Exiled Merchant – Chapter 73

Chapter 73 – Elf Customer (2)

The merchants and townspeople who were far away from the house were impressed.

It was for the elf.

This elf handled two magical attributes, fire and water, right before our eyes.

That is quite unusual.

In fact, it is even rarer than for an elf to come down to a human town.

The primary magical attributes, called foundational attributes, include [Fire, Earth, Water, and Wind.] These primary attributes are called the four major magical attributes.

Usually, only one of these primary magical attributes can be activated by a person on his or her own.

Since the primary attributes considered to be a natural talent that one is born with, and therefore, like innate skills, it’s not something that can be acquired by effort.

Furthermore, like me, with “no primary attribute”.

The majority of people in the world are unable to handle even one magical attribute, no matter how much training they have accumulated.

Therefore, if you possess even one primary attribute and are able to activate the attribute magic of that system through training, you can already call yourself a “magician”.

As a side note, there are also special magical attributes called “applied attributes” that are activated with the help of spirits, such as “light and dark”.

These can only be activated by those who have mastered the magic of the primary attributes through further rigorous training. Once a person has reached that level, he or she can now call himself or herself a “great magician”.

The main attribute of Burgess, a magical swordsman who wields the Great Flaming Slash, is undoubtedly “fire”.

Furthermore, it is thought that he is also able to use “light” applied attribute magic that borrows the power of the spirits of light.

This means that Burgess is a great sorcerer of the level of a great magician.

Back to this elf.

This elf had just activated two primary attribute magic, fire and water, without even using a magic book.

That is something that is normally impossible.

That is why the surrounding merchants were so surprised.

Incidentally, I have only met one other person in the past who could manipulate two attributes besides this elf.

I had been traveling with him for 15 years.

Rushfeld, who was the black-iron magician of the hero party.

She was a sorceress with two primary attributes of “fire” and “earth”.


The elf took one look at the groaning thugs and then advanced to the front of my store and stopped.

I wondered if she was going to complain about something I had said earlier.

Maybe I’m going to get burned like those thugs now…


Right beside the elf, she is already poised with his Kaiser knuckles equipped.

“If you try to do what you just did to Albus, Loloi won’t allow it!”

If this elf shows any pretense of using magic, Loloi will strike at that moment.

My life depended on the ability of Loloi, my escort.

“What a cute escort… You seem to be a lot more skilled than the people I just set on fire.”


“Mrs. Escort, please put your fist down. I didn’t come here to fight.”

The elf then turned to me.

“Albus the relic dealer. Do you anything good to offer me?”

Somehow this elf knew my name.

I am sure my name has been around since the incident with Gandra, but…

I was surprised it’s coming from an elf who is from hidden village or other such place.

“What do you mean by “anything good”…?”

“Ancient relics that you have unearthed from the deepest part of the earth ruins…”

In other words, this elf had heard rumors of our successful treasure hunt and had come to this plaza for my store from the beginning.

“What exactly are you looking for?”

At any rate, it looked like I wasn’t going to be burned, so I decided to be a little aggressive.

“I was looking for a weapon with a magical attribute skill. Or perhaps an ancient grimoire with a lost magical attribute.”

“I’m not going to offer such a valuable item here.”

“I have 500,000 mana right here, right now.”

The elf woman took out some sealing stones from the bag at her waist.

Certainly, there seemed to be about 500,000 mana worth.

“How about it, did you change your mind?”

The jade green eyes narrowed as she said that.

It is true that 500,000 mana is enough to reach the market price of special grade relics.


I had intended to auction off all of my special class relics, but that seems to be impossible.

According to Gandra, there is a “quota” for the auction.

Therefore, as a first-time participant and a non-aristocrat, it would be impossible for me to put all the special-class relics in my possession up for auction.

No matter how well I did, I would only be able to secure two or three slots for the auction.

There’s no way to sell them as a set.

But if it is a set of pieces, it will probably be difficult to get a good price for it.

If so, then…

If she is serious about buying and is willing to offer a reasonable price, it is possible to sell the special class relics here.

“I see…. So you are serious.”

If that is the case, I will be serious too.

If it is a business negotiation and not a fight, that is my area as a merchant.

“I’ve already appraised the items, and here are the ones that seem to fit the bill.”

I showed her four pieces of armory and two grimoires.

Alfred’s dagger (strengthens fire magic).

The Dagger of Cyrel (water attribute)

The bracelets of Arcogilla (attribute protection, wind/dark)

Gatlant’s magic shin guards (attribute protection, dark)

Ancient Grimoire (Lost Ice and Snow Magic) x 2

2 copies of The Book of Ancient Grimoires (The Lost Art of Thunder and Lightning)

All of the weapons had been appraised by Gandra, the appraiser, as well as by the skill appraiser.

The merchants around us were buzzing with excitement.

Weapons with magical attribute skills would definitely be classified as special grade.

