.

Loloi’s power enhancement from her “strength” skill may be far beyond the usual “2x enhancement”.

“You have a good move, miss! I have absolutely no chance!”

With that, he grabbed the owner of the antique store, who backflipped and dodged him. Loloi then unleashed a kick that thrust him up from below.

Loloi’s kick caught the antique storekeeper on the jaw. The owner was blown away and fell to the ground.

He seemed to have fainted.

“She beat him up for now. Loloi wins!”

I don’t know where she learned her fighting skills, but…

She’s strong afterall.

“But what the hell was that?”

I just asked him to appraise an artifact, and suddenly he attacked me…

Perhaps he was trying to rob the relic?

I thought you were a ‘stubborn but trustworthy item appraiser’…

There’s nothing more unreliable than a rumor.

“What happened?”

People came out one after another from nearby stores.

“Mr. Gandra, the antique dealer. He got into a fight with one of his customers, a girl… and was knocked out in an instant.”

“That old Gandra?”

It is already becoming a rumor.

I was about to pull Loloi’s hand and quickly tried to leave the place, but…. she was hungry….

Loloi slumped down and could no longer move on her own.

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