Exiled Merchant – Chapter 71

Chapter 71 – Appraiser (4)

Incidentally, the couple of security group seemed to be Ganz for the man, and Oulete for woman.

Ganz is the real son of Gandra, the appraiser.

And Oulete is Ganz’s wife.

The two are the leader and deputy leader of the Kilket Western District Neighborhood Watch, and they had recently sent Burgess various requests related to the bandit gang.

And they had previously partnered with Burgess and were married as a result of that relationship.

“I didn’t know they were associates of Master Burgess, to whom my son owes a great deal. I’m really sorry to have bothered you!”

It was actually Burgess who broke the ice between father and son between Gandra, a stubborn father with a strong sense of duty, and Ganz, who hated his father…

Cupid Burgess.

At first I made fun of him for a lot of things, but now I quite admire him.

“You promised me a big discount. No more bowing. Gandra-san.”

Gandra tried to continue to bow his head, but I raise him by saying that…

As for today, we were to have the “Great Merchant Grill’s Letter” appraised as planned.

Then, a dozen minutes later.

We received a certificate of authenticity for the “Great Merchant Grill Letter” signed by Gandra.

The regular price for “item appraisal” at this store is 100 mana, but I got an 80% discount, so that’s 20 mana.


Gandra is also known for his connection in the Kilket auction industry. He sometimes undertakes appraisals of goods for them.

In other words, a certificate of authenticity signed by Gandra is like having the endorsement of the Kilket nobility.

The “Great Merchant Grill’s Letter” with certificate of authenticity from Gandra the Appraiser.

It was only my guess, but it was going to be worth about 50,000 mana.

“But I was wrong. According to my estimation, it could easily go for 100,000 mana! If I set it with over 50 pieces of jewelry from Grill’s wife, it’s not a dream to exceed 1 million mana!”

If that’s really the case, I’ll make a killing.

As for the other artifacts, I told him I would ask him to officially appraise and polish them at a later date. We decided to leave.

In addition to the discount on the appraisal fee.

I am very happy to have Gandra, the appraiser, on my side.

It will also be a stepping stone for us to sell our relics at the central auction.

Preparations were gradually being made.

I couldn’t stop being excited, even though I was too old to be excited.


A few days later.

Me and Loloi were about selling relics in the wagon square as usual…

“A party of Cupid Burgess. It seems that they have conquered the Earth Ruins following the party of hero.”

“They have teamed up with an unknown man who claims to be a former member of the hero party.”

I heard something like that..

The merchants around me were talking about such rumors.

“I heard that ‘The Great Merchant Grill’s Letter’ was appraised by old Gandra, the appraiser.”

It seemed that such stories were already beginning to circulate in the rumor mill.

“Now that the real treasure hunters have come out. The bussines is booming now.”

“I miss Mrs. Loloi. But I guess it’s not wise to close the store early.”

The business associates who had lined up the wagons teased me and Loloi with such remarks.

I didn’t care it because it wasn’t that malicious of a tease…

A few hours later, they came at our store.

“It’s you! You’re Albus, the former member of hero party!”

By the way, that was also how Loloi usually calling me.

There was a time when I used to do business with a sign that said “Albus’ Moo-moo Barbeque”.

Thats why name was already well known among my business associates.

And apparently, the name “Albus,” a former member of the hero party, came up in the gossip, and my name was connected with his.

My business associates were all looking at me and Loloi curiously.

“Was it true what Cupid Burgess said about Loloi as “his life partner”?

“So to Burgess, the Cupid of all time. Finally the time has already came for him?”

“Well…that’s a lie.” (Albus)

Or Burgess just made it up himself.

“Huh?… What are you guys talking about? Loloi’s partner is Albus here!” (Loloi)

Loloi, who is currently in a party of two with me, responded.



Just a few words.

The stares of my business associates were painful.

That’s a misunderstanding.

I know this is a bit off topic, but…

It’s true that the time has already came to Burgess, I mean with Clarice.


And so it goes.

The relics we’re selling have a certain foil that says, ‘It’s the real thing’.

People began to crowd in front of my wagon store every day to see and buy the relics sold by the “treasure hunters who have conquered the Earth Ruins.”

“I’m just a merchant. The treasure hunter is Loloi over here.”

Every time I said that, I got a variety of reactions.

“Such a petite girl! Are you kidding me?”

“But I’m telling you, she beat up a big guy five times her size, an appraiser, with her skinny little arms.”

Rumors began to circulate, and even customers began to show up just to see Loloi.

The rumor went around that Loloi was the girl who smashed the bedrock at the site of the underground labyrinth’s collapse with her bare hands and beat four of the labyrinth’s demons to death at the same time!

The rumours is that Albus the merchant has an unbelievable monster as his escort.


Rumors were always deviated everywhere.

Anyway. Relics that used to sell only a few items a day now sell at least 10 items a day.


“Do you have anything more precious? By all means, show me.”

Even customers began to show up saying such things.

“Many are still awaiting formal appraisals. And I’m sorry, but I don’t have any artifacts that could be classified as high grade or special grade. I intend to put them up for auction.”

The gazes of the other merchants in the wagon square were no longer quite the same as they had been a few days earlier.

It seemed that our relic sales were starting to go in many different directions for the better.

“The Loloi relic romance! It’s going to sweep the world!”

By the way, Loloi was very excited about this trend.

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