And magic books with ancient magic attributes, which are neither basic nor applied attributes. They are quite valuable.

If all the items I just put out were put together, they would definitely exceed 500,000 mana no matter where they were sold.

The elf said, “It was worth coming all this way.”

“Alfred’s pocketknife (enhanced fire attribute magic)”

“Arcogilla’s bracelet (attribute protection, wind/dark)

The Book of Ancient Grimoires (Lost Magic of Ice and Snow)

“The Book of Ancient Grimoires (The Lost Magic of Thunder and Lightning)

“I chose the following four.”

“How much do you want for these four?”

“Well, 490,000 mana…”

She wanted 200,000 mana for the pocketknife, 250,000 mana for the bracelet with two attribute defense skills, and 20,000 mana for each of the grimoires.

The price of the pocketknife would be about 150,000 mana in market price, so it was still profit.

For the woman in front of me who deals with fire attribute magic, she would probably want to get her hands on it even if it was a little expensive.

“Isn’t it a little expensive?”

“I guess I’m estimating the value of grimoires too high. However, it should turn out well, depending on how it’s used.”

When I deliberately change the subject about something different from pocketknife, the woman bit the bait.

She asked, “But aren’t [The Lost Magic of Thunder and Lightning)] grimoires frequently found in other relics?”

“If so, why don’t you just buy them from another relic merchant?”


She can’t answer.

“It was wrong of me to show you my special stuffs in the first place.”

“What are you talking about?”

I replied, trying to appear nonchalant.

It was certainly as the woman said.

I could have made a price based on the fact that she was willing to pay up to 500,000 mana.

If it were true, I would have wanted to push the price even higher and see how it goes…

“Then, how about 450,000 mana for everything combined?”

But then, the woman suddenly bargained down 40,000 mana.

That’s a whole grimoire’s worth!

“You know…”

“I can’t get that much, can I?”

I was about to say so, but stopped.

The jade green eyes of the elf woman were looking straight at me.

I had bargained for about 50,000 mana at the beginning, so actually, even 450,000 mana is still higher than what I think the market price is.

This woman…

She probably knew the price I had bargained for and bargained down to 40,000 mana.

That’s what I felt.

And then, she probably said, “I’ll let you have flowers for 10,000 mana,” or something like that.

It was very aggravating for me to go along with what he was telling me.

It was not good to have my 50,000 mana offer spoken so loudly here.

If we could both get what we wanted comfortably, that would be fine, too.

All right, we have a deal.

I decided to break even with the price there.

“Thank you very much. I got a good deal.”

I said.

The elf, who had covered her mouth, narrowed her jade green eyes and smiled at me.

And so that day.

I got 450,000 mana in exchange for two pieces of armament and two grimoires.

The elf was about to leave after inspecting the purchased armament and grimoire, leaving me with the mana she had paid for them.

“There are still some unappraised relics,” I said. “If you still have some mana left over there, perhaps I can introduce them to you another day.”

I said to the elf as she was leaving.

This is the main reason I accepted the elf’s offer of a discount.

There is a limit to the number of items that can be sold at an auction, and not all of them can be sold.

If that happens.

A customer who can pay 500,000 mana with a drop of money, elf or not, must be a very valuable customer.

It would be much more valuable to connect to the next one than to settle for mana here.

The elf did not answer.

She gave a small bow and left.

Some thugs tried to follow ber, but…

The elf glared at them and they backed away.



And Loloi is very excited.

“I didn’t quite get it, but it sold for soooo much!”

“You didn’t quite get it?”

I couldn’t help but to shove it out loud…

“I’ve never seen a weapon with an attribute skill before.”

“Damn! I’m going to challenge the earth ruins now too!”

The guests around us were very excited.

Along with the story of the elf who appeared in the human town.

The amount of my relics sold was a pretty big topic of conversation.

I had experienced buying special class relics many times in the central continent when I was in the hero party.

I had a general idea of the market price…

From the merchants in Kilket, the amount seemed to be quite high.


That night.

“For real…?”

When I handed over a sealing stone worth 150,000 mana, 1/3 of today’s relic sale amount of 450,000 mana, Clarice’s receiving hand trembled.

“You’re going to save 6 million mana, right? What are you going to do if you’re scared of 150,000 mana?”

“Ah, ah…”

Loloi turned to Burgess and Clarice.

Loloi was talking over and over again about the exchange between me and the elf girl.

As she talked, she seemed to be remembering and getting more excited.

Loloi’s excitement was back.

But I was actually getting a good feeling about today’s case.

There are still many relics with unappraised skills.

If the appraisal of skills progresses along with Gandra’s appraisal, we should be able to find more valuable items.

If so…

With the mana we earn here, we can start an even bigger business.

Depending on the amount of mana I can earn, I might even be able to buy land and buildings in Kilket and have my own house and store.

Thinking about such things, I could not sleep well that night.

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