Exiled Merchant – Chapter 70

Chapter 70 – Appraiser (3)


I and the man who seemed to be the head of the neighborhood watch shouted almost simultaneously.

“What are you doing? Here in the middle of nowhere.”

Burgess walked up to us, surrounded by securites and shopkeepers.

“We have captured two men who appear to be affiliated with the Black Wings band of thieves. They will be interrogated at headquarters and then crucified.”

A security man who seemed to be acquainted with Burgess began to explain the situation.

“A band of thieves? They’re my friends…. These guys are my friends…”

“Oh, no… but…”

The security man slurred.

He explained to Burgess that we were in possession of a special artifact that could only belong to a hero party or the Black Wings. He explained to Burgess that we were in possession of a special relic that was supposed to be from the Earth Ruins.

Burgess listened to this with a wrinkled brow.

“Isn’t it obvious?”

Yes, Burgess opens his mouth.

“Albus and Loloi there, and me and Chris here, we formed a party. We went down to the deepest part of the earth ruins. That’s when we got the relics.”


The security man froze with a strange voice.

“That’s absurd!'”

“Even the troops of the great merchant Noppoi returned without reaching the deepest part…”

“Isn’t it said that the lowest level was already covered with bedrock?”

The shopkeepers around us were also astonished.

“It is up to each individual to believe or not believe, but this is a fact. The fact that Albus has that special relic is the best proof.”

Burgess said.


No, but…

“But if Burgess-san says so…”

The murmur grew louder…

Gandra and the two securites turned pale.


It seemed that Loloi and I would not be crucified naked.


“I’m so, so sorry!”

Gandra, the antique dealer who had first grabbed me, rubbed his head on the ground and apologized to us.

The place was the back room of the antique shop.

Gandra, me, Loloi.

And Burgess, Clarice, plus…

There were also a man and a woman who seemed to be the head of the security group.

They were huddled next to Gandra.

Loloi was next to me, devouring grilled meat, using a recovery potion as a drink.

“You should told us in the first place, an incident like this probably wouldn’t have happened.”

The woman said as the one of head of Neighborhood Watch.

“[We had conquered the Earth Ruins], I could have told you, but you wouldn’t have believed me. If I had said something bad, you would have doubted me even more.”


The woman seemed unable to say anything more.

“Master Burgess. Did you really conquer those ruins? After hero party, there are many treasure hunters who have tried to conquer the ruins, but none of them have succeeded.”

Fearfully. Gandra asked Burgess.


And Burgess.

He started by telling him that I was a former member of the hero party, and that I still fully remember the path I took to conquer the ruins before.

“No way! It was the same hero party that had the relic that only the hero party was supposed to have!”

The man from the security group shouted out in awe.

“I’m an ‘ex’. I’ve already been banished. And I was just a baggage handler in the hero party.”

At any rate, that’s what I told him.

“In any case. Thanks to Albus, we were able to conquer the Earth ruins. He was a key player this time, so to speak.”

“I see…that makes sense. It all makes sense then. I’m sorry for the trouble I caused to …… Master Albus by my premature assumption.”

With that, Gandra rubbed his head against the ground again.

With that prostration, I was beginning to feel that it was time for me to settle the matter somehow.

“It’s not even worth a mana to me with your bowing.”

“No…I’m really sorry… I’m sorry.”

Perhaps thinking he was being blamed, Gandra bowed his head further.

But that’s not what I’m trying to say.

“We’re both businessmen. Then… you’ll pay me back in business.”

“Yes… yes! Of course, of course. Was it an appraisal? I’ll take care of it as much as you want.”

“Alright. You’ll give me at least half the price, right?”

I tried to squeeze him out as much as I could, but what I got back from Gandra was a surprising word.

“No way!! I’ll give you a free appraisal of you to make up for the trouble I caused you!”

Seriously? Isn’t that a big profit?

In my head.

The expense that was going to be spent on the appraisal and tara~~! With that sound, it became zero mana.



That’s too one-sided.

It is true that he gave me a lot of trouble, but it is not good to take advantage of it too much in our long-term relationship as business associates.

“Gandra, you are in business too, right? You can’t just give away free stuff. How about 80% discount?”

“Huh? Eh?”

Gandra’s eyes widened and he cried a little.

“Thank you for your concern! Master Albus!”

I didn’t expect I could get a bigger discount than I initially said I would, and you even thanked me for it…

It’s a strange feeling.

“Ugh…. I am ashamed of myself like this. …Master Albus is definitely the caliber of a great merchant.”

Gandra said such things with more tears in his eyes.

Angry, depressed, crying…

You’re a busy old man with a lot of emotions.

This is the type of person who easily makes unfounded assumptions.

They are troublesome when made enemies, but if you get them on your side well, they can help you in many ways.

It’s not free but…

Considering the total number of artifacts we wanted to have appraised, this discount rate is quite significant.

“Albus! It’s ‘profit’ right”

Instead of me, Loloi said something like that and smiled.


It seems that various things have settled down.

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