Exiled Merchant – Chapter 7

Chapter 7 – New Goals

“I wonder what I’m going to do now?”

Defeating the Demon King and all that, actually, didn’t matter to me.

Somehow. I was picked up by Ryan’s party and I just went along and that’s what happened.

I have a feeling that defeating the Demon King was a tough job in its own right, but…

I was in the back of the pack, just putting out support items.

After all, it was the hero Ryan and his team that achieved the defeat of the Demon King.

“Come to think of it, I was… a merchant…”

Around 15.

I was still a dreamer, unaware of the world and my own limitations.

“The innate skill of “Warehouse” is ideal for peddlers. After all, you can carry a wagon-load of goods without a wagon!”

I took such stories from a skill appraiser, and then happened to hear a bard tell of a great merchant of old that I admired.

It began with peddling across the continent.

He eventually amassed a huge fortune.

He is a wealthy merchant with large tracts of land, several shops and a number of wives.

Eventually, he rose to power with a prestigious residence in the royal capital and connections with the ministers of the castle.

Dream of such a dream.

I think I called myself a ‘merchant’ by profession as for now.

But reality.

Ryan’s party picked me up when I was failing at the ‘First, I’ll do the monster-slaying quests to save up the fund’ part.

And it had been 15 years as it had.

Ryan’s party, and I was kind of left in charge of party money and stuff like that.

Originally, all the money was earned by Ryan and his team on their quests.

“A wife…”

I have to admit… more than once I envied Ryan for having five wives.

At the inn or at the encampment, I’m always the only one who gets kicked out at night.

I was then instructed to stay as far away as possible.

It’s an ‘executive meeting’ that is held every night.

I had a pretty good idea of what they were doing in the hut, just husband and wife stuffs.

“Okay, then I, too, will look for a wife.”

Now that it has been proven that you can’t get ‘Sage’ acquisition skills even if you are a virgin over 30, I should get rid of that stuff as soon as possible.

To achieve this, it is necessary to have…

“That’s golden manna.”

Even if it’s not the dream I used to have, I’ll earn enough gold manna to live like a human being in the peddling business using my ‘warehouse’ skills.

“Then maybe there will be a village girl somewhere who will come to me.”

Going from town to town, peddling while looking for a wife.

This kills two birds with one stone, doesn’t it?

Then I’ll find a wife and we travel together peddling.

A harem of beautiful women like the hero Ryan was building… and now it’s my turn to build it…

Well, there’s no need to have that many of wives actually.

It’s enough even if just one.

Let’s build a human living foundation for that purpose.

I am over 30 years old.

It is never too late. After all, there is a saying that says…

“You’re still youngest in your rest of your life.”

The source is 50,000 manas.

Not a lot, but by no means little.

And my new life goal is set.

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