Exiled Merchant – Chapter 8

Chapter 8 – The Innate Skill That’s Not Ordinary

But at this time I still didn’t know.

My innate skill ‘Warehouse’. In fact, it never existed before. That it was the highest level of the Warehouse skill, ‘Infinite Warehouse’.

Originally, the capacity of the ‘Warehouse’ skill was only the equivalent of one or two wagons at the most…

Actually, in my case, infinite.

I mean, I could put in as many things as I wanted.

And that was the best skill a peddler could have.

With unlimited capacity. You could trade on any number of large scales for the cost of moving a single body.

Essentially, you could employ a large number of ‘Warehouse’ skill holders.

The super-scale level of trade, where numerous wagons are assembled and large brigades are organised to transport them, with large amounts of money, people and labour.

It means that just by myself everything is complete.


It will be a long, long, long time before my ‘infinite warehouse’, which has discharged all the collections of the hero party, will again receive a large amount of supplies.

Therefore, it would be much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much later before I would realise that.

So, what do i do next?

In a world of swords, magic and skill. I, who have zero combat skills. Using my ‘warehouse’ skills, which (I believe) only have a slightly larger capacity than others. Sometimes I do business cheaply, sometimes steadily. It will be a simple story about saving money slowly and deliberately.

With the aim of becoming a big merchant!

“As I recall… this Yak village is famous for growing medicinal herbs…”

I muttered as I walked along.

Perhaps I could buy some medicinal herbs at a discount.

And if you take them to the adventurers’ guild in the next town, you might be able to get a slightly higher price from the adventurers just before departure.

Stock up cheaply.

Sell high.

This is the basis of business.

If I buy about 30,000 mana worth of medicinal herbs and sell them for 20 per cent more, or 36,000 mana, the difference of 6,000 mana is mine.

The 50,000 mana Ryan gave me would run out in half a year if I lived a normal life.

“I need to get stable and earn some money to live on first…”

If I was confident in my skills, I’d go to the Adventurers’ Guild and take on monster exterminating jobs…

Unfortunately, there is no way for me to do that.

I’m just going back to 15 years ago.

Because I’m weak.

And because (even in the first place) I don’t plan to get stronger!

But I still have to make money.

To make living.

And one day.

To become wealthy and take a wife!

And lastly…

As a first step for me to become a big merchant!

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2 thoughts on “Exiled Merchant – Chapter 8

  1. So, he could stuff a bunch of acid (just as an example) and water in his warehouse (from the ocean because it’s the easiest) and just flood everything and create a man-made disaster.

  2. Personally I would like him to add “get revenge on that garbage hero and his boot lickers” but even I admit that’s not realistic. Apparently engaged to some tool of a princess. Maybe if the MC gained enough influence? Ideas for later.

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