Exiled Merchant – Chapter 72

Chapter 72 – Elf Customer (1)
One day.

About two weeks had passed since the Gandra incident.

While Loloi and I were selling relics in the wagon square as usual, something started to get noisy in the center of the square.

We caught a customer walking from that direction and asked him about it, and it seemed that an “elf” was there.


“Loloi doesn’t know what an elf is?” (Albus)

“I don’t know.”

“Well, that’s not very good thing.”


The elf, that is.

They were well-known existence in fantasy, but…

In this country, they are considered slaves.

Originally, elves lived on this western continent.

However, when the Norn Empire, the predecessor of the Aul Nostalucia Empire, invaded this western continent.

They persecuted the local elves and took away their sphere of life one after another.

After a fierce battle, the elves were driven to the western edge of the continent, and the battle ended in victory for the human side.

That was about 200 years ago.

This continent has such a dark history.

There has been considerable resistance in some parts of the country since then.

Most of the elves who lost the battle were captured and became human slaves.

They were bought and sold by slavers for show, and were used as sex slaves by humans, both male and female.

Many of the elves were forced to become half-breeds with the humans who had settled on the western continent, and their numbers gradually dwindled.

As for the human side, it is believed that almost all of the people born in the western continent have some Elvish blood in their ancestors.

Nowadays, except for the slaves who kept on mansion by some rich aristocrats, it can be said that there are few chances to see so-called “elf”, which has the appearance characteristics of elves.

It is said that there are occasional sightings of elves who have come down from some hidden village, but…

Basically, such things are rare.

“An elf girl without chains waa walking around the town like a normal person.”

Normally, if you are a slave in the custody of a nobleman, you are shackled and shackled so that you cannot run far away…

The story goes that the elf was not wearing any shackles.

In other words, she’s not slave who is kept by some nobleman or managed by a slaver. She is an elf who came out from a hidden village.

“You are a merchant, aren’t you? You could get quite a bit of mana for your money if you caught her and sold her off.”


“Well, when I saw her earlier, she was already surrounded by some thugs. I’m sure she’s a pretty girl. Poor thing, tomorrow she will be a slave of a nobleman or a show for perverts.”

And so, it seems, a commotion is brewing.

“Is Albus going too?”

“I’m not going. I’m not going to get involved in the slave trade.”

“That’s what Albus is all about.”

“No, it’s normal, right?”

Even an elf is a person.

It would be too terrible to buy and sell people.

Even that son of a bitch, the hero Ryan, didn’t do anything like slave trading.

On the contrary, he even did something like emancipation as a result.

However, it is also true that the buying and selling of slave elves is still allowed and practiced in this country.

In such a country…

I could only say that it was that elf’s fault for appearing in the city in the first place.


The commotion did not abate.

The elf must be resisting very strongly.

If that’s the case, why didn’t she just show up in the middle of a human town from the very beginning?

As I continued to watch the store with these thoughts in mind, the center of the commotion gradually drew nearer.

Finally, it came to the front of my store.

Surrounded by a few thugs, the elf was walking with ease.

Leisurely. She wore a white hooded robe like a sorcerer.

Silver hair, pointed ears, and jade green eyes.

As if to inversely exaggerate these three elven features, she covers her mouth and nose with a white cloth.

“You’ve got the wrong part to hide…”

I muttered so involuntarily.

If you an elf and was going to hide in the city, it was hair, ears, and eyes you should hide first by putting hood behind your clothes.

That’s why we’re in such a mess!

“Good! There’s an opening!”

At that moment, one of the thugs jumped at the elf, wielding a wooden sword.

I don’t think he had a decent grasp of swordsmanship when he saw an opening and shouted…

The reason why he doesn’t use a serious sword is probably because if he scratches her, her commodity value as a slave will decrease.

However, even a wooden sword would hurt when it hit.

“Ah! Watch ou!!”

Loloi yelped and tried to jump out of the way.

But that elf.

The elf, on the other hand, leapt toward the thug, parrying the thug’s wooden sword with a knife in her hand, and dodging and dodging as she passed by.

“One last piece of advice. If you follow me any longer, you will …… die, understand?”

The elf said leisurely with the three thugs at her back.

Her manner of speaking was calm and sounded as if she really had a lot of time to spare.

This is why this elf appeared in the city without even hiding her elfish features.

Could it be that she has considerable confidence in her own fighting ability?

I felt a little shiver down my spine as the elf stared at thugs with cold eyes.

The thugs were still surrounding the elf, looking for an opening.

“If I capture her and sell her to the slavers, I can live happily for a while…”

The elf was clearly superior to him in the way she was dealing with him earlier.

However, the thugs seem to be blinded by mana and unable to make normal judgments.

“You’re still going for it, aren’t you? I have warned you..”

The elf then sheathed the knife in her hand in the sheath at his waist.

“You seem ready for this, so it’s okay, right? Then please die now.”

Then she thrust her right hand forward.

“Mid level flame magic. Mill-three-pillars!”

Flames burst from the outstretched right palm of the elf, instantly causing the faces of the thugs to twitch.

“This elf. Do you use magic?”

“Of course. We Elven warriors are skilled in magic.”

A burst of flame is unleashed in three separate bursts, landing at the feet of the three thugs.

A huge pillar of fire rose up from there and burned all of the thugs.


Screamed the three thugs.

The column of fire soon subsides, but the fire that ignited the thugs’ bodies is not extinguished yet.

If left unchecked, the fire would undoubtedly be fatal.

When the elf said ‘Then please die now’ just now, it means she was completely serious.

Then the elf thrust her right hand forward again.

Is she really going to end them here?

I felt so, and I couldn’t help but shout.

“This is a place to do business. If you want to kill people, do it somewhere else!”

“Oh, really? You turned a blind eye when I was surrounded by thugs.


It hurts when you say that.

My own fighting ability is almost zero, so I can’t act like a cool hero in that kind of situation.

“You seem to be more talkative than those thugs over there. That’s why I called on you. … haven’t you already won the game?” (Albus)

Even if she put out the fire right now, the thugs won’t even be able to walk for a while.

And there is no need to go to the trouble of putting out the fire.

“You’re right… I’m not a murderer.”

Saying this, the elf released her magic again.

“Wait ……”

“Stream water magic. Rain.”

This time, a stream of water flows out from the elf’s palm.

After rising into the air, it rained down on the thugs who were rolling around on the ground.

Then, in the blink of an eye, the fire was extinguished.

“This is… alright now, isn’t?”

Perhaps this elf.

Was this the plan all along, instead of just finishing them?

The thugs are quite badly wounded, and the white magician’s treatment will be expensive…

However, their life was saved.

And the elf was staring at me with jade green eyes.


Maybe I’ve offended this elf.

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