Exiled Merchant – Chapter 77

Chapter 77 – Arcana’s proposal

“What did Mrs. Arcana say?”

We, the next night.

We gathered in the dining room when Burgess was asleep again.

Clarice and Loloi are nervously waiting for me to read the letter.

“Wait, wait, wait, don’t be in a hurry…”

The first half is a message of love to me.

…I’m too embarrassed to say it out loud.

“How is it!”

“Loloi, don’t be in such a hurry…”

And in the middle, a status report.

“Seriously! Puddin’ got married!”

I couldn’t help but shout.

Puddin was to be married to the boy in communal bathhouse, apparently.

Or, in fact, she was already “done” with the momentum.

Although we are not blood related.

In a manner of speaking, as a father, I feel complicated.

[I will protect Puddin and this village where Puddin lives for the rest of my life.]

The words of passionate proposal were the deciding factor, apparently…

[I will protect this land that your father and Arcana-san have protected]

Arcana may be flattered.

It seems that such words I said to Puddin in the herb bath before had a great impact on her feelings.

I’m deeply moved.

“Albus…are we there yet?”

“How long are you going to keep reading by yourself?”

As I soaked it in, Loloi and Clarice urged me on.

“Wait, wait, wait. We’re about to start the part that looks like that…”

These guys are the ones who are in a good mood.

Loloi are urging me to hurry up, hurry up, hurry up.

I had no choice but to read out what was written in the section that looked like it.

“What does it mean [We should carry out a naked dating mission in a mixed herb bath]… ?… Huh?”

What is the strategy proposed by Arcana?

The strategy proposed by Arcana was to make it look like a “men bathe together”, and then it would break with “What? So you are a girl!”

“No, no, no, no, no…”

Arcana…. I think you put too much effort into the first half of the letter, and the second half is a mess because you ran out of energy.

Who’s willing to do that?

How can a girl who can’t even honest with her feeling divulge it in such a way!

But Loloi and Clarice…

“I can’t believe she came up with such a daring method. As expected of a married woman!!”

“Let’s go with that! If it’s for going all the way to Yak Village, I’m ready for this!”

It was kind of crazy.

Are these guys serious!

“It’a a trip! And it’s Albus’s pedlling! And it’s a treasure hunt! Albus. Are there any ancient ruins over there?”

“There are some, but they are just before the fissure known as the Great Cliff of Biliola. It is necessary to cross the difficult Galado Mountains, so it requires a level of preparation and readiness similar to that required for conquering earth ruins. If we were to go there, it would not be as a side trip; we would have to be well prepared.”

Well, even if you call them ancient ruins, they are much newer than the Earth Ruins, about 200 years old.

The avant-garde city of Goliath.

It is said to have once been the last front line area in the war against the elves. It is now an abandoned city on the outskirts of the west.

“Alright, now it’s travel and peddling! We need to save our energy, our mana, and prepare for the treasure hunt!”

“I guess so. If we are going to Yak Village, we should stock up on moo moo meat.”

Although the number of stalls serving moo-moo barbeque has been increasing recently, when I occasionally open a moo-moo barbeque stall, the sales are still not bad.

“The original moo-moo barbeque of Albus!”

The name recognition that sparked the second boom was still alive and well.

Also, apparently my store’s pricing was quite low, considering the usual transportation costs.

“How could he sell it for that price?”

“We will lose money if we sell it for the same price!”

I heard such voices…

It would be strange to change the price now, so I continued to sell moo moo roast at the original price of 10 mana per skewer.

Incidentally, other stores sell the same amount for 20 mana, which is just barely enough to make a profit.

That was quite a mistake.

From now on, I’ll use Loloi size warehouse skill to calculate the transportation cost when determining the price.

“Now it’s off to the village of Yak! We are going to meet Albus’ wife!”

“You’ve changed your purpose, Loloi.”

And with that, the plan to Yak Village was hatched, and two days later we were off.


“Come back once in a while.”

Is that what your real intent?

It had indeed been six months since I had left Yak Village.

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