Exiled Merchant – Chapter 9

Chapter 9 – Misfortune on the other side

Meanwhile on the other side…

After firing me, I heard the hero Ryan and his friends were having a tough time.

For a start, they had to lose a large part of their prized collection, which did not fit into the normal-sized ‘warehouse’ of the dancer Miriri, as it was.

“My ‘warehouse’ won’t hold this much!” The second to fifth wives start a big fight over whose collection is prioritised for transport.

Ryan saw this and rushed to the Adventurers’ Guild in the next town to look for me.

He thought I, with zero combat skills, would first hire an escort to get me back home, but…

Unfortunately, I had gone to a medicinal herb farmer in Yak Village, so I didn’t go to the guild in the neighbouring town until the next day.

It seems that I had passed Ryan and his friends just like that.

Also, my hometown is too far from here.

With the 50,000 mana severance Ryan gave me, I could never hire an escort to get me there.

Besides, I was planning to start a business with the 50,000 mana, so returning to my hometown was never an option in the first place.

Let’s get back to Ryan and his friends.

It seems that when Ryan and his friends stopped by the guild, there were conveniently five adventurers with the ‘Warehouse’ skill.

Ryan the Hero, who is so fortunate to have five adventurers to consult with, all five of them join Ryan’s party as temporary members…

They were, to his surprise, members of the Black Wings band of thieves.

The five thieves put the collections of the heroes into their own ‘warehouses’, in order of value, and then, as a matter of course, they ran off to the mountains.

The Hero’s party are stunned when most of their collection is taken away in no time.

The Hero’s party then angrily chased the thieves into the mountains.

All night long, they continued to track the thieves while fighting mountain monsters. When they realised, they were exhausted.

In fact, more than their collection, they realised that a number of support items such as grimoires and recovery potions… were essential to their adventures.

The three magic users use their magic all the time as usual, as a result they run out of magic power in an instant.

The warriors’ physical assault tactics were also only possible because of recovery items and recovery magic.

And the beasts of the beastmaster would not work without a large amount of food.

Also, Ryan’s tactics and skills are very fuel-inefficient.

High-grade magic and strength restoration medicines sell for a good price, so they were also being stolen by the bandit gangs. Most of the remaining support items were also left in the Yak village because they were “too bulky”.

Ryan and his party, who had run out of strength, magic and items, were almost lost in the mountains around Yak Village.

Still, halfway through their lives.

They couldn’t give up on their collection, which they had collected half way round the world.

The Hero’s party continued their pursuit to the death.

Finally, they even run out of food.

Miriri, who was no longer able to keep up with them, ran away.

And the Hero’s party gave up the pursuit of the thieves in tears.

“Once we get to Capital, we can manage to get it back!!”

And then they returned to Yak village, bought a wagon and started to transport the remaining collections.

Incidentally, I was accompanying another party on a multi-day quest as a luggage carrier.

So it seems that I had crossed paths with Ryan and the others once again.

Ryan and his party then set off for the royal capital.

But the wagons were piled up with collections and not that many support items and food on board.

The recovery and support items that they buy in the towns along the way, in not that many quantities. The consumptive heroes’ battles ran out before they reached the next town.

They were forced to save, while the battle barely stopped.

The Hero’s party who had achieved the defeat of the Demon King were in an unexpectedly unusual situation, struggling against the usual overland monsters of the continent.

But it is not possible to say such unfashionable things.

They will now return triumphantly to the royal capital as ‘the heroes who defeated the Demon King’.

Before long, even their common currency, mana, had run out, but with a single-minded determination not to give up their remaining collection, they continued on their way with no money left.

In the end, they planned to hold a large triumphal parade with the money from the sale of the collection.

Afterall, in the royal capital, preparations were underway for an extraordinarily grand triumphal parade by the sixth queen, Fina’s mother.

In fact, the right thing to do would have been to quickly give up the collection, use the money to buy all the supporting items and quickly reach the royal capital.

Everything was backfiring on the Hero’s party..

Moreover, the Hero’s party who go on avoiding the streets and towns as much as possible, in order not to be seen in tatters. But they go in more and more worst directions.

“Hey, maybe we’re lost?”

“Where’s the map?”

“We don’t have a map.”

“Usually Albus used to memorise all the maps and roads and stuff.”

“Where the hell are we?”

“What are we going to do now?”

Will the battered heroes make it to the capital safely?

What is the fate of the heroes!

This was apparently a standard, lame-duck development.

But, well, that’s another story for me.

I’m me, and for a while I’ll have to make a living from my humble, pusillanimous business in the village of Yak and the neighbouring town of Malt.

Well, that’s what it’s all about.

So it was a thorny issue for each of us.

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  1. In the first place they were complete idiots for keeping so much stuff, it’s basic knowledge to carry only essential stuff, not buying a map after firing the guy who knows all the paths was also pure stupidity, I guess that could be because they got spoiled after traveling with the MC for so long so they didn’t learn common sense

  2. Ryan(idiot hero) a few chapters ago: If you don’t return everything you know what will happen, right?
    *some thieves steal their stuff and successfully run away*
    Evidently, nothing will happen. You incompetent hero! Haha! Serves you right. I hope that princess enjoys having a brain dead husband!

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