Exiled Merchant – Chapter 69

Chapter 69 – Appraiser (2)

With the simultaneous activation of skills with high fuel consumption.

Loloi slumped to the spot.

I had no choice but to pick hee up…


I was a bit surprised when Loloi’s body lifted lighter than I expected.

“Ugh…so! I’m so hungry…”

“Please be patience a little bit more, Loloi. I’ll feed you plenty of moo moo meat later…”

Anyway, now we should leave here as soon as possible.

The shopkeepers around us seemed to be getting more and more impatient to see us who had beaten up their business associates.


And the owner of the antique store called Gandra woke up early.

But he was still lying on the ground, being cared for by some shopkeepers.


“Don’t let them get away! They’re involved with the bandit ‘Black Wings’!”

He shouted.

“Huh? What’s is that Black Wing?”


It seems that the owner of the antique store attacked me because he suspected me of being associated with that bandit group, which I had never heard of.

I also looked at Loloi in my arms.

Loloi shook her head weakly, as if to say, ‘I don’t know’.

However, the mood of the shopkeepers around him changed drastically when they heard those words.

Their eyes changed, and some of them even already had their weapons at the ready.

Wait, wait, wait! We don’t know any bandits like that! He “attacked us out of the blue, we just returned fire!”

“Shut up!”

“I’m gonna beat the shit out of these guys!

“Strip ’em naked. Then crucify them.”

My words were not heeded at all.

“I’m hungry…hungry…”

At any rate, I took out the “moo-moo barbey skewer” from storage and handed it to Loloi.

Loloi devoured it, but it seemed that her hunger was not yet cured by such a thing.

At this rate, Loloi would not be able to escape.

And it’s not like mana is going to solve the problem.

In other words, it’s hopeless.


“The Neighborhood Watch has arrived!”

“It’s Ganz and Ouelet!”

Wearing silver part-mails, a group of what appeared to be security ran up to us.

“We’re saved. He attacked us out of the blue without us knowing what the reason is, and mistaking us for a bandit group, we are in trouble.”

I tried to explain the situation to them.



A man and a woman, who appeared to be the leaders of the group, ran up to Gandra, the antique dealer.


“Father-in-law, did they make you look like this?”

“Father-in-law, you’re not the only one to make Father look like this, are you?

“They are related to the Black Wings band of thieves…”


“In the name of the Western Kilket Neighborhood Watch, we will catch you here!”

The securities, their eyes completely bloodshot, ready their swords.


Seriously, give me a break.

Even we can’t talk to the securities.

In this way, rumors get passed around from the roots up, and before I know it, this is really getting out of hand.

And then me and Loloi will be falsely accused and crucified, burned at the stake, executed, etc….

And if we later say, ‘I’m sorry, it was a mistake,’ no one will take responsibility for it anyway, right?


I’m really starting to get angry.

“Warehouse Takeout Delos”

I put Loloi down and I chanted.

The two securites jumped back at once.

Normally, it is weapons or grimoires of some sort that are taken out of “storage” during battle.

So their reaction is correct.

But what I took out was a “piece of cloth.”

I’m a zero fighter!

“Anyway, please check this out.”

Yes, I sent out the “Great Merchant Grill Letter”.

“When I showed it to the antique dealer, he suddenly attacked me. And for some reason, he suspects me of having something to do with a band of thieves.”

Hoping for the best.

Anyway, I went in to explain the situation.

“I’ve got this in good hands. If you suspect it’s a gang of thieves, you better give me a good reason why.”

“Whether or not “raiding ruins” is a legitimate method is a matter of delicate evaluation, but treasure hunts of ancient ruins are normally allowed, so it should be fine, right?”

“A legitimate method, you say! Listen up! The letter is clearly a special class relic. The cloth, the ink, they’re not used today. I know a thing or two when I see them.”

In response to my words, ‘Tell me why,’ Gandra really began to tell me why.

He is a very disciplined old man.

“A 2,000 year old letter with ancient script still legible. And… the sender ‘Grill. It’s a 2,000-year-old letter written by a legendary person. It’s not something your average merchant would have.”

“But isn’t it too much to accuse us of being involved with a band of thieves?”

“Ha! You’re still going to play us for fools, aren’t you? Listen up. The only party that could have unearthed such a thing in this area is Ryan’s party! So, the only people who might have it now are the “her party” that conquered the Earth Ruins two years ago, or those related to the “Black Wings,” the band of thieves who stole most of the possessions from that hero party a year ago!”

“No, wait! Ryan and the others had their items stolen?”

“I’ve got nothing more to say to you!”

With that, Gandra readied his weapon.

Even if I said, ‘I’m a former member of that hero party’. I don’t think they would believe me under the circumstances.

When Ryan and his team conquered the Earth Ruins.

In fact, the attack on the ruins was a side trip, so to speak, because they were on their way to a dungeon in the demon world that the king had ordered them to conquer.

Therefore, instead of slowly returning to Kilket to sell the relics, we headed west.

Later, at the Mort Town Guild.

Ryan presented the “Blue Crested Sword Samiras” and other artifacts from the Earth Ruins, and rumors spread throughout the region that “the hero party had conquered the ruins”.

The relics obtained at the lowest level of the Earth Ruins have remained in my warehouse. After conquering the dungeon in the demon world, I was to return it to Ryan and his friends in the village of Yak.

If Ryan and his group then had the whole item stolen…

The artifacts from the Earth Ruins excavated by Ryan and his team would not be available to the world through normal channels, as Gandra said.

“No, no, but…”

“Even if that’s the case, it’s possible that the goods that flowed out of the hero’ party or the Black Wings came to me by the normal route…”

“I haven’t heard anything about a hero party selling relics. The black wings do not sell stolen goods. So anything stolen by the Black Wings will never come back to the surface world again!”

I don’t know about that!

I don’t know if there is such a stupid band of thieves!

“In the first place, you are shady when you say such an excuse!”

The Security Group.

They all drew their weapons in unison and took up their positions.

It seemed that verbal persuasion was no longer possible.

Not with Loloi unable to fight.

We will no longer be able to win or even escape.

And yet, anyway.

I need to keep Loloi alone out of harm’s way.

“You guys. You crucify a little girl like this? That’s no better than being a scoundrel! Are you grown men having fun doing that?”

I tried to negotiate by appealing to common sense, but the store owners’ eyes did not change at all.

“That girl’s a bandit, too, isn’t she!”


Before we know it, we’re gone from ‘involved’ to ‘the bandits themselves’.

Is there any other way to get out of this?

I’m thinking with all my might, and that’s when it happens.

“Albus and Loloi? What are you doing there?”

That’s what the voice said.

I turned around and saw Burgess and Clarice (the male version).


Apparently, he had just stopped by the shopping district on his way home from a quest.


Is the story getting more complicated than it needs to be?

Or will it be a saving grace?

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