Exiled Merchant – Chapter 75

Chapter 75 – Thanks for the publicity

It started with a small round of applause, and soon there was a huge ovation on the street.

The last sentence was not in the “Arken’s Tragic Love Song” I know.

“I am sure they will be united in the afterlife.” Amaranthia probably added it on her own.

The verses vary according to the singer’s own arrangements.

The “Arken’s Tragic Love Song” is a poem that makes me feel sad no matter how many times I hear it. Amaranthia’s narration was also exceptional.

The story drew me in, and I found myself feeling the emotions of the characters in the story, even feeling sadness and suffocation.

The audience could be heard sobbing from time to time.

Amaranthia, who was quite good as an escort, also seemed to be quite competent as a bard.


And next to me, Loloi was sniffling and shedding tears.

“I heard the bard’s poem…for the first time. My heart was so tight, I couldn’t stop crying.”

For a first-time listener, this might have seemed like a heavy piece of music.

Amaranthia’s exquisite narration drew us into the story, and Loloi was so emotionally involved that she looked amaze..

The poems sung by the bard include many more pop and pleasant adventures.

In fact, those are more mainstream.

“There’s more to it, too, like the stories of treasure hunters, which Loloi seems to like. If we see the bardess again, I’ll ask her.”

With that, I patted Loloi on the shoulder.

Loloi turned over and nodded her head a few times, crying, and then suddenly jumped up and screamed.

“But.. after all, tragedy is not good! We must get Clarice and Burgess married as soon as possible! If we let those two go on like this, they will probably end up like Arken’s tragic love song now!”


“We can’t stay like this! I have to have a strategy meeting with Clarice right away!”

With that, she ran away at a high speed.

Hey, hey, hey…

Don’t leve me here the guy you’re supposed to be escorting!

I’m still a little… no, I’m very nervous about the more than 300,000 mana (my + Loloi’s share) that I still have in my pocket.

However, I can’t go after Loloi right away because I have something to do here in Amaranthia too.

I have no choice.

Let’s make this quick.



I called out to Amaranthia, who was cleaning up after the show.

“Oh, my dear merchant guest. I’d appreciate it if you wouldn’t touch the singer.”

The dark skin and a few shiny ornaments.

And Amaranthia, dressed like a dancer, said such a thing in a slightly droll manner.


I was wondering what if she forgot about me or something.

“Ah, quite the joke. I just came to thank you.”

“Did I do something?”

Amaranthia tilted her head.

Do I have been forgotten afterall?

“My herbs sold thanks to Amaranthia. I heard you did a good job promoting it.”

“I only applied it to an adventurer who happened to be wounded in front of me. That medicine worked really well, so it was the original power of that medicine, not mine.”


It looks like she remembered me.

“But that doesn’t change the fact that Amaranthia was the intermediary.

“Well then… I’ll take your gratitude. Please convert it into mana and put it in here…”

With that, she indicated a box to collect the thrown money.

…She’s as chummy as ever.

“Is Amaranthia going to be in town for a while?”

I asked Amaranthia as I put 200 mana in the box.

I doubled the amount she had expected, including Loloi’s portion.

Amaranthia looked at the amount of money I had put in, bowed deeply, and continued talking.

“Yes, that’s right. I think I’ll stick around until the central auction is over.”

Apparently, during the Kilket auction, there will be some time for the bards to perform as entertainment.

And if you are chosen to perform, you will have a good reputation as a minstrel. It is said that if you are chosen to play a role in the auction, you will be able to make a lot of money later on, including the possibility of having a connection with the nobles.

For this reason, they are now working hard to perform in places that are likely to attract the attention of the nobility and auctioneers.

The world of bards is a tough place to be in.

Amaranthia seemed to be planning to sing one more performance after moving a little closer to the inner gate.

“Amaranthia can do it. The member of my party seemed to like Amaranthia’s singing a lot. I’d love to hear your sing again.”

I said to Amaranthia.

I left the place as quickly as I could.

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